Cash retains its title and releases on 3rd August

‘Cash’ has retained its title after a battle in court of law. The movie is slated to release on 3rd August and not on the earlier announced date i.e. 27th July as Sohail Maklai delayed to produce all the papers that was required to be submitted to the censor board for certification.

“And I am so happy about it”, shoots Anubhav who is visibly tired with all the running around at courts and censor office. “It would have been so pompous to name a film like this. Ramu can do it since he has number of hits under his belt, I cannot since I still have some way to go”, says the soft spoken director.

For the uninitiated, ‘Cash’ has been in trouble, especially since last few weeks, due to dispute between Anish Ranjan, film’s producer and Sohail Maklai who had earlier begun work on the film. Till yesterday, the two were making rounds of the court w.r.t. holding rights over the film.

Anish Ranjan is furious though he keeps his emotions in control while speaking about the entire issue. “I won’t deny that the film coming next week would not incur losses for us. What Sohail has done is surely going to get him in jail. He has done contempt against court by not presenting the documents to us which were required to be submitted to the Censors. He was instructed by court to do it and we waited till late yesterday evening for that.”

Isn’t it sad for Anubhav to be involved in something like this when he could have used this quality time to promote his film further? Says an exasperated Anubhav, “Kya karen? It is indeed sad. It is just not a happy moment to be encountering the very same person (Sohail) in court corridors with whom you were once making a movie together. All this while I have never been to a High Court but now I am forced to do that.”

What happens now? “The film gets delayed, simple. Even though Censors have passed the film as U/A with zero cuts, the certificate can be issued only after the required documents are submitted by Sohail. Court had asked him to do that but he has made everyone wait. In fact he was also in the extortion mood by asking for certain obscene amount of money. We of course decided not to bow down to such unreasonable and unethical demands. We would rather have the film come a week late and fight it out in the court rather than take something like this lying down”, fumes Anish.

How hopeful is he now that the film would come on August 3rd. Anish composes himself while replying, “I am not just hopeful but quite positive that ‘Cash’ would now make it next week. I am sure we would get all the documents today post which we would get censor certificate. We would then start dispatching the film’s prints in the overseas market. Meanwhile I would make sure that Sohail gets back what he has done to us. There have been so many third parties with big money involved. For all the financial losses, mental anguish and harassment we have faced, he would be dragged further in the court of law. I would sue him with such a huge figure that he would end up having his properties detached and spend considerable number of years in jail.”

Isn’t he looking at pacifying since the film is finally hitting the marquee? Explains Anish, “It is all about taking accountability of the wrongs that you have done. If I have done something wrong, question me, argue with me. Same holds good for you too. Agar tumne kuch galat kiya hai to uska nateeja tum dekhoge hi.”

With the solo release advantage going away, doesn’t it become difficult for ‘Cash’ to make the same kind of money on its 3rd August release? “We don’t have a choice but to increase the prints. Thankfully the buzz around the movie is quite strong and hence we are confident that the film would open quite well. Earlier we had 700-800 prints worldwide. Now we will come up with an even higher number. I am actually genuinely feeling sorry for ‘My Father Gandhi’ (another film that comes on 3rd August). I wanted that film to work and I hope it will. The only factor is that earlier it too was the sole major release of the week but now it would have ‘Cash’ for competition.”

Anubhav confirms, “Yes, we are looking at 650 odd prints just in India. It is going to be a huge release. I have been told by distributors that they are anticipating a much bigger and better response than ‘Dus’. Also the economics have changed in last two years and the scale and canvas of ‘Cash’ is such that it should rake in good moolah.”

So what is his plan of action from hereon? “Catch a breather”, he exhales, “It has been a crazy last fortnight for all of us. Now it would be good to concentrate on upping the film’s promotion. We can use this to our advantage and make sure that ‘Cash’ is everywhere. I am taking an extra week as a blessing in disguise!”


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