Actor Hrithik turns a Writer

Krrish a sequel to Koi Mil Gaya met with positive responses and with this success the makers have decided to make another sequel which will be titled ‘Krrish 2’. Like its predecessors, Krrish 2 will also be directed by Rakesh Roshan and stars his son Hrithik Roshan in the lead role. And this time Hrithik not just plays the superhero but also assist his father in writing the script for the film.

“Hrithik takes keen interest in writing script and has always been an intrinsic part in the making of all my films. And yes, he will write script of Krrish 2 along with me,” says Rakesh Roshan when quizzed about this news.

Rakesh Roshan further adds, “Whenever Hrithik is at home, and not shooting, he joins me and my team of writers and takes part in discussions on every minute aspect of my films. Although we haven’t started the scripting of Krrish 2 in a full-fledged manner yet, Hrithik has been playing an important role regarding the look of the film. He also has been discussing newer stunts that could be a part of Krrish 2. He is also quite savvy when it comes to technologies regarding the special effects in filmmaking. We have discussed the concept in detail. Now Hrithik and I have to sit together and decide the costumes, which will happen soon after we finish the script.”

Adds a source close to the Roshans, “Hrithik will wind up his work for Jodha Akhbar in a few days now. After that he will devote time to Rakesh and his team of writers working on Krrish 2.”


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