Carbon Copy Song Video – Drishyam

One should copy what they love. Presenting Drishyam’s first track ‘Carbon Copy’ sung by Ash King and composed by Vishal Bhardwaj.

Song Video: Carbon Copy
Music Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Ash King



  • Did not impress much……!!…

    I think it may flop but ajay devgn is a good actor……!!…

    Top 5 best actors…

    1 Akshay kumar (versatile….)
    2 ajay devgn (only social drama..)
    3 nawaz sidiqui (overshadowed everybody in badlapur……)

    4 srk (legend of cinema….)
    5 imran hashmi (Has proved his versatility….)

    drishyam relyin on Wom publicity…..!!…
    But Ajay devgn is not a star-kid(rk, varun,arjun….) or a media created star(rk,ranvver)……!!….
    So nobody will support his movie……!!…

    All d best but…..!!..
    Self made star…..!!…

  • Simple n realistic.
    Excellent beats as well
    @4.50pm..Really only socio drama? Wel may b u hvnt watched ajays movies. Big time Versatile Actor just like Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan. Akshay versatile?? Anys everyone has his/her perception.

  • @AISHA SICKBALwAOww Again here u r taking akshays name nd Showing ur Jealousy ..!
    Canít u accept wht indicine says ? canít u accept wat other Person sAys about Akshay ?? Its India , here every other person will onlysay Good about akki Unlesshis name iz @NIPUN CHAIWALA & @NAVIN PAANWALA

    he iz the best superstar ever so Justtt sssshhhh nd Go Enjoy with the animals in JuNgleS of Africa

    .AJAy Devgan óó Hahaha:P
    humans r not fan of his,maybe u might find animals his fan Ö! try ur luck in the JuNgles ..!

    hope u post it .. u should !!

  • This song is just melodious… beautifully shot. Its for families. What a beautiful song.
    @Arjunkapoorflop AKA Ajinkya, well, accept it or not, Akki is great actor but he is not versatile like Ajay Devgn.

  • Akki is a neither a great actor nor a gud entertainer
    he is just a namesake actor who can add an extra spice to multistarrers

  • @ ajay rocks akki & ajay both are versatile actor .
    Comedy king Akki Sir
    Action King Akki Sir

  • Aisha iqbal u really funny, bhagwaan is the most versatile actor Bollywood has.
    Sangharsh etc-proves himself in crime thriller.
    Waqt,climax of housefull etc- proves himself in family drama.
    Namastey London,SIK etc- proves himself in romantic.
    Garam masala,bhool bhulaiya,Hera pheri&many more-akshay proves himself in situation comedy as well as physial comedy whre ajay devgan is pethatic.
    Rowdy rathore & boss-proves himself in Masala.
    Special 26,Baby- proves himself in serious role.
    OMG- proves himself in BHAGWAAN role.
    Khiladi series and many more- proves himself in action.
    I can post the weakness of ajay,Where bhagwaan scores high.
    Ajay is awesome actor,i respect him.
    No fight,controversy like bhagwaan.
    So please stop posting garbage about akshay.

  • This article is about drishyam’s song not about Ajay V/S Akshay.Comments must be related to song. Song is sweet melodious.

  • As much as I love Ajay Devgan, his acting talent has diminished after he started doing all those Singham-Golmaal type movies. I still remember a scene in Company where Vivek’s character was arguing with others in the gang about something. Ajay was just sitting there, in the shade, staring into space; even that would give me shrills! Hope to see him enacting some wonderful characters in future.

    ajay devgn is nt outsider his father viru devgn is big name in industry….
    u go n correct ur facts…
    ur putting nawaj n srk n ajay imran in same list shows how dumb u r…
    nawaj is supporting actor…plays a charectr he shld compare with irrfan manoj anupam kher or nasiruddin,…
    n imran is versatile,.,???
    wats this ?
    how many comic blockbuster he deliver…??
    how many full action blockbuster?

  • @suuny haaaa? Dude apart from being racist without changing its shows how dumb you are. This is ajay page. It’s her @aisha favourite hero so she can express herself do what are you doing in ajay page? When u go to other article and start bashing ajay just like that u think only you can do that? The girl has always had solid facts and her comments most are highly rated because I am one of them. So saying stupid comments makes you more stupid because your dislikes can make a complete book of geeta ramayan holy book. You haven’t left india I guess. South africa is among the top 10 most beautiful countries. Their per capita for each person is far more than our hindustan. Most modern cities in the world standard of living I read is very high. No cows on the main roads jungle boy. All the biggest celebrities must have a house in South Africa. No city technologically modern in India than south africa and remember many Indians there went for a living in South africa and are employed there and have shops where they sell meaning traders and teachers ??? Heard of BRICS before? 5 super powers to conquer America by 2025. Brazil russia india china south africa. Most beautiful locations you see in many Hindi movies are shot in South africa. Haaaa @sunny. Grow up and learn your geography and business administration courses with dedication. Stop disgracing yourself always yaar. You can’t just see her trashing akshay has made you so comical and childish? You have lost the battle since??? with ajay fans here COMPLETELY. Try harder next generation dude becos for this generation Ajay has written off Akshay. Swallow the truth as wealthy as you can or remain a kid here.

  • @Aashish
    Tanx bhai jaan. Happy many Indians still have exposed citizens in d country. I vowed never to Answer or reply him once I saw his how lengthy n unnecessary he keeps poking @me showing how jobless n apart from an unsecured fan I placed so low even behind @sss(though his is mental n fanatical syndrome) Buh 4 sunny chachi420 I know why already. Tnx U know about alot. though u just highlighted 25% of more attributes of s.a d whole world knows. Kudos though!!

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