Can Prem Ratan Dhan Payo beat PK at the box office?

Q. Will Salman Khan’s ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ be able to beat PK at box office, as its getting a perfect Diwali release, and they’ve announced that they are planning bigger promotional strategies than Happy New Year, and opening advanced bookings 3 months before its release… Post Diwali being the biggest holiday in the country does it have any chance to beat Happy New Year’s Single Day Collection at box office if its word-of-mouth is very good? – Pintu

A. No film that is promoted well or has advance bookings opening from 3 or even 6 months, can cross the 300 crore mark. A week of advance booking is more than enough for even the biggest of releases. For any film to beat PK, it has to have extraordinary content and word-of-mouth. As for the opening day record, it would all depend on the day of release. If Prem Ratan Dhan Payo releases on Diwali puja holiday, then it has no chance. The day after Diwali, like Happy New Year, it might. Also, Diwali is the not the biggest release period. In the last few years, Christmas followed by Eid are easily the most lucrative festive periods for film releases. We have said this in several articles before and say it again, the success of PRDP would depend on how well the youth take to the film, especially the audience in big cities.

Q. Aamir Khan movies have repeat audience. Others dont, why? – Aslam

A. When a film has a lasting impact on the audience, they watch it again. And the credit for creating that impact should go to his script sense, as even those films that didn’t feature him but were produced under his banner, have done very well. He chooses his movies carefully, which a lot of other actors like Hrithik Roshan and even Shahid Kapoor do too, but Aamir has this gift of picking films that look risky on paper, but go on to be cult classics. The effort that he puts into every aspect of filmmaking whether it’s script, pre-production, editing, acting and then ensuring that the film is marketed well, is commendable to say the least. The quality of his films over the years has also resulted in the blind trust that his audience have in his films. The feeling is, if a film stars Aamir Khan, it has to be worth the price of a ticket. In the IMDB Top 250, there are only about 6 Indian films and 5 of them are Aamir Khan starrers. That says a lot about the quality of Aamir Khan films, doesn’t it?

Q. Why Baby is not certified as hit even if it does business in the range of 90 – 95 cr. It doubled its investment at 80 cr itself? - Tinku Jain

A. Baby was produced and promoted at a cost Rs 73 crore. The India share for the distributors will be around Rs 45 crore and overseas the film has performed poorly, so the overseas share is Rs 6 crore. Satellite rights might fetch 15-20 crore (best case). So the combined revenue is still at Rs 66-71 crore. The makers of Baby (T-Series) will lose money, and for a film to be declared a clean-hit, it has to earn much more than its investment, hence the film cannot be declared a Hit.

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  • Content is key.,. Sooraj ji will drive the film in second week as first week its all about bhais boxoffice prowess so initial will be HUGE…!

  • If the film clicks with family audiences then it will have a successful 3-4 week run..,.. If the Trailer is outstanding then youth may give it a go in first week so numbers can be huge but its the repeat audience that will need to be big n for that families must like the film enough to watch it multiple times.

  • Now there are 6 Aamir Khan films in top 250 of IMDB. Andaaz Apna Apna has the chance to reach there if all Salman-Aamir fans vote for the film! Waiting for Munna Bhai MBBS to reach top 250!

  • Despite i didn’t like PK, the fact is there is no chance of any movie to beat PK recently except rohit-srk next only in x-mas that too only when the content is superb.

    That’s hard to accept for me.

  • I don’t think any film can beat pk record this year though pk ww record is safe for sure but if pk record in domestic has to be broken this year than I wish it should be by PRDP.It is my most awaited film of this year.

  • PRDP may go either way since Sooraj-Salman pair have a 100% success ratio and have given some cult classics but also Sooraj lost his midas touch post MPKD which was a terrible movie.Vivah was a huge hit but it looked outdated.I think the Opening would be humongous but 250+ crore would be difficult for it.
    Aamir has to be credited for his choices of movies.I must say some of his movies have had a influence on people’s life which is quite rare in today’s times.The blind trust which neutral fans have on him is commendable.

  • @indicine: you wrote it wrong here..there are 8 indian films currently in imdb top 250 of which 6 are aamir’s.
    Only A wednesday n GOW are non aamir films

  • Aamir’s films are enjoying great footfalls in recent times, all his last 4 universally acclaimed films ghajini,d3,pk,3i has been watched by more than 2 cr peoples, his last 3 had 2.5 crore footfalls. Aamir made Christmas most lucrative period but its happened only when Aamir had Christmas release in recent times.I wish in 2016 we have a next universal film of Aamir on Christmas.
    An Aamir film record broken by Aamir himself.
    Correction- India has 8 film in top 250 imdb list, Aamir had 6 not 5.
    They are- TZP,RDB,3i,dch,lagaan,pk.
    Other than Aamirs film there are two films which managed that achievement is A Wednesday,GOW.
    Till 2013 There were 4 films that have placed in imdb top 250 all had Aamir starrer.
    Meanwhile Aamir’s AAA,JJWS,Sarfarosh also had been highly rated there.

  • Collecting 95 crores and 40 crores plus in second and third week is no mean feat..a film has to open on a record note and too by a huge margin to stand any chance of challenging the lifetime business of PK let alone beating it..
    This year films should target dhoom 3 lifetime number more than PK

  • PRDP depending on Youth. If youth audience accepted then it will be sky of limit. Sooraj only one time fail with HR but Sooraj and Salman combo never fail and history will be repeat.
    Salman and Sooraj combo movie;
    MPK is ATBB, highest grosser of 1989 and highest grosser of Decade.

    HAHK is ATBB, highest grosser of 1994, highest grosser of history of Indian cinema and highest grosser of Decade.

    HSSH is Super-Hit cum Blockbuster zaada, highest grosser of 1999.
    So now, we can be expected History will be repeat.

  • Besides amir khan has given statements on how bad and good film work.

    Actually i don’t understand why he is giving statement n statement which relates to PK even his film is out of the theatres and earn so much.

    Actually the reason is salman and srk have fans but amir has followers but after PK some of them are making distance from him and day by day it is increasing and it is bad for him for future. Thats why he is feeling insecure and giving statement after statement

  • Despite i didn’t like PK the fact is there is no chance of any movie to cross Pk except srk-rohit next that too in christmas also when content is superv.

    Its hard to except for me

  • @shail420


    Its clear that more n more of kings 3.7billion fans are abandoning his movies, case in point Crappy New Year collecting less than Crappy Express despite releasing on Kings fav date. Aamirs fanbase is growing as was the case of PK collecting way more than Hrithiks Dhoom brand Dhoom 3…!

    Go have a break

  • Well, Aamir currently has 6 films in IMDb 250. AAA requires only 4000 votes. Vote for it!
    It might become Salman’s first film to enter the list. But, you gotta vote.

  • @indicine diwali is the best period for film release but it was not well utilized by bollywood, specially srk who release crap after craps during diwali.
    this diwali will be huge with prdp.

  • @sky Pk record will be broken this year sure as it did 25% more than d3, ce did 4% more than 3i but 3i did 50% more than ghajni which was unbeleable

  • All The News Channel & Bollywood channel hve declared baby a Hit . The Makers R happy nd Y u R calling it An average . Baby 2 Already Decided & Satellite rights will easily fetch 25 cr . as it As An Akshay Kumar starrer .

  • If we truly consider class movie than SRK will come 1st.about amir yes he is good content selector even though his acting intensity is much lower than KING SRK.but still I believe films like rdb,3i,pk is much hyped as classic.if we follow Oscar juries then they consider those movies which is not have any flaws such as imaginary thinking’s of IMDb codn’t say who is best.but Indian audience taste is too much different they liked much hyped type unreality movies ,so whichever movie will go to the top list it totally doesn’t deserve.isn’t movies like DARR/VZ/MNIK/SWADES/CDI/KHNH/PAHELI/DEVDAS/KHKN even HAIDER also deserve that list.anyways it doesn’t matters for me at all because amir already much hyped as a class actor by media,even his classless movies also seems like class to audience, no body will care about those lists who will really care about one thing ,i.e. CLASS.

  • only and only raees,fan, rohit shetty next will break pk record
    lallu bhai fans if bb and prdp breaks 3 fools movies then u should be happy 2015 belongs to one and only srk any doubt i bet any one
    love u srk if the world is against u i am against the world

  • @Shai007

    What’s your problem? Why are you so obsessed with PK? And who are you to declare Aamir is losing followers? Any proof? And why did you say (on the Kamal Hassan article) that only illiterate indians can like PK?

    Did I ever make such nasty comments while defending the film? Who are you declare people as illiterates? Even, I was irritated and annoyed with the AIB roast. I posted hate comments on 2 articles but then I stopped the hate. By repeatedly posting the same thing again and again I get your clear intention. You just want to spread hatred and provoke the ones who loved the film, just because you hated it.

    You also called it OMG – 2. Do you even know any background of how PK’s script was written? What was the first draft? When was it written? I really didn’t want to respond you after your ‘illiterate’ comment but here you’re spamming the first page with deliberate hate.

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