Can PK break the opening records of Dhoom 3 and Happy New Year?

Question: Can Aamir Khan’s PK break the opening records of his own film Dhoom 3 and Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year? – Sohail (Kanpur)

Answer: Because PK releases on a working day, the opening day collections of Happy New Year is out of reach. Breaking the records of Dhoom 3, which released on a working day, would be tough too.

We spoke to a few exhibitors and distributors about the same. Most believe the collections will be somewhere between 25-28 crore on Day 1, which is excellent for a working day. At best, the 30 crore mark would be surpassed, is what they say. The reason is, PK has limited appeal towards the masses and at smaller centres would rely on word-of-mouth.

At multiplexes the film will be huge, but release on a working day will mean that the chances of 35 cr+ is very less.

Question: Will the release of Rajnikanth’s Lingaa this week (12th December) affect the business of PK? – Gaurav

Answer: If Lingaa does affect PK, the impact would only be felt in South Indian states like Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Even in these centres, PK has huge pre-release buzz. ‘Class movies’ like these tend to perform well in Tamilnadu and Mysore circuit, so unless PK disappoints, Lingaa won’t affect the Aamir Khan starrer.

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  • Very unlikely!
    D3 is out of reach and crossing HNY is also going to be a tough task for PK. I have been saying this from the beginning that PK may turn into another TZP or RDB but expecting that it would break some records is looking somewhat childish for me.
    Let’s wait and see.

  • Pk won’t be able to cross 100 crores in its opening weekend but if the word of mouth is positive it could easily collect anything in the range of 250 crores,But Lingaa could be a hindrace to pk’s collection down south since Rajni’s films run for atleast a month even if the film isn’t good

  • In 2009 people were wondering if 3 idiots would break Ghajini opening and lifetime. And what happened? It broke every opening record and almost doubled Ghajini’s lifetime. PK has chances to do the same.

  • No I think so but I can say that it has enough capability of holding no 1 place in highest lifetime collection all the best aamir sir

  • Happy new year is definitely out of reach but dhoom 3 record should be has the chances of breaking opening weekend records..let’s see what happens..fingers crossed..all the best aamir khan

  • p.k firsy day will be 30 cr. because it,s have huge buzz and pk collection will be increase day day so it can pas 100 cr. weekend

  • I am getting a feeling that pk might actaully live up to the expectations. Never seen Rajkumar Hirani this confident about his film.

  • @indicine

    I wonder how you could miss something like tennis legend Roger Federer saying that he wants to watch PK?

    At the time of HNY and Bang Bang, even insignificant news was highlighted, whereas this piece related to PK goes unnoticed….what’s happening?

    Something tells me all this is deliberate….hope I am wrong.

  • pk will either be classic or terrible if it becomes class it will break d3 recod, but if it becomes terrible it will be flop.

  • It’s pointless and logic less to compare PK with Shit movie called Crappy $hit year. The release dates can’t decide who has more stardom? The so called stardom of saroookh will be decided only after paheli returns AKA Table Fan will release. As it will release on non holiday, I can bet that forget his own Crappy $hit year’s record, it won’t come anywhere close to aamir’s PK’s opening day record. If aamir was in Crappy $hit year, than also it would have done 45 or 47 crores. So it’s the release date not the stardom of saroookh which gave big opening. But I bet you indicine, that pk will surely smash all records of 2014 and also dhoom 3’s life time. Pk will surely cross 300 crores.

  • I think 30 cr + is most definitely on……yes dhoom 3 record seems difficult……but 30 + is my prediction surely….

    remember kick released on a working friday and that was pre eid…..still it collected around 26-27 cr…..for pk its neutral….not a holiday but not pre eid or any such period either……

    biggest names of the industry are attached to pk……i’d be very surprised if it doesnt cross 30 cr on friday…..

    audience silently knows which movies to go for….remember ek villian surprised everyone and opened with 16 cr…..the audience senses a good film……and no doubt its waiting for pk….plus last 1.5 months have been disappointing for the movie buffs……its a lull before the storm as they say it……and if i may add bigger the lull , bigger will be the storm……

    rest box office predictions are tricky… one predicted 45 cr for HNY… best it was 40 cr…..lets see!!!

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