Can Madhuri make a successful comeback with Dedh Ishqiya?

In the 2nd part, film critic and trade analyst Joginder Tuteja answers 5 more questions from our readers. (This article was scheduled to be published yesterday. The delay was due to technical issues)

Can you rank the following biggies in order of their hotness in trade – Dhoom 3 , Dabangg 2, Krrish 3, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2, Chennai Express? – Javneet

  • We are talking about films, each of which is coming with a potential of comfortably crossing the 200 crores mark just in India. To be fair to these films, they don’t deserve a ranking, at least as of now when even a single frame of any of these hasn’t been revealed yet!

Salman is doing the movies of same genre after ‘Wanted’. Before ‘Wanted’, he tasted failure in many films. Do you think that doing movies of the same genre for a long time would really help Salman prove himself as a good as well as a versatile actor? Will his success last longer if he continues to do the same type of films with no stories but only action? Remember, Akshay couldn’t sustain the success of his comedy films for too long. – Bipin Ghimire

  • You are right on many counts, including the part about similar genre. Yes, Salman has been making films in the same genre. However it would be wrong to say that his films have ‘no story and only action’. No film can work like that. Having said that, this is a phase which Salman is enjoying but for continued success, he would be switching modes in a couple of years time. As for comedies not working for Akshay, if that was the case then ‘Housefull 2’ wouldn’t have turned out to be a much needed superhit for him. If his interim films failed, it was due to various other reasons and not due to comedies being repeated.

Will Madhuri Dixit be able to make a successful comeback with ‘Gulaab Gang’ and ‘Dedh Ishqiya’? What are their prospects? – Rohan

  • No one can predict with utmost certainity around a comeback film turning into a successful or not without seeing a frame of it. Who would have thought that Amitabh Bachchan’s comeback film ‘Mrityudaata’ would be a disaster? Or for that matter Sridevi’s ‘English Vinglish’ would be a hit? Or Karisma Kapoor’s ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ turning out to be a huge flop? Coming to Madhuri’s upcoming films, ‘Desh Ishqiya’ would benefit from the fact that ‘Ishqiya’ was a much liked film and has a good recall value.

Do you think ‘Ghanchakkar’ will be Emraan Hashmi’s first 100 crore movie? Will it be Emraan’s next after Rush? – Sajid

  • After Paresh Rawal ensuring a 80 crores plus collections for ‘OMG! Oh My God’ (and still counting), anything is possible provided there is some cast of repute and the overall package is good. Emraan and Vidya’s last, ‘The Dirty Picture’, had crossed the 80 crores mark as well. With the director of ‘No One Killed Jessica’ (Raj Kumar Gupta) attempting a comedy with the duo, 100 crores is a possibility. However before that, ‘Ek Thi Daayan’ would hit the screens.

Out of the three Khans (Salman, Shahrukh, Aamir), which one according to you has been the most consistent in last 20 years as per box office results? – Gaurav Handa

  • This one is actually a no-brainer. It is simple – Shahrukh Khan!
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  • Even if we take less films excuse for Aamir Khan’s poor box office record in 90s, let’s compare his first 10 years to Hrithik’s first 10 years (who also does fewer films). Hrithik had – KNPH, K3G, KMG, Krissh, Dhoom 2, Jodhaa Akbar – 6 clean hits in his first 10 years. And Aamir only QSQT, Dil, Rangeela, Raja Hindustani – 4 clean hits in his first 10 years as actor.

    Aamir fans are not even consistent in their arguments & easily shift from box office to so-called “cult”/”quality”, what to question SRK’s consistency! :D

  • 1.biwi ho to aisi-av g(1988)
    2.maine pyar kiya-h it(1989)
    3.Baghi-h it(1990)
    6.hum apke hai
    7.karan arjun-hi.t(1995
    9.jeet-hi t(1996)
    10.Khamoshi-fl op(1996)
    11.judwa-hi t(1997)
    12.auzar-below a vg(1997)
    13.pyar kiya to darna kya-h it(1998)
    14.jab pyar kisi se hota hai-above a vg(1998)
    15.bandhan-hi t(1998)
    16.hum sath sath hai-h it(1999)
    17.hum dil de chuke sanam-h it(1999)
    18.biwi no 1-hi t(1999)
    19.hello brother-fl op(1999)
    20.Har dil jo pyar karega-h it (2000)
    21.Dulhan hum le jayenge-h it(2000)
    22.Chori Chori Chupke Chupk-semi h it (2001)
    23.Tumko na bhool payenge-flo p (2002)
    24.Yeh hai jalwa-flo p(2002)
    25.Tere Naam-hi t (2003)
    26.baghban-hi t(2003)
    27.mujhase shadi karogi-h it(2004)
    28.Garv-avera ge (2004)
    29.dil ne jise apna kaha-fl op(2004)
    30.No entry -hi t(2005)
    31.Meine pyar kyun kiya-semi h it(2005)
    32.Kyon ki-fl op(2005)
    33.Janemann-fl op(2006)
    34.babul-f lop(2006)
    35.Partner-h it(2007)
    36.Salam-E-ishq-f lop(2007)
    37.Yuvvraaj-fl op(2008)
    38.Heroes-fl op(2008)
    39.God Tussi great ho-f lop(2008)
    40.WANTED-hi t (2009)
    41.Lucky no time for love-fl op(2005) dreams-fl op(2009)
    43.MAMK-fl op(2009)
    44.Hum Tumhare hai sanam-av g(2002)
    45.veer-av g(2010)
    46.dabangg-h it(2010)
    47.Ready-hi t(2011)
    48.Bodyguard-h it(2011)
    ……….26 hi ts…percentage of suc ce ss=58%

  • oh i think i 4got three movie of srk…
    english babu-desi mem-flop
    maya memsaab-flop
    oh darling yeh hai india-flop
    …so 21 hits nd…success ratio will be ..48%

    …nd i 4got salman’s four movies
    pattar ke phool-hit
    ek ladka ek ladki -flop
    …27 hits……success ratio…53%

  • @lil wayne…mind blowing bro..i think its all over now,worthless..wht you have done..great job.
    @jitendra nigam..its a clear cut slap for you from die hard fan.Dont try to irritate them someday they will sh i t on your face like this way.

  • MD rocks, WAS THE QUEEN and has a huge fan following . People love her and her fans swear by her.

    On whether her film will succeed, Dedh Ishqiya will surely succceed as Vishal and Abhishek Chaubey will have a cracker of a script and Arshad has alraedy said that DI is way more wackier and funnier than Ishquiya and MD will be presented like never before in the movie.

    On GulabGang, Soumik is unknown, the role surely will be very strong and will fetch accolades, but whether the movie will be a success depends on the script of Soumik and its execution

  • This is clearly about the consistency.. not about the average! I am a fan of both Sallu and SRK. While Sallu might have a higher hit percentage than SRK, Sallu is not the most CONSISTENT. You can see in between there are gaps of years of flops and patches of succes.. where as in SRK’s case though there are flops, they are spread and he never had a one perticular bad period or patches of flop.. He consistantly put hits.. and may i point out li wayne that some of the films that u tagged srk as flops are only cameo roles by SRK. So i think a much better comparisn would be a one where SRK starred as a main actor and then his succes rate…
    And consistency also depend on other factors.. like the social staatus of the actor!
    When we check that it is quite clear that SRK comes above Sallu..
    But the fact remains is that amir also has a nice public figure..
    But in case of fan following, SRK is leaps ahead of all others all around the world. So if wetake the whole world into consideration, then it is fair to say that srk publisized bollywood for better part of the world! And that is consistancy.
    He tried to reach out so far! And he has success! He gives back to back superhits oversees.. Thats consistance.. People oversees know the brand name SRK more thzn any other present day actor..
    That is consistancy..
    So it all sums up that SRK has been the most consistant in the last 20 years..

    How ever if we take it to account of the last few years.. then Sallu and Amir has built some consistancy that has overshadowed SRK somewhat.. So currently, I guess Salman is the consistant if we take only the last few years..

    But 20 years – it really is SRK

  • Salman khan was as big star as Amir and srk before Dabangg even bigger star than them in terms of fan following.and he will remain as big even if his next 4/5 films goes flop.boxoffice india replied an srkian in late 2010.what will b answer if u ask same Quest now whdn he hs deliverd 4 consist blockbuster.srkian,guess the answer!

  • @sach col
    like ur article…show this article to ur consistant KING…oh….Self Proclaimed Consistant King….
    hey nxt tym write article on
    “Brand SRK is popular than TOM Cruise”..sounds try to write on it…
    ….nd may ask u one que..
    “will u ever get out of this ‘Overseas’ word..ha???..
    will u ever stop calling him as King????
    nd will u ever stop spreading negativity abt salman???

  • @Lil i do not spread negativity about Salman.. I do not wanna compare SRK to Tom Cruise…
    I am not calling SRK as the King.. I never did! Actually its quite annoying to call anybody a king in a democratic society.. i have nothing against salman or any other actor.. i dont even care how much a movie earns.. cause quite frankly i dont get a penny out of that profit.. i do how ever lyk competition among the actors so we can see good films who ever acts in them.. that is why there should be a competition. to have good films.. not to rant about how much they earn..
    Once again i actually adored the recent Salman films and also i like Ra one and other films of SRK.. Thats my personal liking..
    I was just relating facts to the argument..
    As long as both salman and srk keep on producing good films for us to watch i dnt give a damn whether which brand name it has!

  • @sach col
    bt u hv mentioned brand srk…its ok….i’ve found many sites ..tht r against the salman..nd i think this site one of thm..i dnt mind…they delete comments made against tht nvr delete tht comments abuses salman… anyway whole world knws salman khan…abt his popularity…nd stardom…thts it.. :)

  • @Lil I agree that arguments layed in most the threads of this site are rubbish cause there are lots of comments like I love SRK or I Love Salman etc.. Some just come and write only abusive things and evoke anger.. thats why i like the new forum feature.. its much better for spread out discussions, not one sided arguments or name calling or rubbish for whoever the star who ever the person supports!
    I liked ur comparison u mentioned earlier cause u provided facts!

  • @sach col
    yes i did….tht auther directly claimed he’s the most consistant..nd he’s nt..wht the hell he’s doing????…
    nd he’s fans strts praising him…nd i didn’t like it…thts y i put the records in front of them….

  • @lil wayne..great job buddy,their mouths now shut,you have shown them their place.You are true salman khan fan,hats off to you bro.@jogindar..go to hell

  • i c no aamir khan fan cryin or barkin ovr here, dis stuff of barkin cn b expected frm cheap fans of srk n sallu ! i think if u all wont bark abt ur superstar, may b haters of ur stars wud strt likin ur superstar sumwat, bt its d irritating barkin dat d fans do, coz of wich haters hate evn more

  • @deepu dear pls compare the number of flops also. srk’s success ratio in the 90s was worse than 2000s. Aamir’s success ratio is best among actors along with Hrithik Roshan.

  • madhuri is not as good as sridevi hence why i feel da film may not work. I mean she chose anubav sinha for next film, one of da worst directors. funny thing is as soon as sridevi signed english vinglish, insecure madhuri ran to india and singed 2 movies.

    dont use salman’s name,use your king khan’s name.Just count how many flops he had delivered throughout his career.Woh bolte hai na ‘Such hamesha kadva hota hai’.

  • 90s was ruled by salman n govinda,20s was ruled by srk and now 10s being ruled by salman come srk consistent for 2 decades?

  • I’d like to say just one thing, even if you watch SRK’s flop movies You will enjoy and feel good. I liked his every single movie, i have seen till date.

  • @lil… You forgot two super bumper Salman flops called, Chandramukhi (in which even the story idea was his!) and Chand ka Tukda… You gave him the advantage of hits such as Baghban, in which his role was a cameo.. On the other hand, you accounted SRK for flops such as Shakti, which was clearly not his film… This speaks volumes about your partisan consideration.. No offence meant, but the only factor which alone can establish who is ahead of who, in all SRK-Salman movies, in which both were co-stars, Salman was the junior player.. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, even Karan Arjun, in which SRK romanced a very successful Kajol and had the best song (Jati hoon main) while Salman was paired opposite that, oh-what-was-her-name, that little known actress… yeah Mamta Kulkarni.. or was it Kavita Kulkarni???????? Tell me one movie, in which SRK has played the junior partner to Salman?????? Another huge factor is, SRK had only one era of flop, the year 1996 when both his Chahat and Army flopped, and continued into nearly 1997 with Koyla.. But he came out with thumping hits like Yes Boss, Pardes, DTPH.. Apart from this one and a half year he never tasted complete failure or bad patches.. even when some film bombed, there was a big hit accompanying it.. for example Swades and Paheli in 2005! On the contrary, Salman had such pathetic bad patches before Tere Naam and again before Wanted, that ppl, even his detractors would actually feel bad for him.. And I swear by the Gods, I am neither a fan of Salman nor Shahrukh… I just don’t like anybody apart from MD, or Sri Devi in the industry… But just thought of writing this, which is true.. and of-course needed to expose your partisan, biased ratio things too!

  • @true only

    he also forgot ‘Dil ashna hai’ dud movie of s r k.

    He gave ‘kuch kuch’ to s r k whereas salman won best supporting actor.

    he gave hum tumhare hai sanam. to s r k. Salman khan wasn’t in cameo role.

    he kept karan arjun for both the sides..

    keep baghban and shakti aside.. Everything is fare enough wasn’t biased.

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