Can Kambakht Ishq beat Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi?

The word of mouth isn’t too great, the critics have thrashed it, yet Kambakht Ishq has witnessed a historic opening at the box-office.

And the only man solely responsible for the historic opening is, Akshay Kumar. You cannot deny that. If there were any doubts about Akshay’s star power, its been cleared now. What’s surprising is, even though his last few films were terribly poor and low on quality, the audience continue to support his movies and watch him on screen. Star power at its very best!!

Now, with Kambakht Ishq having won the initial battle, which not many expected it to, can it beat the two biggies of last year; Shahrukh Khan’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and Aamir Khan’s Ghajini?

Beating Ghajini looks unlikely, but the 85 crore odd all India record of SRK’s Rab Ne.. looks well within reach, what with just the first day collections of Kambakht Ishq almost touching 9 crores!

So if KI doesn’t crash on Monday and does well over the next weekend, it could well be Akshay Kumar’s biggest hit ever.

What do you think, can Kambakht Ishq beat Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi?



  • KI rocksss,K I is better than RNBJ ,and akshay is real king of bollywood.Akshay king can Hit flop script,

  • no kambakht ishq can’t compete rab ne bana di jodi film collection would come down in week days.

  • of course dude it goes without saying
    he is true super star and one time must be Millennium star

    this fillm is fully paisa vasool

    he deserves the title, “king kumar” ,”king of bollywood”

    he is such a grate actor who can make a superb Chemistry with his co-actresses
    he fit with each and every actresses

    he is a king of talent

    and as a person he is such a grate guy and more than all photogenic super star like sharukh and other i think all u know better

    and all dhakkan critics just go inside the gutter i think it will be superb place for all you dude enjoy all your dhakkan comments inside

  • I don’t like Ak or SRK. But I think RNBJ is better than KI because indians like movies more like RNBJ than KI only young people are going to watch KI and people are gonna want to bring there familys and they can;t bring there kids to wath a movie like KI so in that point of view I think RNBJ is better otherwise I don’t like either movies. I would prefer Ghajini

  • i love da movie kmbkht ishq is awesome movie of year 2009. and kmbkht ishq will beat rab ne bana di jodi.
    couz akki,kareena and other hollywood actors did a awesome job in da movie. even way better thn srk.

  • RNBJ is a bakwaaaaas movie,so boring and srk looks so gay in da movie , nobody wants to waste their time for rnbj. you wanna enjay da movie like KI.

  • Kki Disappointed a lot…….he is just Increasing the bank balance rether than Image, I want Akki to make a Unique Film and he need to work Hardly…..and no Comparison between Rbnj and Kambhkt Ishq………Kmbhkt is the super duper flop

  • All srk fans calm down,its not the end of the world….srk has been an excellent “SUPERSTAR for last decade but recently you all can see what GHAJINI did at the box-office.Guys try to understand that what goes up must definately come down and that happens to everone and that includes SRK just because akki and amir has produced the “BLOCKBUSTER” FILMS that gives them every right in bollywood to be among the level of SUPERSTARS.It is possible that KI will beat RNBJ and thats because the paying public likes it.i f the films were depending just on stars then BILLU BARBER would have been a BLOCKBUSTER because of srk but thats not the case anymore……LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT because BOLLYWOOD is changing .

  • Hi Guy’s iam the fan of Akshay iam here to tell you that we are not competet with shah rukh we agreed he is the best and always the best as you said, but i want to remind you that no condition is permanent, even if not AKKI but surely their is someone who let him down where is the previous kings, and still you cant not call Akshay flop actor as he dominated the millenium hit he is the favourite of boxoffice in this decade.

  • KI is totally a bullshit movie…..
    akshay kumar is so boaring in the film,,,, kareena is the only good thing about the film….. the worst film of akshay….

  • K I is superb I love the way Akki act he is such a great Super star there is no compition with him even srk doesn’t look greate infront of him

    Akki has a great talent

    Every INDIAN love Akki including SRK’s fan
    They comment against akki only because they r just a hard core fan of srk
    and that’s why they try to make his each and every film a flop and comment like sandeep , spiderman and other one but it doesn’t matter for akkin and after a time his film becames a big hit that
    makes akki the great star

    and finally Etc has decleared that K I has broken the RNBJ record it is on the way to breake Gajhini’s record
    this chanel is on of the best bollywood business chanel that show’s bollywood and hollywood film’s over all buisness
    so don’t confused and accept the fact specially srk’s fan
    enjoy the comment

  • Nilesh – Why dont you ever look at akshays movies which went flop at the box office?? Films like tashan, chandni chowk to china….etc! Akshay is not known as the king of bollywood SRK is!!! Akshay is known as Khiladi, and SRK is known as KING khan!! So beat that!

  • Bejul it’s not about hit or flop it’s all about the talent and beyond The Path.
    Akki just try to make his fans and all the people to go in the theater and laugh and free feel
    just enjoy the way u want the life. every one want a bit wild houmor
    He did Path breaking attempt in K I . And frankly he did not cross his limit. they just used their mind n made a great film,

    And want to clear u all that CC2 China was not a flop it’s been flop because all the bullshit people comment like the way in which they should not. it’s little bit out of the expectation according to fans and Definitely it’s been unexpected but not worst as some media made it
    the film story is about the normal man who don’t have any guts and power that’s y film seems flop to critics
    but cru of CC2 China done a great work.
    N there is other reasons like people do not watch chinese film so in theater they did not feel better that’s affected and rahi sahi kasar suni sunai kahne walo ne puri kar di

    And 8 by 10 was so logical and Intelligence full so skilless did not like it And mostly affected by Strike.
    And when strike stoped its earn quite good money but it was to late.

    So it’s not a Comparison between his (Akki’s)hit or flop film Bejul dude.
    It’s all about a Path breaking and awsome work
    Akki did a wonder full JOB.
    enjoy the comment buddy

  • Regarding Chandni Chowk To China, its business at the box office was a disappointment.. But the producers didn’t loose money.. DVD sales, satellite rights etc etc… They easily recovered their investment..

    Currently, no commercial Akshay Kumar film can loose money.. Neither did Tashan nor did CC2C.. Tasveer wasn’t a film for the masses..

  • Bejul- it’s already increasing , it’s a different matter we are just taking about film.
    if we want to stop it all of us need to re think about it and we need a afresh start
    not only for this but also for everything which is happening in India.
    And according to me there is a simple way
    Just do your duty properly and follow the “HONESTY”
    not only a poltical people but each and every Indian also.
    for Example :

    Agar 1 bmc or other municipal corporation’s worker apana work properly kare to city main koi gandgi hi nahi hogi, jisse koi bimar nahi ho ga jo ki logo k budget ko prabhaveet nahi karega and people can save more money

    Agar 1 student honesty se study karta hai to oose kisi bhi prakaar ki rendsome nahi deni hogi jo ki jis se ki 1 Gareeb bache ko higer education ka rasta tay karna saral hoga.

    Agar higer education ka rasta bina Phiroti k tay karna hoga to koi bhi padh likhakar aage jakar jo kuch bhi bane wah coruption ka sikar nahi hoga

    if all of you stop commenting like this that will increase other’s to create this kind of big budget film and it will gona make an indian feel proud to be an Indian.

    And Matter’s For all of us that one do not.

    Enjoy the comment

  • Akshay kumar is a box office king there is no ? KI is a super duper hit film. RNBJ is boring film .SRK he is having
    only one image he is a romantic hero otherwise he is waste but we are tired to watch srk film he doing all film
    same love stroys .but akshay kumar is superb actor he is doing all kind of acting he is romantic he is a action a king he have a super comic time he is a multi tallented actor.

  • i don’t know what happen to the people,can akshaye kumar beats srk? cannot,never.i agree that srk’s last movie was not so good enough but noone in bollywood got the position that srk has right now.coz why u know noone can withstand or bare the star’s power.
    think about akshaye kumar,from last 2or 3yrs ,his films were superhit but actually he was not in the list on nomination in anywhere.
    talent to do any acting is only in srk.thats why he got DARTUK, KING of bollywood,by coming months Doctrate,list in the world’s 50 best people.

    it is the waste of the time to compare akshaye with srk.
    spark of the candle give u some light but the sun is the one who can give the whole global full light.

  • Sahema Baby :-)
    listen Akki is not just giving Super hit films from 3 or 4 years

    but he has also given many superhit films in 90’s like mohra, and

    khiladi series till now , He has already gotten The Title Khiladi,

    he is multitalent Super star he is not just a Super star he is the

    Quezaar in the Acting field and there isn’t any kind of sun which

    can give the butt to Quezaar because Quezaar has it’s own power to

    ruined the millions of galaxies.
    And Your stupid Son(sun) srk is just a part of a solar

    system. there are millions and more sun’s in the one galaxy but yet

    these can’t face the Quezaar. So don’t be stupid and stop being dhakkan
    Yes akki knows All kind of acting he can do

    romance , he can do action film , he can do comedy film, he can do

    everything though he didn’t belong to the any kind of acting

    colleges like srk belongs, that’s why akki is better than srk

    sweetheart so don’t forget “Akki is real king” ,Understand
    “I think U better understand”.

    And srk the dhakkan can’t act he can do only one or two thing like
    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkii………. kkkkkkkkii kiran,

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am in

    lllllllllllllllllllllllove wwwwwwwwwwwwwith yyyyyyyyyyyyou.

    and than he can feel the heroin’s perfume’s smaell see his old

    films we praise him for his romance but even he can’t romance.
    he can only smell the girl’s i think his dog can even betterly


    SRK is not bullshit, bullshits are his fans those make him

    Fuck you srk

  • hay ! Indy

    this shows all of yours inferiority complex
    this is the quallity that srk and his fans belong.

    He and his fans are in complex

  • KI is a cheap flim made on vulgarity and tats why it is earning people want to see short dresses and not real flim and the tragedy of the matter is that akki has to resort to these tricks to get a flim hit.
    RNBDJ is a much better flim with a good mesage

  • Nilesh buddy the truth for this movie is that its a shit movie, all critics thrashed it and still u wanna suk akki dick and say it was a blockbuster, the truth for this movie is that it will never be a hit so stop suking his dick and come back to reality. BITCHES OF AKKI. STUPID FANS HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • no this can NEVER happen cuz shah rukh khan is the best and so waz his this film and no one can beat this not even kambhakt ishq as kareena thinks it will but i hope it turns out to be a flop!

  • i think sahema is not a female ……… it seems this is a bloody gay…… like ass are gay hahahahhahahahahahahahahh
    akshay is the best…… thats true……… aamir ka kutta shahrukh or shaahrukh ka paltu kutta sahema
    beta sun is waqt akshay jis level per hai wo tera shahrukh kabhi sapne me bhi nhi soch sakta ……. akshay has become international star after cc2c or kambakht ishq whereas shahrukh is still desi dhakkkkkkkkkkkan ahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhaha

  • Akshay no doubt is a tremendous talent but too to say KI was a better film than RBJ is just daft! Whilst I appreciate one is a massala film and the other a family love oriented story the filsm are miles apart in terms of direction, acting, songs and storyline!!! However this is not an attack on Akshay I like his films Namastey London and Andaaz being two of my favourite films of all time.

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