Can Gunday cross 100 crore? Vote!

Gunday has collected around 55 crore in 5 days at the domestic box office, but the big questions is, if the film can cross the 100 crore mark.

Looking at the way the film has been trending during the weekdays, Gunday is likely to collect around 64-65 crore in its first week, which is a decent total for a film made on a budget of around 50 cr (including marketing).

This weekend, the YRF film will compete against two new releases – Highway and Darr At The Mall – both films are not expected to take a flying start this Friday. So, Gunday will continue to be the first choice at single-screens and the second weekend business could well decide if the film can eventually cross the 100 crore mark or it finishes with lifetime business of around 85-90 crore.

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Can Gunday cross 100 crore?

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  • I think it can cross 100 crores but it all depends on the word of mouth of Highway if it is good then it is 50-50 but if it is bad then it is possible .

  • Yes. I am being optimistic though reaching the point seems out of hand.

    To Salman and SRK fans,

    The fact who is the bigger star between SRK and Salman on big screen remains still debatable and subjects to arguments. But it is undeniable that Salman is a superstar on small screens too, while SRK is an utter flop on TV. Simultaneously, it should be admitted that SRK is a smart businessman who puts business and stardom ahead of everything.

  • are you kidding me! it will never cross 100 crores. and you say highway is not expected to take a flying start. this is a wrong assumption. highway is a dark horse which will suprise everybody. gunday has no chance to cross 100 crores.

  • I liked’s not too good or not too bad.I think now days collecting 100 crore is easy for any so so type of movie with big star cast.

  • @indicine, Highway ka director IMTIAZ hai BESHARAM ka Anurag nahi hai…., Imtiaz never goes to wrong. Next time 100 cr Randaveer.

  • U can’t stop laughing. .

    Akbar k paas ek 12 inch ka chota sa pyara sa ghoda (horse) tha.

    Tansen: Ye ghoda kaha se mila?

    Akbar: Ek baba hai usne diya. Jo maango woh deta hai.

    Tansen: Mai bhi baba k paas jata hu.

    Akbar: Jao pr khyal rahe baba 1 hi muraad puri karta hai aur ooncha sunta hai.

    Tansen baba k paas jaake 1 bori heera mange.

    Bori jab kholi Tansen chillaya: Baba ne 1 bori jeera de diye.

    Akbar: Tune kya socha ki maine 12 inch ka ghoda maanga tha ?

  • Star Ranking Worldwide for Feb 2014
    1 Salman Khan51130961226+282.6
    2 Aamir Khan296018411440
    3 Shahrukh Khan49051831088-33
    4 Ranbir Kapoor438317400-0.40000000000003
    5 Hrithik Roshan329439333-1.8
    6 Ranveer Singh3-181-15-196+12.4
    7 Saif Ali Khan6-266-54-320+13.8
    8 Ajay Devgn8-252-103-355+27.8
    9 Akshay Kumar10-417-123-540+8.2
    10 John Abraham7-453-96-549+6.8000000000001
    11 Shahid Kapoor4-501-64-565+16.6
    12 Emraan Hashmi7-529-163-692+25.4
    13 Imran Khan6-755-72-827+16.6

  • arjun acting in this movie stuning but ranveer just struggle through out in this movie.why ali abbas took him as a leading role.arjun is much better than ranveer singh.

  • Arjun acting is much more better than ranveer….anyways good luck for gunday hope it can cross 100cr mark at the box office
    Arjun rocks…..

  • Highway reviews are already out
    Imtiaz Ali disappoints this time.
    Very bad film.
    So gunday will cross 100 crores for sure now
    Highway is gone

  • @Rkz,you think SRK is a business man?than what will you call sallu?according to me salman is the no.1 business man who sticked with south remake till 5years and much beyond before that,why?

    why couldn’t make a single film hit with out remake,why all films before wanted got back to back disasters?so at least think once before you write.

    also you wrote salman is superstar of small scree,when SRK hosted t.v shows after 2010?he is busy in making best sensible films not people’s wasted money or south dubbing films.after releasing 1year with 4500 screen,sallu’s film got flop/below average,he couldn’t make a single hit?why?is this what called a superstar?while SRK’s MNIK released in february with out any holiday it got a huge hit despite of having so political problems and couldn’t release in some you got who is KING of bollywood?with out south dubbing there is no salman.while SRK is the only one superstar who never depended and did a single south remake.becuase SRK is THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD.

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