Calendar Girls Teaser

Here’s the first look of National Award winning director Madhur Bhandarkar’s Calendar Girls. The teaser is nothing more than a collection of pictures.

While Madhur had revealed very little about the story line or the leading ladies in the film, Calendar Girls features Ruhi Singh, Satarupa Pyne, Akanksha Puri, Kyra Dutt, Avani Modi and Suhel Seth.

The film has been produced by Sangeeta Ahir and Bhandarkar Entertainment.



  • Why is Madhur Bhandarkar so obsessed with struggling models,heroines??? Can’t he think of any other subject!

  • @babaji ka thullu y r u so obsessed with others???? Come let’s join hands and promote superstar akshays brothers. ….

  • Superb teaser. ….
    thanfully waiter akki isn’t doing a cameo in this film otherwise it would hv flopped like shaukeens

  • @FLOPPY Fan This Movie Can’t Do even half business of The Shaukkenns ..!

    YePp it can match Billu , dulha mil gya & Dhobhi Ghat Too ..! tough Competition between SRK ,Amir nd madhur bhandrkr film !

  • @Sambuddha..Mind you,don’t create floppy fan kind of ids otherwise i will thrash away your youngistaan.

  • according to madhur bhandarkar…
    whole world is full of fake people…
    glamour world is fake n cheap …
    casting couch is must for strugglers…
    gud people has no place in bollywood or fasion…
    even though he is in bollywood himself…for yrs…

  • This film looks FLOP…..!!…

    Struggling models ….. Struggling actors Arjun., ranbir,, ranvver won’t make a good movie…..!!….

  • Heard that salman and sarook are doing cameos as they went through bad phase when they were calender girls. Lol

  • Salmental will say, “my movie is better than Calender Girls, as I did some unique dance which no human can copy, only bandars can”

  • @floppy fan, Akshay kumar is the biggest superstar of bollywood. If you keep posting nonsense then you will end up like fat useless arjun kapoor or wife will leave u like hrithik.

  • The motive behind this film looks shaky……!!….

    I think movie should be made ‘ calender Boyz’ and madhus shud cast Arjun kapoor,,, varun ,, ranbir all Bhatke , bhule,, flop strugglers who don’t know to act……!!….

    All d best…..!!….

  • @King Aamir Khan
    Thank you for leaving Srk and becoming Aamir fan. But still your Salman bashing tendencies have not gone.
    Not Salman, but Srk definitely did cameos to save his career in bad phase.
    Aamir and Salman are the biggest megastars of bollywood, ahead of Yrf-made Srk.

  • This madhur is the biggest pervert in B’town who only makes such films so he can perve on the actresses getting them to go half nude for him…

    Same old crap where everyone is struggling so wont be surprised if his next is titled Directors Cut telling the story of a struggling director struggling for a hit which will most likely feature himself…!

  • Oh no!! again a similar script to fashion, heroine. why?!!!! Is the director planning to fail or what?!! he must bring a new script.. I could tell the story from this teaser what’s it all about!!!

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