Box office figures: Kambakht Ishq vs Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Well, many have been arguing endlessly over the box office figures of Kambakht Ishq and Shahrukh Khan’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.. To clear it up, we have the official numbers of both films.

Kambakht Ishq has just released, hence we only have the opening weekend numbers. The film has done exceptional business over the weekend with a net gross of almost 25 crores including the paid preview shows on Thursday.

The figures of SRK’s Rab Ne.. too were almost the same. It remains to be seen which film will end up the bigger earner at the Indian box-office.

Note:- Aamir Khan’s Ghajini isn’t even in the picture here, it was miles ahead of both films with a nett gross of more than 30 crores over the weekend.

Here you go, the official opening weekend and week-by-week figures of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Opening weekend – 25 crores

Week 1 – 42.20 Crores
Week 2 – 24.60 Crores
Week 3 – 9.30 Crores
Week 4 – 4.90 Crores
Week 5 – 3.05 Crores
Week 6 – 1.25 Crores
Week 7 – 0.68 Crores
Week 8 – 0.30 Crores

Total – 86.28 (8 weeks)

Kambakht Ishq

Opening weekend – 24.50 crores

Week 1 – 42 crores
Week 2 – 10 crores

There is lack of clarity with the first week numbers of Kambakht Ishq. Different sources have different figures and our very own calculations too differed from the official numbers (mentioned below)

Week 1 worldwide – 100 crores
Week 1 India (gross) – 70 crores
Week 1 India (nett gross) – 42 crores

So going by the official figures, Kambakht Ishq and Rab Ne are on par. Can the Akshay Kumar film do business of 25 crores or more in Week 2? Lets wait and watch.

Week 2 update: Unfortunately, KI has recorded extremely poor collections in week 2, to take its two week total to 52 crores in India.

Keep following this topic, it will be updated every week as soon as the official figures are released!



  • i wonder why indicine gives wrong numbers…….. Kambhakkt ishq grossed between 25-26 crores not 24.50 – Bollywood Hungama

  • INDICINE TEAM:Y making comparision between two actor.HoW u tell me ,y to make difference between two.Both R benefit for bollywood industry then y u doing so!!i m srry but i need to say u r cheap.U said u r not support of anyone but u r making difference in public by seperating SRK And akshay!!!

    AKshay recently said that he want every movie to do well for the benefit for bollywood industry .not only his but other also.He said movie like kambakkht ishq,new york,kaminey,loveaajkal will also do well.LOok there u see ,he never want other harm.But U r doing so!!!!

  • Donít be happy that (KI) didnít beat RNBDJ.
    Do you guys know the fact? Business of KI affected badly by weather in mobay.
    There was heavy rain in mombay on Saturday and Sunday.

  • i think all same figures KAand RNBJ i think KA going to be super hit like RNBJ,god bless aki keep doing good job, you are the king of bollywood ,love you aki baby

  • Kambakkht Ishq has grossed around 24.50 crore nett including paid previews over its first weekend. The 125 paid previews grossed around 40 lakhs with the Friday to Sunday total being around 24 crore nett.

    The film had the second biggest first day in history and the first weekend was the fourth biggest in history. The collections of the film fell slightly at some places on Saturday while Sunday saw very strong collections. Mumbai was affected by very bad weather on Saturday and Sunday which meant lower than expected collections in the area. Delhi/UP and East Punjab are extraordinary and have seen the best collections.

    Kambakkht Ishq will be a hit if it can get decent collections over the weekdays but if collections fall heavily it will have a lower status. If collections are strong over the weekdays then it may even turn out to be a superhit.

  • Kalyan, ‘approx’.. Exact figures will be announced shortly, and we would update it as soon as it is..

    Sudeep, please stop complaining. Every single topic including KI movie review was full of comparisons. And you had an argument for every single statement made.

    Look, readers love these kind of comparisons.. and we have to provide them with what they want to read, discuss and debate.. We are comparing two big films that opened to almost the same the numbers in India. We are not comparing a Tasveer to Rab Ne.. or Paheli to KI.. and this topic is not to say KI grossed 50 lakhs less, hence SRK is a bigger star..

    And with this topic, I dont understand how we are doing any harm to anyone ? ? ?

    This is a request, stop calling names and stop complaing… else your comments will be deleted! Thanks

  • kambakhht ishq is d worst ever film ihave seen in my life.How can actor like akshay act in such a third graded movie,with d story being nonsense,even though d film is south dubbed as usual, it has failed 2 attract public.I hope akshay doesn’t dissapoint again.

  • Failed to attract public? It has done great business and monday is steady, which is great. From here on its a sure shot hit!

  • indicine team

    do you know what the opening weekend takings were for singh is kinng ??

    which films are the 6 top opening weekend grossers of all times ?

  • From what I read everywhere I am hoping kambakht ishq really bombs when word of mouth hits. It will then convey (hopefully) to Akshay and his movie makers that a. he has the star draw to fill cinemas (as the big opening showed) but unless he finds someone to help him screen his scripts he’ll stay way below his potential.

    I am a Westerner new to hindu movies last September. I have been in a ‘Year of living Hindi’ and have watched almost 250 movies on DVD almost all from the last 2 decades. This hasn’t been an exploration of a genre but rather a personal odyssey of chasing movies that entertain as Hollywood is making so much dark or, violent, sexual without real emotion conveyed or boring stuff (and their actors really don’t have the stunning looks or ability to convey emotion top Indian actors do).

    Akshay stand out for me as a major frustration in thing. While I may have sometimes avoided work of brilliant actors like SRK, Aamir or Hrithik if I read there’s a lot of violence in them, Akshay is harder to predict in advance. He can be a very watchable, intelligent and attractive actor but the movies he chooses can be unwatchable and lacking entertainment for their silliness. Or several times I’ve seen movies where he has me on side the whole movie with his character but the script leaves him (and thus me too) hanging or losing in the final scene. His comedies are particularly to be avoided (I actually didn’t mind the panned 8X10 Tasveer). Although he is quoted as saying logic doesn’t matter to him as he goes for entertainment, the lack of this ‘logic’ actually mars the entertainment.

    In fairness I don’t relate to a lot of comedy Indians seem to like anyway as the hindi comedies are so often about conning and taking advantage of others – not in the old Robin Hood way where peoples goods are restored to them after being unrightfully taken, but rather stepping over others and cheating to get ahead. I also don’t go for slapstick and ‘silly’ characters as appeals to Indian tastes. However there are romantic comedies and more subtle ones that have been brilliant.

    So as the dust settles on this movie and my memorable hindi year I really hope Akshay uses some of his earnings to employ someone with a good eye to vet scripts for him. He has so much going for him but I don’t think I’ll be seeing kambakht ishq when it comes to DVD (the only way I have access to hindi movies where I live) even though I was eagerly awaiting it before it screened.

  • KI is very good movie,it just shows in bollywood that its not one man show anymore because the balance of power has once again shifted towards akki

  • @Spiderman

    Ghajini, Singh Is King, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Kambakht Ishq, Om Shanti Om…

    Singh is King was 26 crores including paid preview shows.. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was 25 crores without paid previews..

  • Just to add to it, Ghajini released on Thursday, hence a 4 day weekend plus paid previews on Wednesday.. The nett gross was just less than 40 crores!

    Daily average would be

    Ghajini – 10 crores a day.
    Singh Is King – 8.65 crores
    RNBDJ – 8.35 crores
    Kambakht Ishq – 8 crores

  • indicine team

    what about that terrible film golmaal returns, which apparently did mindblowing business in its opening weekend ??

    also, if we count the old films from yesteryears such as sholay, muqaddar ka sikander etc. inflation adjusted, will they not beat the current top 5 weekend groossers ??

  • Nope, they would not. Back then the release was limited and film grew on word of mouth. The final net gross, probably yes after inflation is adjusted. But not the initial weekend. Even if you compare current weekend’s to the blockbusters of 90s, the later would pale in comparison.

    These days maximum money, more than 50% – 60%, is made in the first week of release..

  • surely a films success should be attributed to its worldwide gross and not just the all india gross ? after all, its the total money that the film makes, not just the money it makes in india.

    so, should we not be looking at the total worldwide weekend gross to determine which films are the biggest opening weekend grossers of all time ?

    if we consider the total worldwide weekend gross, which are the top 5 films ?

  • the first week results are finally out, and it hasn’t beaten any records of RNBDJ at all. ha ha ha !!!

  • Listen to all who are fighting between SRK and Aki, thier both fukiin good and thier helping bollywood get out of a HUGE DROUT!!!! So why not just shut up and not say shit about anyone.

  • Spiderman, if you include overseas collections SRK leads by a mile.. He has atleast 6 films in the top 10.

    The reason we dont include overseas collections is, the dollar prices keep fluctuating and we do not receive figures from all countries. One other reason is, if the movie fares badly in India and does blockbuster business overseas and recovers its investment, its declared a flop. I guess according to the trade, investment has to be recovered from the Indian market alone for a HIT or more.. Overseas is just a bonus, the movie has to do well here. Jodha Akhar was a hit in India, but all time blockbuster overseas, but the verdict of the trade is just HIT, some even wrote it off as a flop because the business wasn’t spectacular in India, with a ban in 2 or 3 states being one of the reasons.

    Anyways, Week 1 figures of Kambakht Ishq has been updated. One site says 35 crores, another says 43 crores, our calculations show a tad under 40 crores.. But as the makers have announced the nett gross as 42 crores, we go with it..

  • Come on people open your eyes Akshay is all time hit actor lambi race ka ghoda jab srk was struggling Akshay was rocked the industry with saif and sunil

  • well indicine, thanks for supporting SRK again with yur blind belief. comparing AK and SRK, overseas collections?? well here’s the simple explanation y SRK leadS.

    overseas market became major contributor to the success of any bollywood film only after 1996-97. at that time Askshay wasnt a big star. SRK was already very big, he had great fan following. media backed him up, he had no competition at all. Salman khan and sunny came close but sunny went away for a while b’coz of back problem, Salman khan turned buddy to SRK plus bad karma turned its face at him.he was involved in many too many bad things. Aamir was doin only one movie a year.

    Akki’s hardwork only started payin-off after ‘mujhse shaadi karogi’ . but he had still long way to go since media wouldnt accept him as emerging power. Akshay’s strangle hold bcame even more stronger after back to back successes in 07. 08 saw release ofonly 2 films. this is Akki’s just third year as a MEGASTAR, MONEY WISE OR COLLECTIONWISE you cannt compare and conclude that SRK is miles ahead.

    Akshays popularity is doubling with rocket speed. the other day one of my female colleague told me that ‘curry kumar is reali attractive and talented’. yes i live in Australia and work wit HP and my colleague is Lebanese.

    i bet more ppl (non-indians) know it or not, especially after KI and Singh is Kinng. working with faces like Snoop dog, sly made him well known bolly celeb now.

    if someone thinks Akki sucks, well here are few words for yu ” he’s smart as anything”. he is playin safe by doing comedy, cuz he does it best and at the same time spreading his wings in west by bringing and working with Hollywood artists or ppl popular in west.

    see it in that context and you will realize AKKI is MILES N MILES ahead of his peers.

  • Not supporting SRK, you can check out our Rab ne or Om Shanti Om review.

    Well, your right when you say he had absolutely no competition in the overseas market during the late 90s.. it all changed with Hrithik’s debut in 2000. But according to the trade, SRK is still the No 1 star overseas. KANK’s (which by the way was a bad movie) box-office total from the overseas market is Rs 46 crores, the hghest grossing film by any other actor is Akshay Kumar with Singh Is King grossing 36 crores, followed by Dhoom 2 at 33 crores. Huge difference in numbers there. We’ll publish the top 10 list soon!

    I have no issues with Akshay, except, in the last 2 -3 years the quality of his films has been extremely poor. Am still waiting for Akshay’s Jodha Akhar / Chak De / Taare Zameen Par.. A film that not only works at the box-office but is also high on quality, something that would make his fans proud. Unfortunately, movies like Kambakht Ishq, Welcome, Singh Is King might make bucket loads of money at the box office but will not be remembered or watched few years from now.

    Akshay is a bigger star now, but some of his old films were much better. Khiladi, Khakhee, Dhadkhan, Hera Pheri…..

  • Geez Indiacine,

    common guys, waiting for jhodah akbar or chak de from akshay…i’l be damned if akshay did that kinda crap.
    it may sound stupid to yu but trust me think out of bollywood and it’l make sense.

    did chak de or Jhodha akbar win oscars or article space in western or other global magazines??? answer is NOO… quiet frankly, mayb indians like Jodha or Chak.. but i didnt. i came outta cinema after 30-35 watch of CHAK DE. i dont think that movie defins any standard.

    even after 100 years of cinema, how many bollywood movies are globally accepted, well as much you know and i know asnser would be big ZERO!!!…

    although we have distinct culture and ppl like our costumes and colors n stuff..still we couldnt give a gud enough movie in 100 YEARS..

    so stop sayin qaulity quality quality, chak de didnt have any quality, same SRK hamming and same very predictable story and stupid songs and over the top performances. if i wrote a review, i wud have given 2 1/2 stars to the movie. that’s reviewing in bollywood context.

    infact im still waiting to see HERA PHERI (rather than billu barbar), Singh is Kinng or KI from SRK.

    comedy is very complex genre, and comedy can never have universal acceptance. coz comedy has various shades. from slapsticks to witty comedy. if hera pheri was witty comedy then KI is slapstick.

    some ppl prefer slapstick n some wittiness. REMEMBER LAAGAN made it to Oscars just becuz it gave enough splits to viewers and was made on grand scale.

    now im mentioning OSCARS here so pls dont go mad at me sayin WHY OSCAR cuz my simple answer to that would be Y DO WE HAVE WORLD CUP ? cuz OSCARS are universally accepted honor. its like a soccer world cup of movies.

    so the point is simple, our way of making movie is :- over the top performances, unrealistic situations and stories, millions spent on songs, colorfull costumes and heavy dialogues.

    as i said before SRK is now riding on his alraedy built fan base, but now AKKI has given him tough compitition that he had never expected. his movie might have grossed more than AKKI’s at overseas box office (mind you there are millions and millions of indian or pakistani student, migrants and visitors in overseas who watch bollywood only) but what AKKI is doing, as made him more popular and eventually he will be more successful in overseas, time will tel.

  • btw, coming back to RAb ne vs KI

    Eros have declared 100 cror gross over the first week, it is official. i would believe that coz Eros ppl wouldnt be mad enough to claim those figures and putting themselves pray for TAX DEPARTMENT.

    so according to that KI wins over RBDKDKD hands down???

  • Looks like Vick is totally charged up n is looking out for the moderator i suppose..
    hey Vick its true tat KI was good is some departments but we shud also accept the fact tat
    it was too overboard, im totally wit u tat the movie dint deserve the slashing it got frm the critics
    since the same genre movie “The Hangover” is praised beyond my imagination.
    KI is more or less a hollywood flick than a bollywood…plp u wont believe hollywood produces such movies
    in plenty year after year…

  • Hi Indicine team correct me if I am wrong and please explain as well. Is comparing two actors/movies based on net collections justified keeping in mind that net gross collections = Gross collections – production costs – distribution costs – taxes. Production costs looks much more to me for Kambakkht ishq than RNBDJ which is not that expensive to produce I guess. Is not it justified to compare 2 actors/movies by the gross collections.

  • @Claine
    haha.. i aint no charged up but i hav noticed one thing about indian media that’s eatin me inside n i feel like i cant do anything about it…

    well to make it easier for yu to understand, recent attacks on Australia. indian media dubbed the whole country racist. i live in Australia and i cant bare some illiterate cunt sitting in some part of media spark off such lies. neither I nor my frnz have ever experienced racism here. but these freshies comin from india with that ” PIND” mentality and these curries who claim to be journalists spreading rumors. I ABSOLUTELY HATE EM.

    now wen i saw similar kind of thing happening to a movie..especially to an actor who is breathing a life in industry is being targetted. and i can see its the same strategy, ” pull some one down and you will climb higher”.. FARK THAT!!!

    coming bak to the movie.. mate… all of us loved HANGOVER. awsome flick. GOOD or BAD is one’s perception. its one’s perspective of the world. NOT EVERY FLICK CAN BE “SHENDLIER’S LIST” , so all good as long as ppl r bein entertained.

    i saw ppl sittin infront of me in cinema, some of em wre laughin so loud n uncontrollably that they were feelin embarrassed at the same time lolxxx.. after a long time i saw that kind of reaction.

    so if a movie can entertain ppl like that n then some one from media barge in and try to force his/her view on me/us well i have one these words to say ” up yorz!!!” ..HAHA.. cuz im careless where these ppl come from, they just try to sell lies.. and 100 cror business of KI has proved that india REVIEWERS r so fake!!!

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