Box office: Ajay Devgn without Rohit Shetty

A couple of days back, a forum member of Indicine, published a post on the box office performance of Ajay Devgn films without director Rohit Shetty in the last 5 years.

Rohit has directed Ajay in 5 films in the last 5 years and all of them have been successful at the box office – Golmaal, Golmaal Returns, Golmaal 3, All The Best, Singham and Bol Bachchan. Only one film, Sunday, was an average grosser.

Ajay Devgn - Rohit Shetty

Without Shetty at the helm, Ajay’s success ratio is poor. Have a look.

  • Cash (2007) – 18.33 crs FLOP
  • Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag (2007) – 8.5 crs FLOP
  • Halla Bol (2008) – 14.61 crs FLOP
  • U Me Aur Hum (2008) – 22.69 crs BELOW AVERAGE
  • Mehbooba (2008) – 2.48 crs FLOP
  • London Dreams (2009) – 25.77 crs FLOP
  • Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge (2010) – 29.14 crs AVERAGE
  • Raajneeti (2010) – 92.93 crs BLOCKBUSTER [Multistarrer Movie]
  • Once Upon A Time In Mumbai(2010)-58.3crs HIT (also featured Emraan Hashmi)
  • Aakrosh (2010) – 13.63 crs FLOP
  • Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji (2011) – 28.47 crs BELOW AVERAGE
  • Rascals (2011) – 33.61 crs FLOP
  • Tezz (2012) – 15.72 crs DISASTER

With less than 10 days to go for his ambitious Diwali release Son Of Sardaar, the big question in the trade – can Ajay Devgn deliver without Rohit Shetty?



  • @lil wayne srk 2 100cr movie are non chopra camp…so shut the hell up…king khan rocks…

  • so this artical clear what is ajay.ajay is flop actor.why he is taking panga with KING OF BOLLYWOOD.

    JTHJ —-HIT

  • wait for couple of weeks. SOS will be ajay’s biggest hit till date. Yes it wont be collecting more than JTHJ but yes it cross 100 crore.

  • Yes ajay and rohit has a good success ratio. Lets see if SOS works. Anyways sometimes after looking at the promos of SOS you feel like this one is a Rohit Shetty film.

  • In last five years srk dilever oso,mnik, and don 2 all are blockbuster super hit hit and super hit he delievers only 2 flims with chopra cdi and rnbdj both are huge blockbusters and defiently jthj is also atbb

  • Ajay without Rohit Shetty = Shahrukh without Yashraj & Dharma.

    but still SOS will be a Blockbuster. in diwali, Ajay has 100% success record.
    Sorry Yaar Diwali Bekaar bina SON OF SARDAAR, aur koi film dekha to diwali bekaar.

  • srk w/o yrf & dharma since 2000

    Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani – Flop
    Ashoka – Flop
    One Two Ka Four – Flop
    Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam – Semi-hit (also had salman had lead)
    Zamana Deewana – Disaster (delayed)
    Swades – Flop
    Chalte Chalte – Average
    Paheli – Disaster
    Don – Semi-Hit
    Om Shanti OM – Blockbuster (had cameo from half of the industry)
    Billu – Disaster
    Ra one – Flop (had RajiniKanth’s cameo)
    Don 2 – Hit (had Hrithik’s cameo)

    So, once again srk is back to his safe zone.

  • Ajay is Nothing without Rohit shetty bus alas he lelf Ajay too and join SRK for CE. Ab Ajay ka keya hoga? SOS All time Disaster

  • Even rohit shetty directed ZAMEER and SUNDAY with ajay they were also fops , u didn’t show that . First ajay was one who bought rohit shetty in this industry ..dont forget that , after ZAMEER flop , noboby stood behind rohit , nobody were rohit work…it was ajay who gave him 2nd chance …..This list of ajay without rohit is nobody , will change with SOS or even SOS does not do well , then next year HIMMATWALA will 100 % change ur opinion ..ok .

  • @Indicine team: few months back u had published same article named “is Ajay devgan a bankable star?
    Then why today repeated the same contained with the differen name?
    What u people wanted to prove?
    Srk too have bigg failure, but you guys do repeat only success of srk
    This is clear that u people are paid to praise srk & u are very aware that ajay’s action movies are more sucsess than other type, & u guys now feeling insecute cause srk is going through bad face of career and SON OF SARDAR is more promising than srk, yrf’s so called roamance.
    But mark my this deevaly only SON SARDAR will b ultimate, because people want to be entertained like SOS SIZE

  • Both d films vl work on dare content,wom,critics bt 1st wekend colectn of JTHJ vl mre dan SOS fr sure bt after dat both mves vl perform by WOM,CONTENT wch mves WOM strong he vl be d winner of diz mega war betn. 2 superstar of B-TOWN. BT MY WISHES FOR BOTH FILMS N BOTH VL WORK AT BOXOFFICE N GET HUGE SUCCESS..

  • SRK with Chopra’ last 5yrs .
    MY NAME IS KHAN–HIT (75 Crs).
    RA.ONE—HIT (125 Crs).
    DON 2—-HIT (112 Crs).
    SRK’S Stardom is too high Compared To Ajay’s..
    And I Must Say Karan Is Nothing Without S.R.K..

  • SRK without Chopra’ last 5yrs .
    MY NAME IS KHAN–HIT (75 Crs).
    RA.ONE—HIT (125 Crs).
    DON 2—-HIT (112 Crs).
    SRK’S Stardom is too high Compared To Ajay’s..
    And I Must Say Karan Is Nothing Without S.R.K..

  • Comparison.
    Don 2——–238 crs.
    Dabang —–212 crs.
    MNIK———208 crs.
    ready——–185 crs.
    Ett————307 crs.
    Wait for JTHJ.

  • Aamir Khan: SalmanKhan is also my secret lover. If I don’t mention him I’ll be punished in bed

  • SRK makes people emotional, change people’s attitude and teaches love while SALLU been teaching people how to kill other people sleeping on the Roadside

  • top grossers worldwide :

    1. 3 Idiots (385 crs)
    2. Ek Tha TIger ( 308 crs)
    3. Bodyguard (230 crs)
    4. Dabangg (215)
    5. Don 2 (206 crs)

    so its clear Aamir & Salman are much ahead of shahruk. so pls don’t argue regarding this anymore.

  • @akash if you see even in idmb and all the international ratings SRK is still the top no matter how much haters blabber.And you got the ratings wrong it is like:
    1.3 idiots: 385 crores(Offered to SRK)
    2.MNIK : 290 crores(75 from india and more than 200 crores overseas!!!!)
    3.ek tha tiger : 275 crores(Offered to SRK)

  • @ayushsrk: go and check again the real fact of overseas collection 302-crores ETT check any official site.

  • @ayushsrk
    First of all …let me show u ..its IMDB nt IDMB..its ok…illiterate fans of s r k ..i cn understand….
    According to IMDB..list of top ten worlwide grossers of bollywood
    1.3 idiots(385cr)
    2.Ek tha tiger(307cr)
    7.Rowdy Rathore(201cr)
    8.My Name Is Khan(200cr)
    9.Agneepath (193cr)

  • Playing game with SOS by the name of Bhai movie ETT.

    The aim of this practice is to corner any film releasing around Diwali: distributor
    A condition was imposed on us, on each theatre, at the time of the release of Ek Tha Tiger, that they will only supply that film if we also screened Jab Tak Hai Jaan exclusively at Diwali. There was a single agreement for both films. We said that there will be other films also releasing at that time, but they said it had to be exclusively this film if we wanted Ek Tha Tiger. In Hyderabad, big films get about 20-25 single screens and about 10 multiplexes. Now, JTHJ has 15-18 single screens out of these. I have only two single screens left because at the time of ETT, YRF didn’t want them, even though I’d offered them; they didn’t release ETT there. Those are the only two single screens where I can run SOS.

    The same pattern has been followed in Aurangabad, which is also in the Nizam territory. Out of five single screens there, YRF has taken four. Of these, two are mine, two they negotiated directly, and the one they left is only because it is one of two theatres in the same compound! In Bidar, Karnataka, out of three single screens, I gave them one, they got the second also, and the third only screens Kannada movies – so Son Of Sardaar will see no release there! This is definitely unfair practice. It completely kills the business of the distributors of Son Of Sardaar, and fortunately or unfortunately, I’m both a distributor of SOS and an exhibitor. The aim of this practice by YRF was to corner any film releasing around this time – agar doosri film ko screens milenge hi nahin, toh woh release kaise hogi?
    – Dilip Tandon of Hyderabad,distributor of SOS in the Nizam and Andhra territory, which includes Marathwada