Bombay Velvet Trailer

The trailer of Bombay Velvet is finally out! The film starring Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar is directed by Anurag Kashyap.

First announced for theatrical release†in December last year, Bombay Velvet was postponed by 6 months.

The trailer of the film was released by Ranbir Kapoor before the India vs Bangladesh World Cup Quarter final. Watch and tell us what you think!



  • Trailer is not much interesting, But a 20 crore opening is sure. after all it’s a Ranbeer film…
    I think indicine also may quote approx 20 cr as FBO

  • Yes,just watched the trailer,it’s looking interesting… Anushka rocks,some scenes are just fabulous..
    But then a good trailer necessarily guarantees a good film,it will have to be a good entertainer to do good business..
    Let’s see what happens …

  • @jay & @the phenom ur cmnts r funny&great.actually i was expecting something great,trailer is average.i think anurag & ranbir either think they r scorsese&deniro or trying to be.

  • just saw the trailer…boring, weak n it give away too much about the plot.
    maybe the movie turns out good. Donít really know yet. But judging from this pitiful showing up above, Iíll have to wait the reviews n see if I wanna spend my time on this movie.

  • @anand: welcome back, mate!
    The trailer looks very impressive. Dont know if, Bombay was this good in the 60’s. Movie should have great performances, soulful music and Anurag Kashyap’s magic. He surely, is one of the most underrated directors. Looking forward to the film. And, guys please stop this nonsense negativity. It doesn’t look good at all, promoting negativity just coz of one Idiot is bad!

  • @shantaram Bhai I know the tweet from which u copied your comment :) Just saying.
    BTW its a truth. BV will flop

  • Really loved the trailer. Haters are here to hate anything and everything. They only look forward to masala crap. They cannot withstand a movie when it doesn’t have colourful scenes. Anurag movies never had colours but beautiful stories. Really hope this movie to do well coz it’s a high budget movie

  • – besharm — flop
    – ROY – flop
    – Bombay velvet- avg to flop. It doesn’t seem like it will work.

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