Bombay Velvet Trailer

The trailer of Bombay Velvet is finally out! The film starring Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar is directed by Anurag Kashyap.

First announced for theatrical release in December last year, Bombay Velvet was postponed by 6 months.

The trailer of the film was released by Ranbir Kapoor before the India vs Bangladesh World Cup Quarter final. Watch and tell us what you think!



  • Best wishes to Emraan, Akshay & Ranbir for MrX, Gabbar & Bombey Velmet. 3 “Hits” back 2 back during IPL

  • outstanding.brilliant

    my dream has come true

    bv will go down in the history books as one of the greatest films ever made

  • THE trailer was not so mind blowing as we all were expecting from it.. Actually it doesn’t make any sense what they are trying to show.. No doubt ranbir is looking awesum n so what is for karan johar..

  • Anurag Kashyap would abuse & blame audience after BOMBAY VELVET will bomb at box office!

    Dear Ranbir, as an admirer of ur cinematic ingenuity, I urge u to keep a distance from KASHYAP brothers… Personally & professionally!

  • Bombay ‘walnut’ trailer look like crap..
    movie will turn out another once upon a time in Mumbai dobara – 2
    anushka looking damn good
    karan acted better than our queen..
    Bombay ‘Volvo’ will be definitely flop..
    another flop for rk…
    lifetime – 75 cr

  • Nah not so intriguing nor innovative nor fresh. expected more. Its looks like it has been made for niche audience. Also i dont think our 1960s was this slick and stylish. IT seems they are talking abt 1960s of USA or so. Highly inspired look n feel from hollywood classic like great gatsby n chicago n some gangter movies

  • OMG i was expecting so much and what was that totally disgusting and boring trailer any one can bet with me now this movie will be sure shot flop look at ranbir in action rofl i could,t control my laugh when he was firing with both hands

  • After this weird looking trailer, I am sure this time Ranbir Kapoor will going to Hattrick of Flops.
    Bombay Helmet

  • Average trailer,but I am actually disappointed it looks pretty similar to once upon kinda movie..if really it’s a 90 crore movie then I won’t be surprised if it didn’t recover its costs via theatrical run.there is no wow factor at all ,neither ranbir has any karizma that he bring audience to theatre to give it a 25 crore openind…well huge let down .I always new kashyap cannot make big movies.his strength is to sell sex abusive language double meaning words as weapon.Here this trailer is a perfect example of how he turned a 90 crore movie to a average looking trailer….big bore trailer,astonishingly so ordinary in last few years I have seen as from big budget movie trailers

  • liked it..the best part about this trailer was that part where ranbir says ‘rosie ko koi haat nhn laga na…usi apun marega..sirf apun!’

  • Best thing I loved about this trailer is Anushka Sharma. It is a nice trailer. But I wanted it to be brilliant. The BGM sounds good too.
    3.5/5 from me.

  • Too much glittering & boring..Bombay Helmet will flop badly…flopistaan will be flopped as usual..

  • The promo is dark and classic at the same time.I think it would be either excellent or worst movie.Hope it happens to be a classic…

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