Bombay Velvet Box Office Collections: Biggest Disaster of all time

Bombay Velvet will end its run at the box office this week as the mother of all disasters. The film is set to lose around 90 crore of its investment.

No film in the history of Indian Cinema has lost the kind of money that the distributors of the film (Fox Star Studios) will lose on the Ranbir Kapoor – Anushka Sharma starrer. It will be difficult for any film in the next 3-4 years to incur losses that Bombay Velvet has.

Some staggering facts:

  • A loss of around Rs 90 crore for the distributors is equivalent to a film collecting Rs 180 crore net at the domestic box office.
  • Since the film is set to finish with lifetime business of around 23 crore, the distributors share will be less than half of the marketing costs!
  • Even when the overseas and Indian collections are combined, Bombay Velvet will still fall short of recovering money spent on marketing the film.
  • Before Bombay Velvet, Ranbir Kapoor has featured in 11 films in his career. 7 films were profitable ventures. But the losses of Bombay Velvet is more than the combined profits of all Ranbir Kapoor films excluding ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’.
  • Anushka Sharma has now featured in the industry’s biggest grosser of all time (PK) and followed it up with the biggest disaster of all time (Bombay Velvet).
  • Anurag Kashyap has directed 13 movies in his career. Only one was profitable (Dev D). But the losses of Bombay Velvet is nearly 10 times the profit of the cult classic starring Abhay Deol.

Clearly, the very decision to give a director like Anurag Kashyap, a humongous budget of Rs 120 crore+ has backfired big time. It has also affected the career of Ranbir Kapoor, because this will also be his first disaster and could go on to be his lowest grosser. Ranbir though, has a solid line-up of upcoming films and has also got the acting talent to make a strong comeback.

Check out the day-wise box office collections of Bombay Velvet.

PikuBox Office CollectionsGrowth (+) / Drop (-)
Day 1 (Friday)5.2 crore-
Day 2 (Saturday)5.1 crore-0.02%
Day 3 (Sunday)5.8 crore+14%
Day 4 (Monday)2.1 crore-64%
Day 5 (Tuesday)1.45 crore-31%
Day 6 (Wednesday)1.32 crore-9%
Day 7 (Thursday)1.30 crore-0.2%
Total Collections22.27 crore-


  • Those who are talking about marigold its good that it surpassed the collections of Srk’s ylhjk whichk collected 35 lakhs

  • @a khan Baby was hit due to Akki? hahaha. It had an amazing trailer and content was very strong. Akki had nothing to do with its success. It was hit due to WOM. Its opening was low due to Akki’s low starpower. Akki hasnt done even 15 crore on opening day. Ranbir has already given 21 crore on day one.

  • @ranbir Rox ! Forget about the opening day and see the results. If some one get excellent in one subject and fail in the rest subjects than the final results is fail. That means your fail at the end. And one important point. Whay directors don’t cast RK in baby kind of movie? For that kind of role you have to fit in that wich means RK can only play lover boy. He is nothing with out hit music and big production house. Can your RK play the role of Akki in Sangharsh. Janwar. Rowdy. Gabbar. Baby. Ajnabee. Special26. Singh is king? And the answer is very simple and clear No, because for those kind of character you need tough real man looking which is unfortunatly missing in your RK. I hope you will get to my point,

  • @ Ranbir Rox! I forgot to mentions. What was Special about RK in YJHD success? The whole story was around Depeka and hit music. This is the only clean hit in RK’s carear and 90 % credit goes to Depeka and hit music

  • I am happy!! All Time Disaster!! Now, the ego inflated and smiless Fakebir Kapoor will have some sense!
    @Global Queen Fans, Why do you forget YLJK of your queen while mentioning Bhai’s Marigold!! Idiots at their best!!

  • @Aman Mathur, in the same vein, Marigold was directed by a person who didn’t have knowledge on the likes of Indian Audiences.. No promotions! Even I didn’t know such film was coming before its release. No good songs, not so beautiful Hollywood actress… Plus, Bhai was facing bad time in 06, 07, 08………..

  • @a khan Can Akki play the role in Barfi, Rockstar or YJHD? No if he does they will end up as disasters. And opening is important as it shows the pull of the star.
    Ranbir’s masala film will have a >20 cr openeing easily, while Akki’s masala flicks like Khiladi 786 have failed to cross even 10 cr opening day.
    Youth prefer Ranbir over Akki, who has now become old and irritating.
    And Ranbir is a much much better actor than Akki, as proved by Rockstar, raajneeti and Barfi.

  • All time disaster in the history of Indian cinema. Now I am 100% sure that no one can break this record. What a record year.

  • @ ranbirrocks- ofcourse kind of versitility akki has easily can do yjhd or any ranbir movie…. but interpretation will be diffrent he has own style n movie could hav been even bettr…
    wen he can play amaizing villain in ajnabee..petriot in baby..a playboy attitude in desi boys to very shy nurvous in welcm to very confident n slapstic in garam masala…
    have u seen khaki his cominc timing then he change into gud cop n see the diffrence… charming attitude… enormus energy.. fab comedy timing.. funny physical comedy…
    akki is king of versitality….n u saying YJHD…HAHA….jst a masala movie n akki cnt do it…go n take some sleeping pills n dnt put ranbir in frnt of akki…bacche ki jaan loge kya…

  • All time disaster in the history of Indian cinema. This record will be unbeaten for 100 years. Even tushar kapoor can’t break this record. Ranbir Rox enjoy

  • Ranbir will always remain above flop Kumar.
    Akki will not give a bigger hit than YJHD even if he comes with Deepika and releases it on holiday.
    First let Akki give a 20 crore opening day on his own without any big actress or big costar then compare him with Ranbir.

  • It’s sad that Bombay Velvet failed big time at the box office though far worse films had made better collections in the past. Maybe, the negative hype created by the media also contributed to the poor public response in the first weekend. The casting of Karen Johar in a pivotal role seems to have been a mistake as the public did not take the movie seriously. The narrative and slow pace of the film in the first half also didn’t help to keep the audience engaged. It’s a big blow for Fox Star studio and Ranbir Kapoor.

  • @Ranbir sox, Have you seen Mohra and Khiladi 420 movie? No one dare to stunt like Akki, who is done in Khiladi 420.
    Don’t be degrade your besharam ranbir.
    Still Mohra movie my all time favourite because of Hero entries at the same time excellent Music.

  • I do not understand why the actor should be blamed for a flop movie. He/she is only following direction. The screen writer, director and producers should be responsible for the outcome of a movie

  • @indicine how can I be bigger disaster than the epic yeh lumhe hai judaai ke????? Please indicine answer me…….. YLHJK still remains the biggest disaster followed by this.

  • @indicine how can It be bigger disaster than the epic yeh lumhe hai judaai ke????? Please indicine answer me…….. YLHJK still remains the biggest disaster followed by this.

  • It’s a shame on ranbir kapoor……………I feel happy ……bcuz of sombdy have said that he is a superstar I don’t think ……..

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