Bombay Velvet Box Office Collections: Biggest Disaster of all time

Bombay Velvet will end its run at the box office this week as the mother of all disasters. The film is set to lose around 90 crore of its investment.

No film in the history of Indian Cinema has lost the kind of money that the distributors of the film (Fox Star Studios) will lose on the Ranbir Kapoor – Anushka Sharma starrer. It will be difficult for any film in the next 3-4 years to incur losses that Bombay Velvet has.

Some staggering facts:

  • A loss of around Rs 90 crore for the distributors is equivalent to a film collecting Rs 180 crore net at the domestic box office.
  • Since the film is set to finish with lifetime business of around 23 crore, the distributors share will be less than half of the marketing costs!
  • Even when the overseas and Indian collections are combined, Bombay Velvet will still fall short of recovering money spent on marketing the film.
  • Before Bombay Velvet, Ranbir Kapoor has featured in 11 films in his career. 7 films were profitable ventures. But the losses of Bombay Velvet is more than the combined profits of all Ranbir Kapoor films excluding ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’.
  • Anushka Sharma has now featured in the industry’s biggest grosser of all time (PK) and followed it up with the biggest disaster of all time (Bombay Velvet).
  • Anurag Kashyap has directed 13 movies in his career. Only one was profitable (Dev D). But the losses of Bombay Velvet is nearly 10 times the profit of the cult classic starring Abhay Deol.

Clearly, the very decision to give a director like Anurag Kashyap, a humongous budget of Rs 120 crore+ has backfired big time. It has also affected the career of Ranbir Kapoor, because this will also be his first disaster and could go on to be his lowest grosser. Ranbir though, has a solid line-up of upcoming films and has also got the acting talent to make a strong comeback.

Check out the day-wise box office collections of Bombay Velvet.

PikuBox Office CollectionsGrowth (+) / Drop (-)
Day 1 (Friday)5.2 crore-
Day 2 (Saturday)5.1 crore-0.02%
Day 3 (Sunday)5.8 crore+14%
Day 4 (Monday)2.1 crore-64%
Day 5 (Tuesday)1.45 crore-31%
Day 6 (Wednesday)1.32 crore-9%
Day 7 (Thursday)1.30 crore-0.2%
Total Collections22.27 crore-


  • Eventhough Marigold remains by far the lowest BO performer of the A-list stars but the kind of money lost by BV is unprecedented!

  • @vicky Akki also got a lot of National holidays but he always failed to go above 15 cr on first day. In most of his films like Boss, OMG, Special 26 opening was 5-10 cr range. What a shame for Akki.
    Akki is behind Ajay Devgn and is very behind Ranbir. Now even Emraan is becoming bigger than Akki.
    Ranbir beat Akki long back.

  • Ranbir will make a new record to introduce double hatrick for flops
    Bombay Velvet

    and upcoming disasters / Flops
    Jagga Jasoos
    and Super Hero movie

    Consecutive 06 flops are ready to end the career of Fake Superstar RK

  • Worst Bollywood Movies Ever

    1- Ram Gopal verma ki Aag
    2- Ra.One
    3- Tees Maar Khan
    4- Himmatwala
    5- Happy New Year
    6- Humshakals
    7- Billu
    8- Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani.
    9- CE
    10- Joker
    11- Jthj
    12- Drona
    13- One 2 Ka Four
    14- YLJK
    15- Bombay Velvet

  • :-Most healerious person of the year(RANBIR ROXES)
    :-Washout of the year(BOMBAY VELVET)
    On 2nd october 2013 was a full holiday, 2week running,after giving 2back to back 100 cr and only collective 20 crore. And in akki case there is no one movie out of 12movies
    was releasing in holiday period.
    So now all akkians are wating of brother and sib after giving 2 back to back samihits (95)(90)crs. movie .or if sib will be releasing without clash then its earns 34+ on day 1 only. forget 20cr.
    And ranber fans are wating one more crapy after 2 flop 45+25=70.

    BV- 30 CRORES


  • This news make 2015 as the worst year in terms of Box Office . @ Indicine One correction Apart from Dev D GOW series were also successful . With BV everything went wrong . Anurag tried to make a ambitious project but it collapsed like nine pins . The trailer did the 50% of the damage and then the songs also added fuel to the fire and the content was the last nail in the coffin .

  • Some guys are trying to say that MARIGOLD loss is more than 90 crore….Grow up guys..and accept the biggest disaster BV.

  • Abhi bhi @ranbir rox is bashing akki. Pata hai bhai u r very frustrated with ur so called superstar but koi baat ni he will be back with tamasha coz deepika is in main lead. She will definitely save ranbir’s career

  • @ Ranbir Rox ! first of all i am very happy to see you back. you finally you got out from this huge shock. if you are saying that BV became all time disaster in the history of Indian Cinema because of not good music or actress or any other reasons, please stop joking. how about Baby. No female actress. No single songs, but still got hit because of star power of akki. akki has huge fan fallowing every where in the world. akki is here almost for 20 years he is doing 3 to 4 films per year, but still his fans love to watch all of them. even shahid and Saif are more establish star than RK. don’t dream by comparing him with khans and akki. RK looks like a child in front of akki when it comes to acting. with one clean hit no one will call him super star. so please stop dreaming and fooling us.

  • @shaggy n salman fans are worring for dilwale too much just like srk fans worring about pk #fact

  • rk despite giving 2back to back disasters hs managed to retain his 5th spot in the elite rankings

    this is called TRUE SUPERSTARDOM

    Even if v compare success rate then rk success rate is 53% while akkis success rate in the same period is 28%

    akki has given 4 big hits and rk has also given 4big hits

    rk has given 4 18cr+ days at the bk while akki has nvr achieved that

    rk has won 2best actor awards and akki still drmz about that

    so rk deserves to b ahead of superstar akki.

  • @ ranbir Rox. with one century no one will call you sachin tendulkar. for becoming tendulkar you need to be in form for 10 to 20 years. i hope you will get my point.

  • @ aamir legend

    worst movie
    bombay velvet,
    action jackson,

  • @ranbirrockz Besharam Opened 21cr Bcoz of national holiday not Bcoz of ranbir if such was case than y besharam 2nd day was only 6cr if ranbir have stardom than atleast it should have done 11cr on second day don’t give lame reasons accept it ranbir is just a star that too hyped by media people

  • also indicine in its history got it wrong by more than 50%.. isnt that a fact too…

    its great to know that rich and almoghty can be jolted too..its a wakeup call for the maker of hindi films..

    do not copy

    do not make south indian remakes

    stay away from costume dramas if you dont have the magnificent budget

    hire casting directors

    keep the ticket price down

  • This clearly shows that we have just 4 SUPER STARS they are just 3 KHANS and HRITHIK.
    Akki and Ajay are STARS.
    rest of them all are just actors for name sake.
    they need a very good support from behind camera to be a hit.
    SUPER STARS just need a screen pull crowd.

  • @indicine
    My heartly request to you that you should make 2 different star power account.
    Because its not possible to devide the star raking b/w 25year in bollywood and less then 7 year
    :TOP6(amir,salman,srk,hartik,ajay,akki) :TOP6(sid,ranbir,ranveer,shahid,varun,arjun)

  • @5:05pm

    Great list but I would swap 1and 2 around as RGVs Sholay parody was atleast much better than our Queens Green Lantern/ Players parody Ratoon Pont One..!

  • Irrespective of budgets BV is still better looking than Lootera if only for its lead pair as I cant stand that Gunda Ranveers irritating antics…!

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