Bollywood hails the legendary Sachin Tendulkar

Bollywood celebrities took to micro-blogging website Twitter to hail the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, as he retired from all forms of cricket this afternoon.

Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan and several other celebrities were at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai to watch the ‘God of Cricket’ play his last international game.

Lata Mangeshkar: Sachin is a quiet person. He has a big heart and is always ready to help others without thinking twice… I really appreciate his decision of taking retirement. I congratulate him for all his achievements and will pray to God that he gets every success and fame in life.

Aamir Khan: Thank You Sachin for everything that you have given us, your fans. There will never be another like you. Love.

Sridevi: Cricket will never be the same anymore. The world will miss the best batsman its ever seen! Thank You Sachin

Anupam Kher: God never retires. #ThankYouSachin.

Javed Akhtar: Players will come and players will go but Sachin the great will keep making centuries in our memory.

Anushka Sharma: Greatness. Humility. Hero. Inspiration. Dignity. Integrity. Never ever experienced this emotion. Hard to describe. Thank you for the inspiration

Sophie Choudry: #ThankYouSachin for your genius and your grace. A true living legend! India will always be grateful to you!

Abhishek Bachchan: Thank You Sachin you have made it possible for us to say… We come from the same land as the great Sachin Tendulkar.

Dhanush: Century or not. I hope the god of cricket had a memorable time. Emotional!

Shreya Ghoshal: And it’s a new beginning for the living legend…There is still a lot of great cricket left in him. #ThankYouSachin.

Farhan Akhtar: I do not think it as unfortunate to see you retire as I think it fortunate to have watched you play. Thank You Sachin

Neha Dhupia: #ThankYouSachin for the cricket! Standing applause from each and everyone of us.

Ken Ghosh: Watched with tears in my eyes as Sachin walked back to the pavilion. #ThankYouSachin

Shekhar Kapur: Two things India’s next generation won’t have. Unpolluted skies and Sachin Tendulkar #ThankYouSachin.



  • Now sachin is our bharat ratna as well.. By retiring also he made a rdcord for youngest person to get bharat ratna award and is the first sportsman to get it.. Long live sir srt..

  • That was very emotional moment, I couldn’t stop my tears when I saw him leaving the ground, and realized he will never comeback again. Greatest of all time. #Respect #ThankYouSachin

  • ‘That’ sheer square cut to Akhtar at
    ‘That’ Threatening Tendulkar storm
    against Aussies in Sharjah
    ‘That’ standout straight drive to Brett
    Lee at Hobart
    ‘That’ clobbering to Henry Olonga
    ‘Those’ classical drives through cover
    ‘That’ humble man beneath the
    Will always be in our memory chips!
    The Sun is going to set proudly in the
    Horizon of Marine Drive!
    So as our God!
    Thanks for making our childhood so
    special! You will always be my
    last time mai kab roya tha mjhe yaad ni lekin aajka rona mjhe jindagi bhar yaad rahega #MissYouSachin

  • Thanks Sachin for all those memories.

    A big Salute!

    You would stay always in our hearts!!

    @ soroop, yours is the best comment.

  • Its very difficult to sink in the feeling that he will never play again!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss u greatest cricketer ever……….

  • I don’t know cricket..i don’t know how Sachin plays..But i still try to watch him playing…B’coz i want to know the reason why my country’s economy goes 0.5% down when he is batting.. – Barack Obama

  • I Salute sachin Tendulkar for what he has done for himself, his family, his team, Indian cricket, billions of his fan and to our nation… Watching cricket without him gives me pain as i remember in 90’s tv set use to switch off once he was out and till now I do the same thing.. Than U for all memories and inspiring billions of indians…!

  • Why this kind of hype hoopla was not there during Dravid and Lakshman retirement who won many matches (test) for India single handedly. This is another good example people get trap around media’a creation.

  • Sachin was not worthy to recieve bharat ratna..because he was so selfish., he always play for him not for india….once he reach at 80, he always slow down to make 100

  • Sachin is great batsman against mediocre bawler on flat pitch
    Despite playing 200 test his highest score remain 248 vs Bangladesh (during Bangladesh worst period)
    2. 241 vs aus (in absence if McGrath warn) and in same inning Lakshman scored 178
    3. 217 vs newzeland on Indian flat track (no great bawler in nz squad)
    4. 214 vs aus (absence of McGrath warne) same inning murali vijay scored 167 on Indian flat track
    5. 215. Vs srilanka (absence of vaas, murali, kulasekhra, malinga)
    6. 200 vs Zimbabwe (less says better)

    Dravid highest vs pak 270
    Sehwag 311 vs Sa
    Lakshman 281 vs aus

    I like sachins one inning against Pakistan 136 that India lost with just short margin. But still Lakshman 167 (out of 260) vs aus in Sydney was much better than this. But media never highlighted this and keep glorifying sachin
    Lara crossed 150 runs 19 times in 131 test
    Sachin crossed 150 runs in 20 times in 200 test.

  • @sht,

    Lara says Tendulkar is the greatest.

    Case closed.

    As to bowlers, where were you when McGrath was thrashed all over the park in Melbourne and Chennai?

    Where were you when your Dravid was struggling against Warne, and Sachin smacked centuries?

    Where were you, when Aussies were attacking Sachin on the offside, and he completely stopped playing cover drive for 10 hours and yet scored a double century?

    There is no question that Mcgrath was a good bowler, and at times Sachin acknowledged by just not attacking him.

    In test cricket, just to leave and ignore a bowler requires temperament and technique.

    Laxman is the guy who played well against aussies, Dravid had been in and out of team. They both are very good players.

    But when the whole cricketing fraternity stands up and acknowledges Sachin is the best, then he is the best.

    Just a casual observing of a few matches or just by looking stats you cannot measure the greatness of a cricketer, because the situation, the burden of expectations, the opposition, the condition of the wicket, the team standing, the pressue

    If only Sachin had the support from the openers, who mostly failed, and the reason why he had to be mostly patient with Mcgrath (intitial spells with new ball in australian conditions), while Laxman used to bat down the order.

    Lara played good in Windies, but in Australia, except at Oval, he only averaged 21 in Tests facing Mcgrath.

    There are tons of innings of Sachin that stands out tall than anyone else, and with all due respect to Viru’s innings, he was just a bits a pieces fellow, who on his day can decimate any great bowler, but can get out to a cheaper delivery anytime.

    For eg., when Viru scored his triple in Pakistan, the pakistanis said, Viru was playing good, but he was playing like he would get out any moment, while Sachin who was so rock solid, that they were wondering how would they get him out.

    These are just one or two testimonies, there are hundreds of them.

  • @jc u r talking like Indian media who always hide sachins failure and glorify his small thing. If lara said sachin is better than him that is greatness but sachin never said anything good about others.
    Sachin did not trash McGrath hitting one or 2 four doesn’t mean he trash. He scored only 2 100 and average is 36.7 while McGrath was in team. 126 in chennai and 116 in Melbourne
    Look at Lara’s record
    1. 132 in Perth (only century from either side
    2. 182 in Adelaide ((only century from either side
    3. 226 in Adelaide
    4. 214 in Jamaica
    5. 153 in Barbados
    6. 122 in port of Spain
    Lara scored 2000 runs @47.6 with 6 century

    Sachins top 5 score
    1. 248 vs Bangladesh
    2. 241 vs aus (absence of all great bawler)
    3. 215. Srilanka (absence of malinga, vaas, murali)
    4. 217 vs New Zealand (less says better)
    5. 214 vs aus (absence of all great bawler)
    6. 200. Vs Zimbabwe (less says better)

    See Lara’s quality innings
    1. 400 vs England (flintoff, harminson etc)
    2. 375 vs England (his only third century)
    3. 277 vs aus (McDermott Hughes etc)
    4. 226 vs aus (McGrath lee warne Gillespie
    5. 221 vs srilanka ( vaas murali)
    6. 214 vs aus (McGrath warne, Gillespie
    7. 216 vs Pakistan
    8. 209 vs srilanka (vaas, murali)
    9. 202 vs South Africa (pollock, nel, ntini, Kali’s

    Lara scored 19 times 150 runs in 131 test
    Sachin scored 20 times 150 runs in 200 test
    Lara scored 1 century against Zimbabwe and one against Bangladesh
    Sachin scored combined 10 against both
    Whatever world glorifying sachin because of strong hold of BCCI in world cricket and West Indies is a poor country for whom nobody care. BCCI thrown big party and invited all world cricketer and media. Now they r glorifying sachin just to satisfy BCCI. and IPL is one more reason.
    Sachin did not scored 100 against akram Donald waqar in ODI cricket this is fact. First check proper statistic then comment. His 155 vs aus in chennai has hailed by media but in same inning sidhu scored 161 runs. This is Indian media. His 143 vs aus in Sharjah was his best one day inning but fact is that Australian attack was quite mediocre lead by Fleming korporviz Shane lee Tom moody bevan etc. sachin is really lucky that he has born in India and especially in Mumbai.

  • @sht. Sachin faced the like of wasim akram, waqar younis etc when he was 17, point to be noted is that those bowlers are in supreme form at that time. Sachin opted out few shots due to tennis elbow post 2000 and still he played like a champion for another 13 years dude, can any other player do it?. If u want to see real Sachin then go back to 90’s and watch how he dominated each and every bowler literally. Comming back to Lara and Sehwag then I must say ur joking by taking the name of Sehwag bcuz Sehwag is not even 10% of Sachin. Remember 2003 wordcup final vs Australia when Sachin got out, game was over then u can see Sehwag was playing like a school kid against the mighty Australian bowlers. Sehwag dunno to play even pull shot properly dude. But Lara is a great batsman and on par with Sachin perhaps slighly better than Sachin. Lara won more matches single handedly than any other player but he lack consistency compare to Sachin. U can judge a greatness of a batsmen when he is facing a great bowler in his supreme form. Remember how Sachin played Dale steyn and morne morkel while others were struggling to even to stay in the crease. Sachin is rated as best test cricket batsmen only next to don bradman and best one day batsman only next to vivian Richards that answers all ur questions and yes Sachin is not the best finisher of the game and his only weakness as a batsman.

  • @sht, Sachin has shattered almost all records, and yet you come and give figures?

    Gosh, you still don’t get it.

    BCCI may be strong and manipulating, but what about the players of the world from Viv Richards, to Dennis Lille, to all the greats of SA and England. They all hail Sachin as the greatest. Do you think they all have been bought by BCCI? and you put Lara’s name again, when Lara himself says Sachin is the best ever?

    You still don’t get the message that it is not the figures, but the conditions that glorify a cricketer.

    For records, he has almost every record in name, while the few that you are pointing is not because he was bad, because in first place if he was bad or just good, he wouldn’t make record, because he was not the only player playing, there were 10 others, but yet, he has the most records.

    It is the condition in which he played.

    I have watched almost every one of his innnings from the first match.

    It was only Sachin who played with the whole burden or nation expectation.

    I cannot count the number of times, Sachin got out and others just followed in back to pavillion and we lost the match.

    Sachin used to open innings and no one can expect a batsmen to play every match the full 50 overs.

    We had the weakest batting line up.

    It was only in the 2000s that we got some good support from the new comers like Yuvraj etc., who played some good cricket.

    Also, due to betting, we never know how many matches we deliberately lost.

    You can keep visiting Wikipedia and other sites and get the list and keep pointing or writing your comment.

    But the truth is not stats. It never says the conditions and situation Sachin played.

    When every player in the world, even Pakis who hated Sachin to core, come up and say that he is the best, then these few stats not going to change it, because they are talking about the experience they had

    He was is and will always be the best.

    People will come with stats and figures now, in every channel and news column to talk about how he was not good at certain times, but those are just that, figures.

    I have played for my institues that i represented and I can tell you, I can’t even imagine the prospect of being in Sachin’s shoes. It is both huge and more importantly an frightening prospect, because to carry the expectation of a whole nation of 100 cr, for 24 long years, is not a joke.

    It is an achievement that can be made possible by only a few greats.

    All greats have failures in their life. No one is perfect. So is Sachin. But, the biggest difference is how they coped with that failure, how they strongly came back and how they stood tall in the end.

    With all due respect to your profession, once you come to the fag end of your career and you look back at what you achieved you will find a similar situation of how you failed, and yet you fought all the battles. You will then realise the achievement of other great people.

    We never realise it until we ourselves experience a similar path.

    All the best.

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