Bollywood criticises Aamir Khan over ‘unsafe and intolerant India’

Aamir Khan’s comments on his wife wanting to leave intolerant and unsafe India, has been criticised by the industry.  The film fraternity, including actors like Anupam Kher, Ram Gopal Varma, Rishi Kapoor and several others have said that the actor must spread hope and not fear.

Aamir’s statement that his wife Kiran Rao feared for their son’s safety and that she once asked if they should be considering leaving India, is what has received severe criticism.

Ram Gopal Varma tweeted “If Aamir, Shahrukh and Salman the three biggest stars of the Hindu country “India” are Muslims, I don’t understand where intolerance is? In a predominantly Hindu country, if 3 Muslims can become the biggest iconic super stars that itself proves the majority aren’t intolerant. Some celebs complaining about Intolerance should be the last ones to complain because they became celebs in a so called intolerant country”

Ramu went on to add that isolated incidents shouldn’t be taken as a sign of intolerance.

“Isolated incidents can’t be taken as sign of intolerance and the super stardom of 3 Muslims is proof enough of the vast majority’s tolerance. It’s the celebs need for creating drawing room debates to increase their popularity which flares up non existent negativity between communities. If u are really feeling like a family and there’s a problem in the family, family members in public wont say there’s intolerance in the family. The fact is that the vast majority connect only to individuals deeds and generalised hard feelings are nothing but juvenile noises”

“Compared to any country India is the most tolerant and if some people are unhappy here also they should tell which country they will go to” RGV added.

Actor Paresh Rawal, who starred in “OMG: Oh My God!” which questioned the existence of blind faith in godmen, “Intolerance !PK did rattle the belief of Hindus but Aamir didn’t face the wrath of Hindu or THE MAJORITY, but was super hit n made crores !”

“Aamir is a fighter so he should not leave but change the situation in the country ! jeena yahan marna yahan ! A true patriot will not run away n leave his motherland behind in turmoil or in troubled times (if any )…don’t escape – build it.. If I believe this is my motherland then I will never talk about leaving it ….but I would if I had believed otherwise …” Paresh added.

Censor board chief Ashoke Pandit made a sarcastic remark, saying: “Now that @aamir_khan also feels we are an #IntolerantNation. Let us now go all out and prove once for all that we are really intolerant. Kiran Rao led MAMI (film festival) where India and Indian cinema were celebrated. @aamir_khan is himself a superstar loved and celebrated pan-India. Where is the intolerance?”

Rishi Kapoor had a advise for Aamir and his wife “Mr.&Mrs. Amir Khan. When things are going wrong and the system needs correction, repair it, mend it. Don’t run away from it. That is Heroism!”

Trade analyst Amod Mehra said “#Bajrangi Bhaijaan.. aap ke jigri dost ka KHANdaan is feeling insecure.. Toh aap ka FARZ banta hai ke unko border ke us paar chodke aana !!”

There was few names who supported Aamir — music composer Vishal Dadlani of the Vishal-Shekhar duo.

Dadlani said “More power to your voice, @aamir_khan Sir! This is OUR country, it belongs to ALL Indians. Not to rabid lunatics from any party/religion. Thanks to Aamir Sir, for speaking against intolerance! Proud to see the giants of film, use their voices for India.”

Aamir Khan is the brand ambassador of ‘Incredible India’, a campaign by the ruling government, which promotes Indian tourism outside the country.



  • Dear Aamir Khan, I request you to come and settle down in our country Pakistan. Even the place I live UAE will respect you and your talent. We muslim brothers will be proud of you and celebrate you.

    Hindus don’t deserve 3 Khans. If they were in Pakistan, our industry would have been bigger than Bollywood.

  • Let’s stop watching Khan movies in theatres. It’ll be the biggest lesson for them. India made them… now they are betraying the same country that gave them everything.

  • Well said Hashim only Pakistan deserve this type of ” so called heroes” since he is same in term of ‘double face’ as Pakistan. Gud take him away.

  • I agree with RAM GOPAL VERMA because in Myanmar others religion can’t be hero. And any political and social party can’t join. So why Mr.Amir Khan feelings growing intolerance in INDIA??? But in Myanmar Tamil people have police officers, political party, social party, even two Tamil person biggest movies director of Myanmar cinema. Mr.Amir Khan please avoid controversial statement. I know better know about intolerance. Here Indian growing intolerance especially Muslim in Myanmar.

  • I am pretty surprised that the Khan trio of Salman,SRK and Aamir have to resort to such controversial remarks and statements to get publicity.

    First Salman supported Yakub Memon, then followed by SRK and Aamir with there ‘intolerant’ remarks !

  • First of all Aamir Shahrukh didn’t say that indian people or india is intolerant. some people who r like chamca of some political party they want to make this country become intolerant. India is not a hindu country how can ramu say india is hindu country. And all know anupam is big chamca of ………… this kind of people will make india intolerant.

  • RGV’s first statement said it all.

    “Aamir Khan is the brand ambassador of ‘Incredible India’, a campaign by the ruling government, which promotes Indian tourism outside the country.”

    What an irony. I also heard him saying- “Take pride in being Indian”.
    I thought it wasn’t just money behind this statement, but he said it from his heart.

  • Union ministers & MPs are comparing Dalits with Dogs, isn’t it intolerance???

    Most of BJP leaders and union ministers are justfying the killing of Kulbargi, Davolkar and Akhlakh. Isn’t it intolerance???

    Most of the BJP leaders, chief ministers even governors are saying that Muslim must leave India and go to Pakistan. Isn’t it intolerance???

    All the scientist, artists, historians, journalists, poets who raise their voice against intolerance are taged desdrohi & pakistani agents. Isn’t it intolerance???

    Most recently they have said SRK is a Deshdrohi & Pakistani agent. Even compared him with terrorist Hafiz saeed. Isn’t it intolerance???

    Yesterday Home ministry published a report saying more than 300 communial clashed happened in last three months. Isn’t it a symbol of intolerance???

  • See ur comments and realize r u tolerant? If 3 Khans are on top then in Gujrat above 2000 muslim are in graves coz of tolerant … Thats Freedom of speech intolerant people….

  • #AamirKhan is the top trend in Pakistan for the last 18 hours. Congrats Aamir Khan. You have made our nation proud.

  • These guys are side actors or little stars with little to no influence- top stars of bollywood will never criticise the khan trio- total misleading article…!

  • this RGV is a bastard.. who said india is a hindus country?….this is secular country….not a particular religion country

  • Wow
    Now kabir and SULTAN SALMAN should make bajrangi bhaijaan 2 and take amir and so called unsafe people like him to the country where they feel safe

    Iraq. Syria , Nigeria or Pakistan would be a safe country for them


  • Whoever raise their voice against intolerance are considered anti nationals and Pakistan’s agent by our ruling government and their supporters.

    My question to them is the great Dalai Lama, reserve bank governer Raghuram rajan, Infosys’ founder Narayanmurthi, veteran Gulzar Saab, Padma vibhushan scientist P.M Bhargav are Pakistani agents??? Have relationship with Hafiz saeed??

    RSS thinkers and BJP leaders like Arun shorie, Ram Jethmalini etc and former supreme court chief justice Katju ji are anti nationals??? Pakistani agent???

  • I support Aamir Khan n will never be misled by the media n their misinterpreted subjective rationale- blowing things out of proportion just for ratings- media suxxXxxxx

  • The other Khan has offered to give up his award in protest. Now this Khan should start attending award ceremonies in protest.

  • I think Amir is not serious, if he is then let hum be practicak and leave India.
    Stop poluting India, there no country which is tolerant than India.
    The history of thousand years is the proof of this.

  • So this loser @Navin, who has posted his first readable comment this year.. says Rishi Kapoor is a side actor. Lol.

    It’s better you talk about Rohit Shetty’s car fetish and Paglapur..

    3rd grader trying to talk like a graduate.

  • Assuming this comment was made by Ajay Akshay or Hritik I bet you these negative gatya soch of religious fanatics here in indicine would not be so harsh. People like @Sky really showing his hatred towards a particular relig.

  • @indicine u had nt posted mine morning comment on amir’s intolerance comments.U have to post tht comment.It portrayed the anger i have about amirs tht comment.@indicine u need to post tht comment though it has one word explicit.It showcases mine feelings regarding the ‘intolerant india.’The word i used wasn’t so explicit tht u can’t post it.Common @indicine!!!!Its mine request from a indicine lover!!!!!!!!!!

  • So, we have already proved that India is intolerant by mocking and bashing Aamir endlessly.
    If India had been a tolerant nation, we would’ve respected his opinion rather than criticising, abusing him.
    This is the India which Aamir talked about in the interview.

  • Stop comparing Aamir with Srk.Srk had just said there is a growing intolerance in our country but also said he’s a patriotic and would never leave this country unlike our hypocrite Khan who is planning to leave India and stay elsewhere in some Arab nation where he presumes to be growing tolerance

  • I want to ask this flop director @RGVzoomin, if SRK, Salman and Aamir are Muslims in a hindu dominant nation that made them superstars, why couldn’t Fardeen, Zayed, Saif become superstars in this tolerant nation?
    When did religion become an agenda for judging comments made by actors?
    They became superstars bcoz of their hardwork, commitment, passion and not just bcoz Indian audience made them what they are.

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