Bollywood condemns the death of Sarabjit Singh

Sarabjit Singh LatestBollywood celebrities took to Twitter to condemn the death of Sarabjit Singh, who passed away at the Jinnah Hospital in Lahore on Thursday.

Salman Khan, who launched an online petition last year for Singh’s release, said “Freedom at last. Hope they give him to his family. We all tried, guess not hard enough. May god give his family strength and his soul rest in peace”

A few other tweets from the film fraternity below.

Kunal Kohli: Dear Sarabjit’s family. Like the families of Nirbhaya, the beheaded solider, the 5-year-old old raped girl. Your son too will not get justice.

Sonam Kapoor: I feel betrayed as an Indian.

Anupam Kher: Sarabjit Singh is an Indian beaten up in Pak jail. Our Govt’s Politically Correct responses on every issue are so meek & frustrating.

Javed Akhtar: Some day I may forget Kargil but will never forget Sarabjit’s murder. It is an act of extreme meanness by a very petty minded establishment.

Vishal Dadlani: Sad for Sarbjit Singh and his family. Also sad for the Sikhs who lost lives/loved ones in 1984, and saw Sajjan Kumar acquitted yesterday.

Neha Dhupia: Lookin at his photographs one sees nothing but bravery in his eyes. R I P SarabjitSingh.. Long live our hero. Strength to his family.

Mahesh Bhatt: Sarabjit Singh’s death has pushed the Indo-Pak relationship to the brink. The Pakistan civil society needs to push their government to act humanly.

Jackky Bhagnani: RIP Sarabjit singh its shameful such a incident can even happen .

Sanjay Gupta: My outburst last night was an instant reaction against the cowards that killed Sarabjit and not their country. Prayers, best wishes and blessings for Sarabjit’s family. Please be strong, your son is a martyr.

Farhan Akhtar: With Sarabjit’s death, Pakistan has painted itself a heartless villain, even in the most forgiving Indian’s eye. Unforgettable insensitivity. RIP. Pak authorities must be answerable to all its citizens who feel ashamed by this incident and Ind authorities to all those who feel abandoned

Madhur Bhandarkar: Pakistan should have sent his body earlier to India. Feel sad for Sarabjit Singh’s family. For them, the long hopeful wait has come to a sad end. His death will always be a reminder of petty minded politics.

Kabir Bedi: Mourn the tragic death of Sarabjit Singh. 22 years of prison is a travesty of Pakistan’s own laws: all convicts free after 14 years.

Sophie Choudry: RIP Sarabjit Singh. Strength, prayers and condolences to the family. Hate may have killed him, but red tape let him die.

Suchitra Krishnamoorthy: Sarabjit Singh, what a tragic story, what a horrific end. And what a difference in the way Qasab was treated in our jails like a VIP.



  • RIP Mr. Sarajit Singh.
    Mahesh Bhatt: Sarabjit Singh’s death has pushed the Indo-Pak relationship to the brink. The Pakistan civil society needs to push their government to act humanly.

    If any pakistani is reading this comment, they should take notice of what Mahesh Batt tweeted.

  • yes it is a shameful act but same has happened to many pakistani prisoners in indian jails …. what was the fault of the young pakistani who went to Mohali to watch the Indo Pak Match and ended up coming home in a coffin…. Isnt this injustice….. what happened with sarbjit was shameful but relationships should not be based on these issues

  • And how is Sarabjit our hero? He killed many innocent people in neighbouring country, he accepted it and you fools calling him hero and brave??? How was he better than Taliban, Osama bin Laden or any other terrorist?



  • Ranjeet their is no any evidence that sarbjit killed people, he hasn’t accepted anything, show me the link, the only way pak could paper over the cracks was to indirectly kill him and put all blame on dead body which is a big shame!

    Pak goverment couldn’t provide his family or indian goverment with any evidence which proves his terrorist, but played a very dirty game, how can any country treat a human-being by killing him with bricks, iron etc, they broke his back, broke his skul, damaged his brain etc, thats how human-beings are tretead in pak, very sad, every pak should be ashamed of their country even terrorists are not tretead like these yar!

  • We killed ajmal kasab who killed ondians. They killed sarbajit who killed pakistanies. Both were criminal and they deserved what thay got. So i’m not sad.

  • Farhan akhtar, what are you saying man???? I’m from pak but not against india i’m against terrorism. When ajmal kasab was hanged by india i said ‘ok, he dserved that coz he killed indians.” and now when killer of pakistanies was not sent to india reaction should be same. He deserved this.

  • Now Srk should take 4-5 pakistani cricketers in his Ipl team.
    And say loudly that he feel unsecure in India.

  • he was a rascal who killed alot of innocent people in Pakistan. A family in Pakistan was fighting a case against him in the court for over 23 years he killed their family member lol he was a terrorist and he deserved this treatment.

  • Whether Sarabjit was guilty or not is a different issue, but it is the treatment given to captives by both the countries, and Suchitra Krishnamoorthy put it very nicely here.

    Suchitra Krishnamoorthy: Sarabjit Singh, what a tragic story, what a horrific end. And what a difference in the way Qasab was treated in our jails like a VIP.

    If a person is guilty let the law decide, but this was not the case here.

    To quote Kabir Bedi: 22 years of prison is a travesty of Pakistan’s own laws: all convicts free after 14 years.

  • @nexus You moron and media spoon fed big baby. The man was a prisoner in Pakistan for nearly the whole of my lifetime and I remember hearing about him more than 20 years ago when in school. Clearly one doesnt go to prison without good reason now do they and especially after spending 3 long decades there. Think before that motor mouth gets you in more trouble.
    I dont know the man but I do know that hes just 1 of many thousand caught in No Mans Land between our 2 non cooperative Govts. Its a shame YES but fault lies with not the country or people but 2 egotistic Govts and Establishments who simply wont budge an inch. People of our 2 great nations need to elect a peace seeking Govt so in future no more men and women will die in unnecessary bureaucratic Red Tape. Such a shame but please dont jump on a band wagon when you dont know whos leading it and why. We have the WWW as a resource tool so use it to form an objective opinion and not a subjective one due to politically active News Corps and Political Party Manifestations.

  • pakistan is the biggest coward nation…it sends terroists in india & kills innocent people of india by titling them as terroists…
    pak is the biggest coward…it fought war with india 4 times & all 4 times got defeated…it can’t win a war so it indulges in such malpractices….
    salute u sarabjit..

  • Who izz sarabhjeet..?
    Seriously man…hav heard our country released pakistani prisoners n dey too relesed some of dem…
    Den y dey wud hav a problem in relesing him.he must hav commited some serious crime.n criminals r criminals weather a terrorist or a murderer.both r equal.n all of dem deserve capital punishment…n to hell wid d human rites of united nations.
    Our shit gov. Took dis much time to hang qasab.n we wer providing him security n spending crores.shame on us.
    N celebraties r tellin how good we treat dem.yucksss
    We shd hav killed him within weeks widout havin trials.
    @Rohit….it reflects ur mentality.sports n art dont hav any boundaries.even various artists of pakistan r workin here.y arent u sayin anything 2 dem.srk jst supported dem coz dey havnt done anything wrong to our country.if an individual commits a mistake n hundred ppl it good..?
    But u wil talk bullshit.shahrukh reflected wat humanity izz.

  • actually iread somewhere that pakistan is banning ce and outima.

    srk felt very bad when indian gov banned pak players in ipl after mumbai attacka.
    and given an emotional speech and said ”plz leave spots alone.
    when shivsena attacked him he said ”plz leave entertainment alone”
    now will he say the same thing to pakistan gov.and he has lot of admirers in pak.
    i am waiting for srks reaction on this.

  • All the indian muslims are patriotic and we can do anything for our country India..Pakis are our enemies…go to hell pakistan..

  • ^^ they are not banning it , just delaying it for a few weeks. after all these years. these CELEBRITIES are crying over his death… hahaha.. well he deserved it, just like ajmal kasab did.

  • In this video, Sarabjit confesses that he has killed people.. accepts responsibility of 5 attacks..


    Now please my fellow Indians, open your eyes and brains.. Don’t glorify a terrorist, don’t make him a hero.

  • 2 Animals
    1) Ajmal Kasab. Killed many indian’s in one incident (Bombay) and accepted that he did. India Hanged him and everyone in India and Pak said he deserved it.

    2) Sarabjit Sing. Killed many Pakistani’s in 5 incidents (5 bombings) and accepted that he did it (Video Link Above). Pakistan being more generous gave him life sentence. Some other prisoner had fight with him and got injured and died 5 days after that fight.

    Now read all the above comments from Indian actors and users, they are commenting like if a saint is dead. Shame on all of you. Find the deepest gutter and jump in it you 2 faced people.

  • And don’t forget, Yesterday a Pakistani prisoner in an indian jail got beaten up and is in Comma right now. His name is Sana Ullah. Search for this incident you 2 faced people.

  • Sabjit confessed 5 bomb blasts. Supporting him is like supporting Ajmal Kasab. Look at the video


  • I dont knw watzz happening.
    Anywaezz jst wanna say…i m fed up.
    Want peace between india n pakistan.
    From d day I waz born hav heard abt d tussles between india n pakistan only

  • our all indian media is bastard, they are making hero who killed so many Innocent person,He was terrorist same as ajmal kasab So need to sad.

  • @wassup786 india kabi pakistan ka dost nhe ban sakta..i like indian nation but hate the politicians of both the countries..

  • @Damnnnn….!…. Agree with your sentiments. I lost a grandfather on Army duties- a non border related incident but as a kid my parents taught me war mongering would lead to no good and its just innocent folks who suffer. My father refused to join the army as per his fathers wish because he always said what the Great Muhammad Ali said:
    “Why should I fight them when they have never attacked me personally” (not a like for like quote)

    Its so true- on a 1-2-1 basis we dont know our neighbours and yet we get fed by politicians and media that they (pakistan) want us all dead and vice versa.

    I dont want my children in 20 years to live in the same world where we are told to hate someone who we have never seen.
    May god give us guidance and bravery to overcome our differences.

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