Bol Bachchan Trailer

The highly-anticipated trailer of Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachchan starring Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin, Prachi Desai and Amitabh Bachchan in a special appearance.

With back-to-back hits like Golmaal Returns, Golmaal 3 and Singham, Rohit Shetty films have a huge following now. And judging by the hype before the trailer, Bol Bachchan too is expected to open to a great response at the box-office.

Quite liked the trailer – high on action and humor. Watch the Bol Bachchan Trailer below and do tell us what you think.

Ajay Devgan and Abhishek Bachchan still from Bol Bachchan

Bol Bachchan Trailer Still: Ajay Devgan and Abhishek Bachchan
Ajay Devgan still from Bol Bachchan

Ajay Devgan in the Bol Bachchan Trailer



  • Atleast SRK tried something new, whether u call it crow’s foolishness or eagle’s dare is up to you. Irrespective of whether you like the movie or not you should give credit to SRK for taking risk of TRYING SOMETHING NEW.

    Salman Khan is playing safe by dubbing tamil telegu movies..adding some masala..nd presenting it before his chu* fans who love his gay like body,cheap action nd unbearabale comedy.
    Ask salman khan to do atleast 1 good SENSIBLE film…

  • @life in a saw

    The same people who found, a man getting superpowers when a spider bites him, believable.. or a man getting into a virtual world (TRON) awesome..laughed at RaOne, just because its an Indian movie. These Pseudo intellectuals spread the negative word of mouth. Ra.One was a far superior product than 99% of what bollywood churns out every friday. Its a herd mentality and ‘Emperors new clothes’ syndrome among these so called intellectuals..

  • @saif..

    If movies were really meant for entertainment…then all these salman khan movies would have been greatly acclaimed by the critics.
    but they thrashed all his movies because his movies have fake action,below the belt comedy,remake from south(nothing original) and boring content.You cant feed anything in the name of entertainment.

    If you really wanna be entertained,go watch 3 wont be bored for a second…
    and if you wanna be inspired..go watch Taare zameen pe,My name is Khan,Chak de India….

    I am looking forward if sallu chooses some inspirational scripts in the near future rather than tamil/telugu remakes.

  • What salman khan has achieved today was achieved by SRK at the beginning of his career.
    When SRK was the top indian star he was appreciated well. today SRK is a global star, how can one say he is potentially next to salman?
    After winning 8 filmfare awards for best actor, creating a market for indian cinema at the overseas market , becoming one among the 50 most powerful people in the world, globally achieved fame like any other star in india. What is left for SRK to prove?
    Frankly speaking its time for salman to prove himself to continue this. I bet all this bodyguard and ready cannot become classics as SRK films which we can remembered after years, Salman has actually degraded bollywood by relying on south Indian films and imitating south stars in dancing and fights. SRK is now upgrading bollywood in terms of technology. According to sallu and aamir fans SRK may not be a top indian star but thing u cant deny he is a global star.

  • what a load of crap! when will Indian people understand the meaning of pure and quality entertainment? these are not film makers these are businessmen. and we wonder why there are so many jokes on us, on bollywood, on indian people. come on people stop watching this type of movies. we deserve better. don’t let these people ruin your life ,don’t let them take you for granted. I know movies arent something which you take seriously but directly or indirectly movies have great impact on our lives and the way we behave. What good is going to come out of movies like this I cant begin to imagine..

  • Ye bi Remake hain,ab ye ajay niche ja raha hain.SOS,Himmatwala,Bol bachan sab remakes hain.Shame on you man.

  • @bradd,
    abhishek and ajay has done the xcellent movies like gangajal,yuva,raincoat, deewangee,sarkar series, guru, khelein hum jee jaan sey. But they never joked on these type of movies(these movies r not the commercial viable). And to sustain the stardom they took the movies like singham, golmal series, bunty aur bubbly, dostana and now this.
    But sarukh joked on swadesh(bcoz it was not commercial viable), which was best movie of his career. And he did the movies like ra1(which was neither masala entertainer nor art nor social category, that was the worst movie ever made in the world in superhero category, which had only the cheap vulger comedy) and don2( where was don? totally a crap movie ,riding on the starpower only).
    So verdict he is not a adorable actor.

  • superb trailer ajay rock. DABANGG 2,EK THA TIGER,SON OF SARDAR,AND BOL BACHCHAN all this movies will be (ATBB) both salman khan and ajay devgan will be rocks again. Inshahllah

  • This year Diwali is coming on July 6, excited.. Waiting for the fireworks from Mr. Shetty & the Lionking

  • i almost mistook this column for’ SRK VS SALMAN KHAN, who is a better actor?’ i didn’t understand this bolbachchan trailer, but i am a big fan of jnr.bachchan and asin and with rohit shetty, i think this movie will rock big time. As of ajay devgan, i can’t bear to wash his face for three straight hours or be reminded of TEZZ N RASCALS. i wish this movie a 100 crore.

  • abhishek always shine in comedy flick. 1st bunty aur bubbly then dostana, both touches the box office success and also his performance was praised by critics. Now bol bachchan, where he is playing the tripple character.
    And there is AJAY-ROHIT combination(the brand name for box office success, naam hi caafi hey)
    so it will win hearts of crores of people.

    Verdict: sure shot blockbuster.

  • every one wathching this movie like sholay blockbuster Best of luck to Rohit shetty ,Ajay Devgan and abhibshek.

  • Superb! More interesting than any other fun movie of this time. Hope to be more successful than singham for best entertaining partner ajay n rohit. It will certainly join 100+ crore. Waiting so much. Nitish nalanda

  • Ajay ever time rock star!!! here not important movie hit or flop!! just see him acting!!! and s know bol bachhan also should be ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER!!!!
    sultan misza ka name hi kafi hai!!!!!!!!

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