Bol Bachchan Review

I have never been a huge fan of Rohit Shetty’s brand of cinema, but enjoyed watching two of his films. The first in the Golmaal series and his last release Singham, which had tremendous entertainment and repeat value.

But those in-between films like Golmaal Returns, All The Best and Golmaal 3, especially the later, were outright unbearable. If you enjoyed watching those films, don’t bother reading the review further, go ahead and book your tickets.

Others, read on..

Starring Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin, Prachi Desai and Krushna Abhishek, Bol Bachchan is an action comedy, inspired by Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s 1979 classic Gol Mal.

Story: In an attempt to save a drowning kid, Abbas Ali (Abhishek Bachchan) breaks into a forbidden temple and gets himself into trouble. One of the strongmen in the village, Prithviraj (Ajay Devgan) saves his life and hires him as an accountant. But to hide the fact that he is a muslim, Abbas’ friend (comedian Krushna) names him Abhishek Bachchan! What ensues is a comedy of errors and mistaken identities. How will Abbas hide his real identity?

Bol Bachchan Review

The problem with Bol Bachchan is that the entire film comes across as forced. For instance, Prachi Desai’s character runs away and finds herself abducted by her own evil-brother. Why? Just to include an action sequence in the first half. For the second half, she decides to do a repeat act. Escapes, gets abducted, the lead men arrive just in time and bash-up all the 100 goons without breaking a sweat.

Much like the situations, the comedy is forced too. In an attempt to make you laugh, Rohit Shetty tries too hard, includes every trick that has worked for him so far. There is a parallel plot from the original Gol Maal too, unfortunately, this isn’t a patch on the 1970’s classic.

Ajay Devgn does well, his broken english dialogues were funny. Abhishek entertains with his eunuch act. Apart from that, Bol Bachchan has very little to offer.

Comedy Circus star Krushna Abhishek is too loud and hams throughout. The ladies get little screen-time and manage to look pretty. Arsani and Neeraj Vohra are over-the-top but funny in a few scenes.

Overall, Bol Bachchan is silly, absurd and easily Rohit Shetty’s worst. We suggest you rent a DVD of the old Gol Maal instead. Whether you like the cinema of the 70s or not, be rest assured, you’ll love the Amol Palekar – Utpal Dutt film. It ranks high with Andaaz Apna Apna as one of the best comedies to come out of Bollywood.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ One star



  • Indicine :( You should have not posted the Twitter reviews :( After reading all the great reviews I went and watched it and suffered for 3 hours there.

    Felt like pulling hair out of my head.. I wouldnt even give it one star. EPIC FAIL

  • Oye teri… this is unbelievable!! I thought after rating Housefull 3.5, you would rate this high too. I always trust your reviews and only watch films after reading your review..

    I also didn’t like Golmaal Returns and G3.. Will skip this too I think.

  • Suniel, thanks. Housefull 2 was a much better film. Yes, it was silly and senseless, but it was entertaining. The situations that the characters got themselves in, was funny. Here it’s all forced.

    Also, Housefull 2 had Akshay Kumar in top form and Ritesh was good too. Here, Ajay does well. Abhishek tries hard but not quite in the same league.

  • If the film is like G2 and G3 ..then it must be a total crap…good intelligence shown by you by warning those who have liked movies like G2,G3..

  • Never thought indicine would rate one star.
    I don’t trust this lol, well I am gonna watch as it is directed by rohit shetty.

  • Most boring film I have seen in my life. Rohit has lost it completely, nothing new if you have seen Golmaal. Same action and direction.

  • I hope SRK’s next with Rohit Shetty would turn out to be a good movie and not just a commercial success..

  • For god sake, plz plz dnt make hit comedy like bol bachan,ready nd action like rowdy rathore,bodyguard, dabang plz indian grow up. Nw movies should b innovative nd interstng.

  • I am damn sure…SRK will lift the quality of Rohit’s next by suggesting a few changes if needed and by his brilliant acting..

  • I have lost faith in SRK’s script sense after watching Ra One and his choice of home production starring those newbies. Both were bad.

    I don’t think Rohit will change his style of direction. The only way for him to change is if Bol Bachchan doesn’t work. If it works, get ready for the same shit again.

    And when SRK starts hamming.. He is unstoppable. I like SRK as an actor but only in the right hands. He is a tremendous actor under the right director. but when he overacts (like some scenes in Ra one and OSO) he makes bad scenes look worse.

  • Oye teri … Reviews to acche te kaal ke indicine article main … I booked my tickets … looks like I gotta cancel it now. Thanks Indicine

  • Keep up the good work Indicine. Please never get into politics and give false reviews if the producers tries to bribe u. We all trust you.

  • Too many ‘oye teri’ comments. Anyway, thanks guys.. Honest reviews is what you’ll always get here and it doesn’t matter who the actor/director/producer is :)

  • respect is more than money ….srk please dont do u r next film rohit shetty….i am nt telling aftr watching bol lbachchan …i was against to his film with rohit shetty when it was said in the media….

  • Indicine you are getting honest and good now. Good thing. Keep going. We wud like to have reviews of hollywood movies from you. Especially The Dark Knight Rises..

  • I too didn’t like golmaal 2 & 3. They became hits just because of the brand “Golmaal”;because Golmaal 1 was a hit. But this movie has no chance I think. These type of cheap 3rd grade comedy movies must fail miserably at box office, for the stupid directors & producers not to get involved in such crap in the future. So that we, the audience, will get a chance to see more of quality work.

  • who care the review agar loge review padh kar movie watch karta to BG,RR,ready,G3,H2,ra one kabhi 100cr collection mahi karti

  • Mind blowing nd jaw dropping movie… Go nd watch it don’t follow this crap review by stupid indicine

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