Bodyguard Movie Review

Bodyguard is without doubt the biggest release of the year so far and with such hype and craze, the expectations are always high. Having said that, its all about Salman Khan here. Good or bad, his movies work and his fans love him to death.

The makers promised a strong storyline and a beautiful love story. For the first time, in a long time, we were actually talking about the story being the USP in a Salman Khan film!

Bodyguard Review

The Good: Bodyguard starts off well, the Aaya Re Aaya Bodyguard song showcases the star power of Salman Khan with the audience going nuts. The character of Lovely Singh is extremely likable and so was Divya’s (Kareena Kapoor). There are plenty of light moments and the scenes involving the fat-guy are hilarious. The action sequences are brilliantly shot and choreographed. The music by Pritam and Himesh Reshammiya has two sweet tracks – I Love You and Teri Meri.

The Bad: The climax is a huge let-down, its so bad that it ruins the entire experience. The final twist in the tale and the sequences that follow is something that you get to see in most South Indian films, quite obvious when the director-writer of Bodyguard – Siddique – is a popular south Indian director. Also, the scenes involving the child actor in the climax, reminds you of little Anjali from Karan Johar’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

The sequences prior to Kareena falling in love with Salman could have been handled better. Hard to digest the fact that she ‘understands’ everything in a matter of seconds and falls in love with him over a fight sequence, just because he being her Bodyguard is trying to save her life!

Performances: The film relies almost entirely on Salman Khan’s charm and he delivers, its one of his more likable performances in recent times. Kareena looks lovely and acts well. Hazel needs to work on her dialogue delivery. Raj Babbar stammering with emotions in his final scene reminds you of those melodramatic movies from the 80s. The rest are good.

Overall, Bodyguard is different from films like Dabangg and Wanted, but will still be liked by Salman fans. The last 20-30 minutes is by far the film’s weakest point. Those twists used to work before, its embarrassing to watch them now.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


  • i am not much of a salman fan but the truth is that this movie is outstanding and salman deserve an award for his performance and kareena rocks,every critic has given it 4star rating and i am not suprise,this movie 1000times better than that ready,me and my freinds are going back again bcos we truly enjoyed this movie

  • indicine: how many money shahrukh give you for such a stupid review.
    i saw bodyguard movie its awesome. this is the movie that i waiting for many years.
    5/5 stars.
    all time blockbuster

  • digest the truthguys..
    i am supposed to see it..and hope it’s not likewhat Indicine mentioned..
    bt then it’s a Salman it gotta be like tht

  • aaskaran broo tunhare jane time aa gya hahahaha bodyguard ne to mera prediction bhi fail kr diya .,.boi update 20cr wednesday .,,aaskaran kaha bhago ge ab :):)

  • waht’the final 20mins is the soul of the movie,it desrves 5/5 ratings,salman is awesome and deserve atleast a nomination for this film, kareena too,and aaskaren pls stay at home,your not needed.

  • Indicine, kudos to you for not bowing down to the pressure of Salman fans.. Just back from the movie myself and i agree with you that in the end i couldnt even watch the movie..

    why does kareenas friend betray her? and then she dies.. and then the kid tells everyone the truth.. hehe.. how funny and stupid.. and some are calling it the soul of the film.. lol

  • How can you like such movies? I am disappointed indicine rated this movie even 3.. i was excited after seeing the promos so went to watch with my friends..

    cant believe it was SO HORRIBLE. Full first half and second they dragged.. then suddenly.. they hurried everything…… twist turn twist turn.. nonsense.. so predictable also

  • hiiiiiiiiiiiii i am prince i want to say that i am the bigfan of salman khan i like the movie most . and i have enjoyed the action and story and music of the body gaurd .my i can treully say that all fans of salman khan hAD enjoyed the movie most i and my friend have enjoyed the movie too much it is the block buster film of salman khan .and it is the super hit movie

  • Just saw Bodyguard .Honestly the film makes you wonder what the hype was all about .It does not really have anything going for it except the last 20 minutes .

    The start was just perfect with superb fight scene followed by a rocking title track .Unfortunately the film does not move on from here on .The entire track between Salman and Kareena in the college was absolutely irritating and juvenile .It does not make you laugh one bit .Absolutely mind numbing!!

    Also the movie lacks the feel of a big budget film .The production values are so tacky and outdated .

    Even otherwise there is no meat in the story .One wonders why kareena is not telling the truth to salman .There was absolutely no reason for her to hide the truth .

    I thought the film was worse than Kyon ki and MAMK until the twist which elevates it to some respectable level .

    The last 20 minutes are quite good and completely unexpected ..

    Salman is good but its Kareena who is the soul of the film .Without her the film would have been unbearable …

    Overall the film is just okay ..


  • Watched it in Pune Esquare today….. and before I can get into reviewing the movie let me tell you that I haven’t seen such big crowd in that multiplex before today…. it was suffocating with people falling on each other while entering the screen… but I wasn’t complaining…… … and then throughout the movie the so called sober audience (that’s what is expected from the multiplex audience rite?) went berserk… there were claps, whistles and screams as Salman’s name appeared in the starting credits…. and you can imagine how it was for the rest of the movie……. it was a celebration rather than movie and I celebrated Eid big time……. (a bit more than last year when I watched dabangg FDFS)

    coming back to movie, it was one of the best performances from Salman… be it action, romance, emotions… he just excelled in all the departments….. kareena was treat to watch especially in teri meri …… the story was cute and the twist in the end was quite shocking…. and I loved it….. but the only thing that did hurt a bit was the climax was stretched beyond it should have been….. otherwise movie was pretty engaging…..

    To summarize, its salman show all the way…. audience just loved him from first reel to last….. and he deserves all the praise for this one…. it’s golden era for salman and it will continue for few more years it seems

    I’d give it 4/5…….

  • Rightly said the last half an hour is the main highlight and best part of the movie……….undoubtedly best story for a salman khan film so far……….
    Who the hell has written the review………. climax is so touching that it will be loved even by a non salman fan……….go in depth of the movie u will understand wat the director wants to say……..
    Having directed many blockbuster in south siddique once again proves that he is master of realistic movies…….
    Dont even compare this film to the waste called kkhh…..its far better in terms of every aspect of film making
    gr8 music n excellent action are another highlight of the flick
    salman is presented very beautifully…..
    Ov’rall 4.5/5

  • this movie was strictly ok…….neither very good nor bad.only thing i liked about the movie was salman was no where close to dabangg and wanted.people who r expecting this one to break 3 idiots record will be disappointed.

  • I think salman ko movie banane ki jaroorat nahi hai.use ab 20-25 minutes ka video banana chahiye jisme 2-4 ghise pite dialogue, vulgur comedy,kuch action scene aur sabse important ek body dikhate hue scene hona chahiye.uske fans v khus ho jayenge or uska paisa kamane ka aim v pura ho jayega

  • well i can”t beleve i am a salman fan and going by the reviews i read from critics it looks entertaining as dabang even dabang has no story i wonder ready is much better than bg . well i am gonna watch this movie this weekend i hpoe it doesn”t dissappoints

  • Everybody has a different opinion about everything. What I like might not be liked by someone else. If you want to know if the movie is good or bad, go and watch it. If you don’t care about the movie, don’t watch it. I am going to watch the movie this Friday, and I am hoping its enjoyable. I don’t care even if they give the movie 1 star, I am watching it regardless, I don’t go by people’s opinion, knowing that they are biased. I will build my own. Thank you.

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    @critic: well said !!!

  • such a disgusting review!!!!!!!!!! I just hate it. Salman Khan has proved himself again again for the top in bollywood industry.

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