Bipasha refuses to retain her name in ‘Pankh’

Bipasha Basu will be playing herself in Sudipto Chattopadhyay’s film ‘Pankh’. She plays a sensuous actress but she isn’t comfortable with the idea of her name being used in the film.

Bipasha Basu is thrilled to be a part of a socially-relevant film. Her first serious film, Pankh is about gender confusion. The plot revolves around the life of a child actor who grows up thinking he?s a girl.

The film is based on a true story of child actor Ashish Channa, who played a pivotal role in Ram Gopal Varma?s Vastu Shashtra. A girl, Ashish?s mother would often pass her off as a boy only to get her to work in a bunch of television commercials. Karan Johar had also roped her for Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, and she had also landed in New York. This is when her father filed a case against the mother for making her behave like a boy. Eventually, she was called back.

Director Sudipto Chattopadhyay has cast a newcomer Maraddona in the role of the androgynous boy. But what makes Pankh interesting is Bipasha. She plays a Bollywood actress whom the muddled protagonist adores. Talking about the film Bipasha says, ?The film deals with a very serious problem within the film industry.?

Bipasha is simply playing herself in the film. In fact, the director even wants to call her character Bipasha. Producer Sanjay Gupta says, ?Director Sudipto wants to call Bipasha?s character, Bipasha.? He further adds, ?Sudipto?s film is almost 50 percent ready. Bipasha plays a sensuous actress whom our hero is completely besotted with.?

However, Bipasha isn?t comfortable with the idea of her name being used in the film. The actress says, ?I really need to have a discussion with Sudipto on this. Yes, he?s very keen to retain my name in the film. But I?m not at all comfortable with my name being used for any character, even if I?m playing myself. I?d rather stick to the character?s name Nandini. Pankh is very special, and not just because it?s my first so-called art film. The minute I heard the subject I was bowled over. Let?s not trivialise it by people speculating whether the character I play is based on me. That?s exactly what will happen if my name is Bipasha in Pankh.?

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