Big B – just a call away – Bachchan Bol!

Won’t you be amazed if your favorite Bollywood star spoke to you directly, shared his views and thoughts on a daily basis and you could connect to him just about anytime? Well, it’s actually no fantasy but a reality indeed!

Amitabh Bachchan, the icon of Indian Cinema and a legend in its true sense, has a fan following that sees no boundaries and no limits. After being an enthusiastic blogger for almost 2 year, he has now taken up a unique measure to reach out to his huge fan base by a revolutionary new service that transcends beyond Facebook, twitter or any other social networking called ‘Vogging’ or voice blogging, where in his fans could connect to him directly with just a push of a button.

The service called the ‘Bachchan Bol’, brought to you by Inside India, is a telephonic service that gives Big B a personal platform to greet his fans across India (yes currently the service is restricted only), talk to them about his family and profession, and voice his opinion about anything anytime. This is a facinating and empowering service for both Big B and his fans, for it not only gives him control over what he wishes to share but also allows his fans to connect with him in an unadulterated way.

So what are you waiting for? Just Dial 505678910 from you mobile or landline phones and stay connected with the star himself. The service at the moment is in Hindi only and is restricted to India but will be available worldwide soon. The service is also expected to be embraced by India’s most premier stars to make their presence felt among their fans. The service is available to mobile users at a monthly subscription or pay-per-minute pricing model. For more information and reuglar updates on Bachchan Bol, join Bachchan Bol Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Rediff or SMSGupShup groups or communities.

That’s not all. A contest is held in the wake of this service where five lucky winners stand the chance to receive a call from Big B himself. For more details on the contest visit : Learn Stock Market

Any questions regarding the service please ask below in the comments section.

Pictures from the event will be published soon.



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