Big B and SRK to be immortalised at Kolkata Wax Museum

Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan will be immortalised at Kolkata’s first wax museum, which will be similar to London’s Madame Tussauds.

Sources say, Big B and SRK will be two amongst 19 other life-size wax statues that will be unveiled on November 10th for the public. The museum has been named after Mother Teresa.

Located in Finance Centre, New Town, it is spread over an area of 5,000 square feet. Veteran wax sculptor Susanta Ray, who has a smaller wax museum in Asansol in Burdwan district of West Bengal, has crafted 19 statues.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will be¬†inaugurating the ‘Mother’s Wax Museum’ along with Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan who will be in the city on November 10th for the opening ceremony of the 20th Kolkata International Film Festival.



  • @romance yes obviously.btw hny I think hd opened even better than d3 in wb but unfortunately couldnt maintain stability

  • Yeh Toh Hona Hi Tha! After all, he is almost death after the debacle of his ambitious magnum opus HNY with the longest promotion! So, he needs to be immortalized at least as a wax statue.
    Nobody is gonna remember this arrogant so called king after his death. He will be forgotten Rajesh Khanna. So, he needs to be immortalized as a wax statue.
    If Teresa was a mother Terasa, Salman Khan is brother Teresa! He will be remembered by people eternally for his philanthropic works..

  • @arjun Kapoor you told me once about 2 states,I seen that film last month and must say this was best film of this year which having young actor as I liked hskd,gunday,MTH but 2 States were best of them.
    I simply loved that film the way story unfold as I haven’t read 2 state novel.Songs,performance,direction everything was well balance.
    I liked both Arjun and Ali performance,as both of them successfully given matured performance,I was impressed with Arjun kapoor as after reviews of critics I wasn’t expecting much from him but he was cool and less agressive in tough scenes,he carried that role gracefully.May be other young actor can do that better but Arjun did justice.I think only rabbit kappor can do that roll better.

  • My reply to @bulli and @sid_original from Action jackso Page Article
    @bulli don’t think of me as a fool i understand the difference between sarcasm and real thing you not being a SRK supporter were being sarcastic by saying that it will collect 350Cr on prediction Page. And you are again twisting the facts i never said what you predicted or what you were predicting what i said is that on one of your comments you said that you will stop commenting and leave this site if HNY colelcts more than 180Cr+.
    @Sid_original i may agree with you as @Bulli and @bulli may be different and some one might be trolling him but what i think is both @Bulli and @bulli are same i haven’t seen many comments from @Bulli anyways. I just know that @chulli trolls @bulli :). I agree with @Sid_original and request everyone to respect all actors be it SK, SRK, AK, AJ, AK, HR or Youngistaan

  • @BigB. srk is king of world
    salman is king of bhojapuri south Indian copy paste crap non actor. how could a salman be called as a actor shame on Indian audience who watch his crap films.

  • @Nipun srk is not only huge superstar in wb he is huge superstar in whole world. he crossed your HR biggest hit overseas BB in just 10 days in dull diwali period in overseas same where k3 couldn’t able to perform in overseas this is called superstardom.

  • Here Ging khan will be getting immortalized with ‘WAX’ in some museum but the people of India have already immortalized the ultimate mega star salman with ‘BLOOD’ in their own hearts, that’s the difference between a fake media-created superstar and a real people’s superstar! srk is a superstar no doubt but iss janam mei tho kya even in next 70 rebirths Ging khan cannot match the superstardom of salman in india, Ging khan is the most over-rated, most over-hyped and the most unnecessarily credited superstar in Bollywood history & the people’s star salman is just the quite opposite!

  • @wtf. Ur name says it all. Lol. And if u don’t know whose SRK then what r u doing in Indicine and on SRK s page. Lol. U bhai tards have the habit of putting Ur filthy legs every where. Keep going.

  • ONLY LEGENDS WILL BE REMEMBERED FOREVER AND DESERVES AN IMMORTAL WAX STATUE IN FAMOUS MUSEUMS LIKE BADSHAH AND SHAHENSHAH.who even cares about 2rupees south dubbing actor’s small blockbusters whose fans were also not going to watch them before 2010.Bollywood is ruined due to such stars,they are good for nothing.


  • Oh yes.It made us happy but I will visit this museum if I visit kolkata and I will not visit kolkata just to visit this museum

  • Congo to both of dem,they’re the 2 actors who have spread bollywood reach beyond india and its neoghbors,they deserve it IMO they’re both class apart from other actors

  • SRK and akshay kumar are the most boring actors in bollywood. they have no charizma. aamir and salman have great cinematic screen presence. but akshay and shahrukh have no screen presence at all. i never watch their movies because of their boring screen presence.

  • thank goodness our bhai will not be immortalized as we relly need to forget his crap masala tortures lol too much fun!!!

  • good news to all srk fans.ur srk is now working in a south remake movie katthi directed by a r murugados.he has purchased the rights of this movie after it was a smash its srk turn to do south remakes.

  • Great news!! Two real legends of India are getting immortalized while Salman is busy faking being a human and Aamir going – Oh teri!!

  • Awesomeness. The duo that took Indian Cinema to the next level. Very well deserved. More power to Big B and SRK!!

  • @SSS : Now keep waiting for Fan & Raees n spam Indicine with mindless predictions like King will return to Throne. Btw where is your CHARLIE with 300 crs Storm ?? are you ready to leave Indicine !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SRK is king of bollywood and global star of the world everyone knows the fact he can act any kind of movie and entire world is around him with everything he is in first position see brand value also he is first and poor salman 6th how funny even virat kohli beat him next year salamn out of top ten ahaha see salaman fans This means that Dhoni’s lean patch on the cricket field may have taken a toll on his brand valuation. The Indian cricket captain’s brand valuation at $72 million, or Rs 441 crore, is less than half of table topper Shah Rukh Khan’s. Riding on more than 10 top-notch endorsements including Hyundai, Nerolac Paints and Royal Stag, SRK has a brand valuation of $165 million, or a little over Rs 1,000 crore

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