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Introducing Bhool Bhulaiya

First of all let me make it clear, Bhool Bhulaiyaa is NOT an out-n-out comedy movie as its trailers suggest. It’s a thriller narrated in a very entertaining way.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa is the remake of a 14 year old Malayalam movie, Manichitrathazhu. The movie was also remade in Kannada and Tamil. It a script that has always worked! So is Bhool Bhulaiyaa in the same league?

Bhool Bhulaiyaa Story

Badrinarayan Chaturvedi (Manoj Josi) is the head of the Brahmin family living in a small town were the people are very conventional and superstitious. His elder brother’s son Siddharth (Shiney Ahuja) and his wife Avni (Vidya Balan) return to their ancestral village after living in US for many years. Siddharth insists in staying in his ancestral palace which for long has been uninhabited as it’s considered to be haunted. Despite opposition the newly wed couple shifts to their ancestral mansion. Avni an adventurous girl breaks the ground rules to explore the room considered to be the devil’s home. What follows is a series of life threatening incidents. Siddharth instinctively invites his vibrant Doctor friend Aditya (Akshay Kumar) to solve the mystery behind the mansion and the mysterious events.

Who is behind all the baffling activities? Is it really ghastly or just a human trick? Watch Bhool Bhulaiyaa to uncover the mystery, for the movie ventures into one of the most confusing yet interesting study of human psychology.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa Movie Review

Priyadarshan has handled the complicated script extremely well. A few changes have been made to the original, to make it funnier and more convincing. The first half is a light comic thriller and completely revolves around the supporting characters. The lead character (Akshay Kumar) enters 45 mins into the movie and takes it to a completely different level. The second half is more of a psychological thriller.

Bhool Bhulaiya has just the right ingredients of a successful movie – adequate amount of comedy, suspense and thrill to keep you at the edge of your seats throughout. Music is never really great in Priyadarshan movies but Bhool Bhulaiyaa is an exception. Two songs titled ‘Allah Hafiz’ and ‘Hare Krishna Hare Ram’ standout. The background score is outstanding.

The performances are top-notch. The second half belongs to Vidya Balan. She has done complete justice to a role that demanded great onscreen histrionics. Watch out as she sets the screen ablaze with a mind blowing performance in the last 20 mins. Undoubtedly her best performance to date! Akshay Kumar is surprisingly good in emotional scenes and as always brilliant with his comic timing.

Shiney Ahuja is good. Amisha Patel should stop acting, the sooner the better. Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav, Asrani are great in providing comic relief. Bhool Bhulaiyaa Verdict

Overall, Bhool Bhulaiyaa is a great movie. History should repeat itself for a script that has always created history in every single language that it was made in. You would have never watched something like this before in a Bollywood movie. At the box-office, the advance booking is huge. With positive word of mouth, Bhool Bhulaiyaa could well be the 3rd blockbuster of the year!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4 stars (Dont miss it)



  • i dont no y u people r behind Manichitrathazhu,its really a Classic.plz chod Malayalam…talk about others….
    Original is Original can never beat. Malayalies can never accept any other remakes becoz no other actors can replace Shobana & Mohanlal.Buy Akshy has done nice justice 2 role…….Vidya OK…..For north views its new filim……So plz dont compare movies……Vidya had done good job ,no meaning comparing with Shobana(She is just amazing).Mlayalam ,a poor filim industry looks only actors ,their acting capability…..but others looking on backgroug,costums….etc…not giving much imprortance 2 characters. North they need some SEx bombs ready 2 show their body 2 any xtent.Shame less girls ,it include our Miss world Aiswarya rai tooo.They r showing body shows to make people sit or to make people stick to chairs untill movie gets complete.But vidya i hav seen most of her filims she never cross a limit.Hope u vl tak characters,if characters really need nudity then u can do it 2 100%.Movie is good to C.

  • LIGIN ur going off topic… what u said north only like bombs etc.. is all rubbish… I can show u TONS of mallu sexy movies of reshma, shakeela and many others… ok? So dont ever say that pls. Im not trying to blame mallu movies or anything but im just trying to say that what u have said about north indian audience taste is all rubbish. And as far as charecters are concerned I can show you tons and tons of Gr8 performing actors and actresses coming from north eg. maharashtra, up, bengal, punjab etc.. MIND YOU U ent off the topic OK. This forum is only for bhool bhulaiya…not all the trash u have spoken about.

  • Its a nice movie.. I have already seen Manichithrathazhu and Chandramukhi.. I feel Bhool Bhulaiya is a exact remake of manichithrathazhu without any change of dialogues.. So Its different experience when we watch a same movie with different actors..

    I Liked it..

  • i just want u guys 2 know that bhool bhulaiya, chandramukhi and the kanada version wouldnt come any closer to the original malayalam hit manichitrathazhu. If u have not seen that go and watch that for real acting, real comedy,amazing dance and for real emotions. All the actors in the movie has shown justice to their characters. so please watch that…

  • :) An excellent movie. DOnt miss it guys!
    Well i havent watched any other versions, but yes believe be, a great story,fantastic editing and superb acting by Akshay, Paresh Rwal and not to forget Vidya BAlan!!!!

    3 Cheers!!! Good Job!

  • Amit S. i am not taking about Shkeela,she non otherthan 2 do Sexy movies,v hav noy considered her as an actor….Those filims r ment 4 sex loving viewers. Can u show now any movie that hides the heroins way its already become a trend. Same viewer made hungama wen Urmila started xposing in Rengeela……Now C the situation…even if Hindi ladies ware Saree,they vl show all that they want for…OK am stopng the topic..hav u seen the movie…..Amit

  • Its a movie that you should watch.
    Vidya Balan have done a good job in her Role.

    Priyadarshan have made a good attempt in remakng its orginal Malayalam version.
    Far better than Tamil version.

  • Manichitrathazhu is a 1993 Malayalam Film directed by Fazil (Several other prominent directors such as Siddique,Lal,Priyadarshan & Sibi Malayail directed the second-unit production of the movie)
    ? Why 5 major directors directed 1 film.
    because this film they want to release in a festival.

    After 11 years,

    It was remade in languages Kannada (Aaptamitra) 2004.

    In Tamil (Chandramukhi) 1995. released

    In Hindi 2007(Bhool Bhulaiya)


    Now a days a lot of films going to other states, because in malayam there is goods script writers.

    for eg. (Muthu (Rajanikath), Kireedom, friends, veerapu etc.)

  • This movie is outstanding . but the perfomance by vidy balan is good ,but not up to shobhana..
    there is no match 4 her.

  • The movie is good… as far as acting is concerned Akshay has done a fantastic job.
    Vidya not up to the mark if compared to Kannada & Malayalum versions.
    Paresh is OK so is Rajpal & Asrani.
    Amisha is looking very beautiful, grl whom u can introduce to ur mom without a second thought…i never cared abt her acting in the movie….
    Direction is Ok though I feel music outscores…
    I wud rate 7/10 and 5 of them belongs to Akshay….

    Those who havent watched any of the previous versions of the movies shud watch rest of them I wud say
    a wel made movie cud have been outstanding if some more thrill had been added, or may be a actress who cud have matched Shobana….

  • Dear Ligin, Amit S.

    Hey people…dont fight on who is the best north or south. :angry: Dont forget we are Indians. :x… Every part of India is having their own features… Bhul Bhuleya is great movie. Vidya Balan act very well. I did not seen Manichitrathazhu. But I felt that Indian Movie Have Culture… so cheers for Manichitrathazhu, Bhul Buleya and Indian Film Industry :bow:

  • hi this is amit i saw bb this is a great movie by priyadarshan all indians should see this,i like akkie movies he is currently super star of bollywood.if srk is badshah then akkie is ikka of bollywood beating all three khans from past two yrs on ticket windows in domestic as well as internationally there is no comparison for this star performer great job akkie.keep rocking buddy.

  • u cannnot compare with malayalam movie, its no where near, in thamil it was difficult to watch her acting .but the hindi version is really good. akshay can only handle the role. vidya balan not that great.
    any movie was good.direction is good when compared to usual hindi horror filim.overall good and good story

  • This movie was soooooooooo good I loved it and everything did very well Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan are great they did such a good !!!!!!! :) :d think that everyone should watch this movie…

  • hey guys good reviews, but i dont agree with most of them like saying it was superb,
    its not true i watched it.
    i waited for it to get better every minute but it was damn boring then akki came some life came to the film but then again it was dead.
    its a disastor im glad i didnt go to the theatre otherwise i would walk out of it.

    akki is always good but this film was ugggghhhh…. (no offence to fans)

  • Nadz,
    I feel you saw the movie wit huge amount of expectations n i feel u might hav heard most of the storykine from ur frnds hence cudn’t njoy it…i dont say that it was a epic movie but it also wasn’t worth saying “ugggggghhhhhhhh”
    nywayz opinions differ SRK though is king of bollywood i feel he overacts in most of the movies…

  • :bow: superb! I watched it on the 15th oct, my birthday, and i njoyed every bit of the show! went to cinema alone, sat at the front alone, and i did feel the thrill of it during certain scenes.. Manjula ** no spoiler** is jus superbbbb! i love it, and i advise all of u to gooo n watchhhh it! laughed a lot :)) wich Paresh Rawal and Akshay’s comedy is jus amazin! Man, he’s done really gud job in this movie! Ahuja is ok coz he dint hav much 2 do in this movie… the way PriyaDarshan has intertwined comedy and thriller made it appear 2 nice, and i was hooked to the screen all alone..der iznt a moment wen i felt: i shud chek my mob n time…lol

    Now am gona watch JAB WE MET, i feel that Kareena and Shahid has done some really gud job in this movie, guess itz gona b their last..

    olrite, tc, byebye!! njoy moviessss!!! :yeh:

  • Excellent Movie!!! :)

    Brilliant performance by akshay kumar and specially Vidya Balan in the last reels… I have not seen any actress perform like this in Hindi movies before.

    Kudos to both of them.

    All others acted well as well


  • Hi!!

    I appreciate CHAITRA for giving the right comment. All others have just told bhool bhulaiya is good. But I dont agree to it.
    It is the worst film when compared to Chandramukhi.
    Chandramukhi is different and Bhool Bhuaiya is different.

    After few days, Chandramukhi in Hindi dubbed version is going to release…..Watch that and post ur comments….. I hope u will be very very happy when u see that film…

    But i am very much upset that there is nothing in the film bhool bhuaiya…… :bow: :bow:

  • :)) =)) I am pretty sure this Archana does’nt even know the meaning of the word bhool bhulaiya…

    Chandramukhi was a case of a well made script stolen,then tampered it horribly,making it purely illogical,so that it suits Rajani’s superstardom…

    Hey u guys know,Rajani makes an appearance in the early part of the film and is well acquainted with all the members of the family.
    Then he makes second appearance and enacts the “auto scene”,where he does all the nonsense stuff to the family members…
    You know,how the sorcerer identifies Rajani was a world known psychiatrist?????
    :)) He saw Rajani’s eyes…..It was sooooo powerful that he got to know he was a great psychiatrist…

    In original script,character played by Shobhana,Jyothika,Soundarya and Vidya are supposed to have the illusion that the old cruel king was their own husbands….
    But here,Jyothika has illusion that Rajani was the old king….Just illogical….He came to treat Jyothika….for godsake…
    The scene were Rajani literally flies(hanuman) =)) to snatch the coffee glass from Prabhu to save him from poisoning was one of the most comic scenes I had ever seen…
    Jyothika’s dancing was as pathetic as it gets….
    In all I agree BhoolBhulaiya is not such a great movie…But is far far superior than Chandramukhi…technically and scriptwise…..
    Bhoolbhulaiya climax song was very much disappointing,which was the major drawback compared to other versions…
    Bhoolbhulaiya is certainly worth watching…..:) :) :)
    I would like to know which producer is stupid enough to dub Chandramukhi to Hindi…. :p :p

  • I can give it in writing that Vidya is going to get the Best Actress award for this movie. Awesome…She’s a wonderful dancer and Akshay Kumar is one of the most charming men ever!!! Shiney Ahuja didn’t have much to show his talent. Rajpal Yadav was just for a few scenes.. but hilarious. And the scenes in which everyone got scared for no reason… Like Paresh Rawal lol and the lady was scared so bad by Akshay Kumar hahahahaha….Amisha Patel hardly had anything to do! Awesome movie… And scary as well… Loved it!! I’m gon watch it a few mo times!!!

  • hey hello people, stop being racist here…. Chandramuki’s climax was the best of all… it SHOWED what the dancer, Chandramuki really went trough, rather than some old junks explaining it ….. we need to SEE and FEEL what she has gone trough…. i bet those hypocrites like Arun Kumar up there who said Malalayalees did justice to Manichitratazhu [Fazil, Priyadarshan ] enjoyed Chandramukhi 100%…. if u ask me….Chandramukhi scored 100% in sense of background music, the climax song, the climax direction, the creative ” lakakakaka” saying of the Raja… it gives u the creep when u see it during the starting of the film, where Rajini will be doin some research on the palace… while the credits r rolling….and yes… Chandramukhi/Apthamitra had an excellent dubbing voice for the dancer…. very creepy, Manichitratazhu never had all these… Bhool Bhulaiya too used the same dubbing artist…. Priyadharshan… biggest “mallu” HYPOCRITE!!!

    u think malayalees r made out of gold?? its bad enough they r using a ‘spoiled version of tamizh’ as their language, yet acting like they r God’s descents…..

    ask Priyadharsan to shop pretending, his climax too was ripp of from Chandramukhi. he ripped the part they dance infront of the Raja and the Raja killed the guy dancer right on the spot. it wasnt there in Manichitratazhu…. !!

    stop being hypocrites guys…. check out the dead song of Manichitratazhu & Bhool Bhulaiya… it lacks the power of Raa Raa of Chandramukhi… and backgroundmusic of bhool bhulaiya is the biggest laugh out of the lot…. atrocious sounds…. it doesnt gives the creep…. mostly ripp of from various english film OSTs….. losers!!!

    Chandramuki scores among all…. stop saying class & all… if its so class, how come NO ONE other than the Mallusssss knew bout the movie…. it got the recognition due to Chandramukhi…u gotta accept that!!!

    CHANDRAMUKHI…. Kills Nagavali malli, Manjulika bika mika …..

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