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Introducing Bhool Bhulaiya

First of all let me make it clear, Bhool Bhulaiyaa is NOT an out-n-out comedy movie as its trailers suggest. It’s a thriller narrated in a very entertaining way.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa is the remake of a 14 year old Malayalam movie, Manichitrathazhu. The movie was also remade in Kannada and Tamil. It a script that has always worked! So is Bhool Bhulaiyaa in the same league?

Bhool Bhulaiyaa Story

Badrinarayan Chaturvedi (Manoj Josi) is the head of the Brahmin family living in a small town were the people are very conventional and superstitious. His elder brother’s son Siddharth (Shiney Ahuja) and his wife Avni (Vidya Balan) return to their ancestral village after living in US for many years. Siddharth insists in staying in his ancestral palace which for long has been uninhabited as it’s considered to be haunted. Despite opposition the newly wed couple shifts to their ancestral mansion. Avni an adventurous girl breaks the ground rules to explore the room considered to be the devil’s home. What follows is a series of life threatening incidents. Siddharth instinctively invites his vibrant Doctor friend Aditya (Akshay Kumar) to solve the mystery behind the mansion and the mysterious events.

Who is behind all the baffling activities? Is it really ghastly or just a human trick? Watch Bhool Bhulaiyaa to uncover the mystery, for the movie ventures into one of the most confusing yet interesting study of human psychology.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa Movie Review

Priyadarshan has handled the complicated script extremely well. A few changes have been made to the original, to make it funnier and more convincing. The first half is a light comic thriller and completely revolves around the supporting characters. The lead character (Akshay Kumar) enters 45 mins into the movie and takes it to a completely different level. The second half is more of a psychological thriller.

Bhool Bhulaiya has just the right ingredients of a successful movie – adequate amount of comedy, suspense and thrill to keep you at the edge of your seats throughout. Music is never really great in Priyadarshan movies but Bhool Bhulaiyaa is an exception. Two songs titled ‘Allah Hafiz’ and ‘Hare Krishna Hare Ram’ standout. The background score is outstanding.

The performances are top-notch. The second half belongs to Vidya Balan. She has done complete justice to a role that demanded great onscreen histrionics. Watch out as she sets the screen ablaze with a mind blowing performance in the last 20 mins. Undoubtedly her best performance to date! Akshay Kumar is surprisingly good in emotional scenes and as always brilliant with his comic timing.

Shiney Ahuja is good. Amisha Patel should stop acting, the sooner the better. Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav, Asrani are great in providing comic relief. Bhool Bhulaiyaa Verdict

Overall, Bhool Bhulaiyaa is a great movie. History should repeat itself for a script that has always created history in every single language that it was made in. You would have never watched something like this before in a Bollywood movie. At the box-office, the advance booking is huge. With positive word of mouth, Bhool Bhulaiyaa could well be the 3rd blockbuster of the year!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4 stars (Dont miss it)



  • hi!
    if u think that tamil films are good why don’t they make their own films rather than copying malayalam films
    chandramukhi was a straight copy of two malayalam movies aram thamburan & Manichitratazhu.
    At end i wanted to say only one thing we all r indians,so respect our country our languages & our films.

  • This movie is grrrrrrrrrrrrr88888888888888. Unbelievably realistic movie coming from Bollywood. The technical details of parapsychology are nicely dealt with. Two thumbs way up for this movie. And good job Akki, way to go!!! :)

  • Fazil & Priyan Directed this film in 1993 –

    and priyan tried to make this film in hindi 1994.

    other films remadein kannada and tamil after 11 years.

  • Chaitra , aptha mitra( kannda ) is a good film compared to that of tamil . But I must say BB is a good film.
    Akshay had done great job , even vidya also. I CANNOT COMPARE THE MALAYALUM VIRSION WITH WITH OTHER(kannada,tamil hindi).

  • Bhool Bhulaiyaa is a good movie, if we compaire with OSO. OSO is only a show game.But Bhool Bhulaiyaa is a pupose fully made( even its a remake) movie like jurasic Park.this movie have life like shole, Dilvale dulhaniya…
    OSO is just a shoe game of SRK. now a days he is just over acting


  • i have watched bhul bhulaya. i have also seen manichitra thazhu, which is a masterpiece. acting of shobhana in manichitrathazhu, cannot be compared to any one else. she is a gifted dancer and actor. all u guys from various parts of the country watch malayalam movie with sub titles. we all are indians, whether a malyali does it better or a punjabi does it better, doest it make sense. let any one from india do it. we shall all be proud of it. the malayalam movie is 100% best is of no doubt. lets all give salutations and applause to it, and the actor shobhana the credit. it was because of the story and her performance which compelled so many directors to remake it ….hai na.
    afer watching the movie i feel that vidhya has tried her level best to do justice. but her dance cant be compared that of shobhana’s dance, my god shobhana was perfect in her dance sequel…..oru murai vandu paraaya…..
    the movie is very good. worth watching. its nowhere boring. a complete entertainer
    after all its a movie why to disect so much….
    go for it it is a paisa wasool………..guys

  • Hello All

    Compliments of the Season !

    The Movie was Really Good .

    I can sense the Tempertures soaring up in the Discussion board Despite the cold Winter Clime !

    Anyway , here is my Point .

    As far as I have come to understand :

    Is Vidya Balan performing Barathanatyam ? If not what classical Dance form is it ? Because Vineet (The Grandson of the Great Barathanatyam Exponent Padmini) is an accomplished Barathanatyam Dancer , yet the Dance seems so different from the Barathanatyam in REAL LIFE (I mean in Natya Sabhas , Arangetrams , etc. )

    According to the Tamil Movie (Chandramukhi) Script the Role played by the Actress Jyothika (Ganga) HAS NOT UNDERGONE FORMAL TRAINING in Barathanatyam . Hence she had to be Portrayed more as an insane dancer with POOR MAKE-UP skills and awful Dance Postures . On the Other hand The role of her lover (Wonderfully enacted by Vineet) is by himself a Barathanatyam Professor in the Script . Naturally he exhibited Sharper moves and exectued a more Graceful performance . And Please Barathanatyam is not that easy to be mastered at the Drop of a hat ! She had only three days time and what she had managed was more than expected . Why compare her with A talented Actress whose ancestry is replete with Barathanatyam Exponents and who has herself established a Dance School ? Shobana is Par Excellence , I accept ! The Script was different ! OK ?

    Yes this Script Glorified Rajini and that was its only purpose ! I do not Object . Well what is wrong ? Jo did her best ! She was talked of in the masses ! She used up the most of her Tiny Mouse Hole !

    And does it always mean that the Best of the Actors are Always Honoured ? Jo and Soundarya are comparitively (Note!) YOUNGER than SHobana in the FIlm Industry !

    That is it then !

    Thanks a Million for Patient Reading !


  • This movie can’t be compared with its original malyalam film. The biggest attaraction of the film is Vidya Balan’s amazing performance with comedy of Rajpal yadav & paresh rawal. somehow the movie is entertaining.

  • i just wanna know is it a real story if some body have any idea about this plzz mail me as soon as possible ill be very thank ful….

  • the movie is fantastic man……….. damn good yaar can’t say n e thing
    but…………..” Never b Blindbelief” as Bdrinarayan[manoj joshi] was……

  • yes it is a brilliant movie . and there is great comedy and all the songs are very rocking specially the song that i like is labon ko labon se sazzzado. superb idea and a great comedy played by rajpal yadav an akshay kumaer. love this movie
    . congrats and love

  • hey what Manichitra…blah blah blah and’s a hindi movie forum not tamil telugu or malaylam.even i can speak one of them.see….AADU PINNO POREY GEDER DEY CHUMMA AADAR GILLEY(did anyone understood it???)if yes then tell me too ok….hahaha well about the movie ……vidya balan’s dance and facial exxpression with her body language was awesome………………………..AAMI JE TUMHAAR was simplyy WOW…i had never ever seen such a good and unique movie in my life……i wish i could have made that movie…..welll…about akshay…he is simply dumb and SO MIDDLE CLASS,MONISHA BETA…LIKE ROSHESH…..i wasnt fan of vidya balan…i used to think that she is only fit for the roles of sati sabitri type……but now i have changed my mind.AND YOU SOUTH INDIANS PEOPLE GO TO YOUR OWN KOLLYWOOD,TOLLYWOOD,LOLLYWOOD FORUM……MIND IT

  • ok um MR/MS chandramukhi.. who eva u r.. DO NOT say dat bout malayalm movies.. MANICHITHRATHAZHU was one of the best movies ever made… that movie was completly realistic… there was nothing fake about it.. but chandhramukhi..Majority of the movie was FAKE… nd it was so not necessary… especially.. “lakalakalakalakalakala” i dunno which stupid person thought of that itz weird… it was so not necessary..
    Mohanlal made manichithrathazhu HOT .. Rajani jus annoyed me…
    Bhool bhulaya is 80%%%%%%% BETTER than chandhrammukhi… beacause it is more believable..

    “u think malayalees r made out of gold?? its bad enough they r using a ’spoiled version of tamizh’ as their language, yet acting like they r God’s descents…..” ????????
    wat is wrong with u looser……. u dummy…. psycho!!!!! ahhhh u jus disgust me…….. wat r u? tamil? u looser
    how can u say dat bout ur fellow INDIANS? how sick r uuuuu

    Priyadharshan is one of the best directors ever lived… don’t tlk bout him lik dat..

    y would anyone make dat chandhramukhi in hindi.. ther is a better one in hindi bhool bhulaya no need for chandramukhi in hindi… the songs from manichithrathazhu was 100 times better….
    always the first movie is better wen they remake it most of the time the movoie gets stupid.. especially if da actor is rajani.. the script gotta be changed completly cause he is a TYPE actor.. only look good doing actions.. ONLY… OH nd FAKE, non realistic acting… hahah
    wat is so big bout raa raa “oru murai” was better .from malayalam… HA!

    You said n the beginning not to be racist but u r racist now looser

  • nd rajani sir if u r reading this i did not mean to say anything bad bout u I jus got mad wen one dude wrote something bad bout malayalies….. :)

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  • even though in sum up movie is worthfull to watch but script is not that great especially first half. it took long for director to establish charaters. thats why first half is slow. climax is very good. thanks

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  • Brilliant movie!!
    By the way, can anyone PLEASE tell me the name of the guy who played Chandu? He was adorable.

  • l haven’t watched any malyalam or tamil movie which is said to have the same story as bhool bhulaiya as listed above by everyone but l know one thing that this hindi movie is better than those boring ones.u might be thinking that if l haven’t seen the tamil and malyalam version then how do l know whether they are bad or good.but l know this because they don’t have all the ingredients that bhool bhulaiya has. its a thriller,comedy and superstitious movie. so a thumbs up and ten on ten to it.
    tere jaisa koi kahan ten on ten.

  • Hi indicine! I have not ever read such positive reviews. i went thru many sites they only focus prominently on the negative ingredients of a movie but indicine distinguish itself, it primely focuses the nicest than worst. hats off!

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