Bhar Do Jholi Meri Song Video – Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Presenting ‘Bhar Do Jholi Meri’ Video song in the voice of Adnan Sami from Salman Khan’s starrer movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Song Video: Bhar Do Jholi Meri
Music Director: Pritam
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Adnan Sami



  • @anvit


    First 300 crores and even more than that !

    expecting all most confirmed YASH RAJ FILMS next with HRITHIK ROSHAN will release in CHRISTMAS 2016


  • @the distroyer of khans!! ok you know it’s content of a movies which help in long run bcoz kangana earn more than to lots of your superstar ( jai ho) and farahan was also earn more collection wid Ramadan realesed bhag milkha even infant varun will be earn with Ramadan realesed abcd 2 more than lifetime collection of your superstar’s jai ho so what a big deal??? I wanna give some more example

    aditya Roy kapur tried to do superb entry with some biggies like with salaman and ajay in Landon dreams but what happened movie became big flop than aditya roy came again with another biggi akshay ash In action replay result was same flop than he came once again with your another superstar hrthik ash bhanshali but what happened all three were suprbb flop your so called star not did even an average for aditya Roy but what happened
    he came again with a new commer shardha and give a blockbuster movie name ashiqui2 so according to you shardha+aditya Roy are bigger to your so called dady superstars o now u say content… blah blah… Lol

    Now come on your baby srk whose opening day collection 44.97cr with a flop direcotr still unbeaten by your all superstars dady so if it had content you can’t even imaging the collection so moral you can major the stardam by weekend collection which is still unbeaten so first say to your dady to break baby srk opening and weekend collection you know naa nowadays baby became more smarter than dady so tell them to do hard work otherwise content make different between aamir talash and pk

  • The song did not like me, or rather music – 2/5.
    Maybe poems are good, but I do not know the language. Who can translate the song into English?

    To me, the song could be better, there are also such as:
    Zindagi Ye Safar Mein Hai – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
    “Ambarsariya” (Fukrey)
    With these songs, my soul sings!

    And this song “Bhar Do Jholi Meri” leaves me indifferent.

  • @Anvit I have nothing against Hrithik but I am sure Dilwale will easily cross K3’s collections and in case if it fails I would accept happily Hrithik is bigger than Srk

  • It will cross 250 cr. easily. If WOM is good then Dhoom 3 record is also be broken. PK looks impossile.

  • so damn good, get ready guys Salman is coming to touch ur hearts to prove that humanity is more important than any religion or a country!!!

  • so damn good, get ready guys Salman is coming to touch ur hearts to prove that humanity is more important than any religion or a country!!!!


  • No Words To Describe The Feelings Of This Song…
    Mark My Words This Movie Will Reach Heights. What a Meaningful Song :)

  • @3:09pm

    Well well so if lungiwales are predicting 800cr WW for varunwale, 700cr WW for Billu Fan and 600cr WW for Bhojpori Rice King then that makes perfectly good SENSE to you

  • @sss right bro. Dont worry after Christmas all the haters will hide after the tsunami on Christmas. Dilwaale will be the highest grosser of this year. No doubt.

  • @anvit,k3 is still chasing CE’S 422CR WW COLLECTION.also let k3 to chased YJHD according to trade,lol.thanks to CE faced 3 big films otherwise CE would have the highest grosser,same with JTHJ.

    @nilesh ,but sunny deol is no more a superstar in present generation who overshadowed completely by a new comer actor in DARR turned HIM THE RULER OF THE GENERATION,that is enough for a old actor rather than to lost in a clash.

  • Wow!! Super soulful song!! ATBB confirmed!!
    It looks its content so strong and has a strong message to deliver

  • @sss hny failed to cross 200 cr as per trade haha haha. your srk is worst looking actor of bollywood. all his early films were flops. HRITHIK was born a KING. his debut film was the BIGGEST HIT of the year. HRITHIK is also the most handsome man of bollywood, also the BIGGEST superstar.

  • hrithik is the biggest loserof bollywood.makes one film in one and a half year as if he is the second aamir khan giving quality films.he is out of action for years and come up with craps like bang bang jadulands papa made k3

  • @anvit,producer and trade figures always should has a difference.because both uses different aources whike producer uses direct source and trade follow their rules to track about the almost correct(not exact) figures given by producer.some faults were done by trade and some by producer.when some film’s collection exactly matched with trade’s number in case amir film which suddenly raised doubt in many one’s mind.and that fault is from trade because trade and producer couldn’t be the other hand producer’s figure inflated in a huge.which clearly shows how the producers manipulated badly.and that only happened in he’s film,k3’s manipulation was 68cr and bang bang’s manipulation was 49cr.which is completely how much big fraud your star is.this shows KING KHAN’S FILMS never did manipulation when HNY’S figure only differs 14cr which is actually right(not tok much inflated by trade nor by producer) but couldn’t supported by bo like amir,so HNY crossed 200cr and that’s THE TRUTH.

    About looks, hr is known for his looks rather than his handsomeness.because his face seems worse than KING SRK,SHAHID,amir,salman.but loom wise he is at no.2 after KING KHAN at top spot who was the trendsetter of 10 PACK.and HE has most female fans that an Indian actor has.non of his pure romantic movie (0% action) even didn’t got a hit status.then what’s the value of having such so called food looks,lol?????and BTW you compared koa devgan with KING KHAN?????well it seems like nawazzudin siddique is looking so much handsome and good looking than your manipulation papa’s spoon fed kid KING KHAN.while Girls are dying to watch KING KHAN once at the same time he’s own wife is not even interested with his husband,so better don’t forget your limit jadoo boy’s fans.


    if still you have doubt ,google it—-KING OF BOLLYWOOD.and then kindly inform me whose photo you found on right side with biography?????

    Also don’t forget how your hr got slapped by KING KHAN in CLASH at the peak of HIS period.and he will remain papa’s boy always because he can’t give blockbusters of his own with out papa/dhoom brand like you baby boy?????

  • Why some Hrfans are barking here unnecessirily? ? This article has nothing to do with Krrish 3 and HNY! GROW UP!

  • ##FLOP MUSIC##

    Only The Little Cute garl Iz The good thing in Bazrangi bhaijaan ..!
    otherwise Sß ßkwas .
    She Will Save The Film..!

  • I cannot imagine the story of BB..
    Looks like it will take a start of 27.5 crore but due to strong plot it will surely cross 250 crore mark..
    Promise..mark my each word

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