Bhar Do Jholi Meri Song Video – Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Presenting ‘Bhar Do Jholi Meri’ Video song in the voice of Adnan Sami from Salman Khan’s starrer movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Song Video: Bhar Do Jholi Meri
Music Director: Pritam
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Adnan Sami



  • Arjun youngustan fan…. Don,t judge a movie according to boxoffice performance. HAK was not a success but it touches heart. Bajrangi will do d same magic. And plz don,t compare collection .U plz just watch a movie ..u have nothing to do with boxoffice

  • Sallu & Srk fans plz don,t take interest in boxoffice collections …. we have nothing to do with it. just enjoy movie.

  • Ranking Bb songs
    1.bhar do joli meri
    2.selfie le le re(too much fun)
    3.tu chahiye

  • Surprised by the fact that many people heard it first time.It was sung long time ago by Sabri brothers ,now Amjab Farid Sabri(son of a senior sabri) sings it very often.Almost many singers of Pakistan tried this.There isnt any originality in it.Chartbusters are always original ones..Even many Indian muslims must have heard it many times

  • @salman ka fan aka element plz don’t insult bb and salman by comparing it with a crap flop like hak

  • Selfie le le re-Fun &mast song not for boring peoples(3.5/5)
    tu chahiye-peppy romantic song(3/5)
    Bhar do joli meri-A touching song(4/5)
    All 3 songs are
    good and different

  • I always comment on to earn maximum no. of dislikes

    but there are so many people who tabs no. of likes on my comments !

    “kyoki mere baato me dum bhi hota hai aur sachchai bhi”

  • Very nice…
    look like it’s emotional heart touching movie…
    bajrangi sallu bhaijaan coming guys
    get ready for rumble…

  • baby boy srk used all formulas
    like releasing his films in Eid or
    Deepawali or Christmas with
    biggest screens size and with high
    dose promotions and casting
    superstars heroines opposite
    but even all that , his films always
    unable to break HRITHIK ROSHAN,
    amir and salman records
    I know, I know srk broke 4 years
    old record of amir’s 3 Idiots of
    that time but within 3 months that
    records broken by HRITHIK’S
    KRRISH 3
    what’s happen after that ?
    ANS : baby fans baby srk is unable
    to break HRITHIK’s 2 years old
    records of KRRISH 3 , amir’s 2
    year old records of dhoom3 and
    salman’s few months old records
    of kick even with all favourable
    conditions like Deepawali release
    with biggest screens size and
    massive promotions.
    so sad baby fans
    look baby srk fans , whatever srk
    do for films to make it biggest
    ever films with best release date
    like Eid or Deepawali or Christmas
    or with biggest screens size or
    massive promotions of films, one
    thing always be clear that srk will
    never break the records of
    ROSHAN, amir and salman and srk
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    records like he did with ce.
    baby srk fans
    HRITHIK ROSHAN, amir and
    salman are biggest superstars
    than srk

  • Although kabir Khan said that Bajrangi bhaijaan is a complete masala film,it seems to be interesting going by the trailer and songs

  • @challa tell ur star to cross krrish 3 collection of 244 cr. if dilwale doesnt cross that figure then shame on ur star. hrithik broke chennai express record in less then 3 months! how many more years will ur star take to cross krrish 3? i say never.

  • Average song..every songs if this films are boring and below average.salman’s movie with out music couldn’t survive as before with good music also many salman movies flopped,the only rescue for salman is EID.which will easily can take the collection above 150-180,if the film has some special thing other than gadar’s story,then it can collect around 200-215cr maximum and I’m telling this because as it’s a kabir khan movie.otherwise it couldn’t cross 200cr because it no where even 1% close to ett..

    @arjun kapoor fan,listen chameleon you better worry about your flopistan.because KING KHAN from starting of HIS CAREER never cared about anyone and that’s result why HE IS TGE MOST CONSISTENT SUCCESSFULL MEGASTAR OF BOKKYWOOD.poor slb already averted the CLASH indirectly by hitting the arm of ranveer Singh and telling he is injured so CLASH couldn’t happened.if CLASH will happen,then he’ll come to road because there is not even a single fool exist India who’ll even think to take on KING KHAN+KAJOL+ROHIT SHETTY 1st confirm the clash,then talk.anyway bajirao mastani will be a flop like Bombay one can save that film.and chameleon what’s the miracle you saw in bb song,that are you crying’s the same crappy teaser,song based film bhojpuri bhaijaan.salman’s presence is enough to ruin any good film,ROFL.

    @Challa,great comments bro.but my favourite scene from this song is when those policemen chased bhai it remembered me about ‘hain salman your verdict already cleared ,now don’t shoot film much,times to go mama’s home,ROFL.I think those policemen sent from court arrest bhaijaan,ROFL.

    @the destroyer of papa’s boy!,oh ho! Probably no actor in the industry who can take on every actor even in their hit/flop period except THE KING OF take on your papa’s spoon fed roshan after knph,as a result papa’s boy flopped.take in amoor in 90’s,amoor flopped.thrashed sallu and send him to even worse period.take on flop khan and squeezed his films like a rat so as disaster king koyla devgan’s movie.if you check history baby you,your DADDY KING KHAN slapped each and every actor in HIS your spoonfed boy still can’t stand against THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD,1st let him to stand then you’ teach to compete with KING KHAN.I don’t know for reason you came here,but why I’m here thrash,smash and squeeze KING KHAN haters like a sewer rat,got that baby kid?????

  • @destroyer of khans you speak the utter truth! this site of full of khan fans who will dislike your comments but below belt they are burning after knowing the truth.
    krrish 3 would have been highest grosser ever if it released on christmas instead of diwali. it would have crossed dhoom 3 collection easily.

  • Hello friends I have come up again as bajrangi is coming.

    I hated Salman since last year also called poster,teaser,trailer b grade. But since I need support for my crappy youngistaan I am going to praise sallu fans.
    Is it ok sallu fans?
    Also I will bash srk for you,deal done?
    I am chameleon and I know it.

  • @sss HRITHIK was BORN as a KING.his debut film knph was the BIGGEST HIT of the year. not like your srk, whose all first films were utter disasters. also HRITHIK is the MOST HANDSOME man in bollywood, while srk is zero in looks, even ajay devgn is more handsome then srk. HRITHIK is beyond srk’s comparison. we will see if srk takes 4 or 40 years to break KRRISH 3 lifetime.

  • @sss

    bro what a huge difference between you & me has.

    I am a fool dumb guy & you are most intelligent guy from India.

    You found all song of BB boring whereas i am liking them.

    The song that you think average i thought it increased curacity about story line of film.

    Only dumb like of can think like that.

    You are finding too many similarities between BB & Gadar.Thats good but you have to go for more research as so many films on Indo-Pak stories.
    Such as Heena,Refugee etc etc you might get more similarities between BB & these films.

    & its pleasure to here that you thinks ETT was a good movie.Yes BB is nothing in front of it.

    But i bet you will also start loving BB from next year when trailer & songs of Sultan gets release.

    Intelligent person like you do like that we dumb people may likes it now.

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