Bewakoofiyaan Movie Review

Yash Raj Films’ second Hindi release of 2014 is a romantic comedy titled Bewakoofiyaan starring Ayushman Khurana, best known for his performance in the 2012 classic Vicky Donor. The multi-talented actor has been cast opposite Sonam Kapoor, who had a terrific 2013 with films like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Raanjhanaa. Will Bewakoofiyaan continue her winning streak? Will the film give Ayushman his much-needed hit after the failure of his last film Nautanki Saala? Let’s find out.

Story: Mohit (Ayushman Khurana), a senior marketing executive in an airline company, is in love with a successful independent banker Myrah Sehgal (Sonam Kapoor). The two decide to get married. All hell breaks loose when Mohit meets Myrah’s father V.K Sehgal (Rishi Kapoor). He rejects Mohit, but decides to give him a chance as long as he proves to be worthy of his daughter’s hand. The condition though is that he will have the final say. Just when Mohit goes out of his way to impress VK Sehgal, the airline industry is hit hard by the ongoing recession and he ends up losing his job.  What happens when Sehgal finds out that Mohit is jobless? That he is on the verge of going bankrupt?

Bewakoofiyaan Movie Review

Bewakoofiyaan Movie Review

Review: Bewakoofiyaan is a light-hearted entertainer that starts well, has plenty of dull moments in between, picks up pace in the beginning of the second half, drops pace again with all the unnecessarily twists and finally ends with a climax that leaves a smile on your face. If you walk-in expecting a film that focuses on how recession can affect young budding relationships, you’ll walk out disappointed, as Bewakoofiyaan is more about how Mohit manages to convince Myrah’s father. In fact, Rishi Kapoor has about the same screen-time as Sonam, or probably even a little more!

While Nupur Ashthana’s directs the film well, it’s Habib Faisal’s writing that disappoints. Also, the romance doesn’t work because the lead couple lack chemistry. Apart from those fun moments between Rishi and Ayushman in the second half, the film has very little to offer.

Editing could have been crisper. Cinematography is top-notch. The film has a couple of good songs, Gulcharrey is one of them.

Performances: Rishi Kapoor is undoubtedly the star of the show, yet again. He is brilliant as VK Sehgal. Watch out for the scene when he decides to learn the computer and stumbles upon a video game. His child like enthusiasm, expressions and the energy that he brings to his character is what will stay with you long after the closing credits role.

Ayushman Khurana is good. His dialogue-delivery, which was getting repetitive, has improved. But his chemistry with Sonam Kapoor, disappoints big-time. Sonam does well too, looks pretty, shares a couple of awkward dance steps to poorly choreographed songs and shares better chemistry with Rishi than Ayushman.

Overall, if you absolutely must, watch Bewakoofiyaan for Rishi Kapoor’s stellar performance. Else, there is a better film running in theatres this weekend.

Rating: ★★½☆☆



  • Sonam is beautiful. .but sometimes she struggles while delivering intense dialogues. .ayushman is very talented. Lookswise,he looks good too. ..he was undoubtedly a good host on tv.

  • Flop!!trailer was dull. .music was okayish. .there is no hype for the movie. .and finally,classic queen will affect it .

  • Why it seems that you have written review in hurried pace?i love your review but it seems that you start to finish quickly.despite i like it and please reveiw a little quick.

  • Sonam doesn’t know acting. Period.

    She reminds me of Sonali Bendre. Beauty looks all perfect, but big struggler on acting side.

    Somehow I am not very confident of Sooraj Barjatiya’s choice of Sonam for movie with Salman.

  • After seeing almost 2.5/5 or 5/10 bewakoofian , went to see the movie,
    and concluded that, few websites and news paper really now days
    are just vogues. Even having not a single negative thing in this
    movie, it got low rating from everywhere .
    But if you ask me about this movie i will say forget the rating thing,
    just go for this movie,It is really sweet movie based on reality with
    some humor and on romance.How recession effect on a relation,how a boy
    manage to survive, instead of knowing that his gf earn more than him and
    compensate with his male ego,and how they again mingle with each other
    after avoiding all this problem.
    Ayushman Khurana,Sonam Kapoor and Risi Kapoor all of them make this movie
    really super cool.
    moral : no big star, no big production house(YRF only as distributor)
    means low ratting. it would be real bewakoofian without watching this movie
    if you think that this is poor movie.

  • I simply fail to understand …wt makes ppl to make these kind of movies…who will spend money to watch these DUMB ACTORS/ACTRESS ??

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