Beti B to be named after January 15

Beti B, a nickname given by Abhishek Bachchan’s good friend Shahana Goswami to the youngest member of Bachchan family, will be named after January 15th.

The delay in the naming ceremony is because of the inauspicious Kharwas period. The Bachchans who are considered to be superstitious are waiting for this period to end. The naming ceremony will now take place after Makar Sankranti which falls on January 15 this year.

Sources say that the family wants to name the baby with a name that stars from the alphabet ‘A’ since Amitabh, Abhishek and Aishwarya share the same initials ‘AB’. Zeroing down on one name out of the many shortlisted is a tough job says dad – Abhishek.

All the Bachchan fans will have to wait a little longer for the suspense to be revealed.



  • I don’t care abt dat gal or bachan parivar kya samajte hain khud ko..ek bar bi media ko beti ka shakal bi nhi dikhaya..aur ab koi dekna bi nai keep dat name with ur bulshit mind only.

  • Sanal, it’s because a new-born baby’s looks keep changing almost everyday. Pretty pointless right now. They have promised to publish the pictures in a few months :) They deserve their privacy.

  • I agree with the person..they refused to share photo..
    Instead they’re calling press display the first pic of their beti..
    They are making it an event rather..

    And high class ppl like bachchan’s following such superstitions is ridiculous..

    Rather such actors should set example for middle class ppl to come out of superstitious living..

  • Watever u may say..but bachans have no chance in bollyw√łod..all r flop now..specially abhishek the biggest flop hero..hahaha..just get out of here bachans,lol

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