Best Actor in a Leading Role 2014: Popular Choice

We pick the 5 best and most popular performances of 2014. You can vote for the Best Actor in a Leading Role of 2014 at the bottom of the article. Also read : Best Acting Performance in a non-conventional film


1. Aamir Khan (PK): Aamir Khan lives his characters. Whether it is Sanju in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Munna in Rangeela or Bhuvan in Lagaan, very few actors can match the on-screen acting histrionics of Aamir. But he did the impossible in PK.

Not only did Aamir nail the Bhojpuri accent, but he got everything from his expressions, body language, dance – perfectly right. Watch out for the scene where he chews paan for the first time or when he prays to god for food and gets a samosa in his hand, Aamir didn’t get a single expression wrong in PK. The character was an extension of Rancho (3 Idiots) in the sense that he was an outsider who teaches the world how to live. But with PK, Aamir takes commercial movie acting to another level with his dedication and hard work. A flawless performance that deserves every popular award this year – along with Shahid Kapoor in the critics category.

Bang Bang

2. Hrithik Roshan (Bang Bang): Hrithik was the most good looking / stylish lead actor of 2014 and a film like Bang Bang did complete justice to his looks and his image. And it was a bonus point, that Hrithik was perfect in playing his character, rising above the script time and again. He did the action scenes with élan and his chemistry with Katrina Kaif was too hot to handle. Along with Dhoom 2, Bang Bang is the best commercial portrayal of Hrithik’s personality so far. Unfortunately, his larger-than-life presence and hard-work deserved a better script and director.


3. Salman Khan (Kick): Salman was back in form in Kick after the highly disappointing slogfest called Jai Ho. It seemed as if he was genuinely having fun playing the role of Devil and who can forget his scintillating dance to the song “Saat Samundar Paar”. Even though he was pitted against someone like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Salman still managed to make a mark and he made sure that his character reached the hearts of the audience even if they didn’t understand him (like the famous dialogue in the film).

Happy New Year

4. Shah Rukh Khan (Happy New Year): SRK’s Happy New Year was the Diwali Blockbuster of 2014 and the superstar made a mark playing the role of Charlie. Even though the role didn’t have a lot of scope for acting, he still managed to make an impression with his expressions that showed his desire to get revenge. His comic timing was impeccable and he made it a point to not take the spotlight in HNY, a film that actually belonged to his co-star Abhishek Bachchan.


5. Akshay Kumar (Holiday: A Solider Is Never Off Duty): Akshay might have been playing a role which had already been played by a different actor, but to get the mannerisms right and to look the part and be convincing takes some doing. The reason why Holiday became such a sleeper hit was because Akshay was so good in it and his chemistry with Sonakshi was also appropriate even though a tad bit overdone. We can’t wait to see Akshay take his Holiday character to the next level in 2015’s Baby.

Honorable Mentions: Abhishek Bachchan (Happy New Year), Amitabh Bachchan (Bhootnath Returns), Varun Dhawan (Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania), Arjun Kapoor (2 States), Riteish Deshmukh (Ek Villain).

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  • Akshay kumar for holiday. @indicine please remove that supporting role side role actor Arjun Kapoor.How can arjun kapoor get award which chetan bhagat should get?
    Please mention best supporting actor akshay kumar for shaukeens @indicine. He was the most entertaining part of film.

  • siddharth for villain or arjun for 2 states deserved a nomination abd sahid should also hv been nominated but u kept sahid only in the unconventional actor category bcz he is not a big star!!!

    this is really unfair.I m not going to vote.waiting for filmfare and iifa as they r the only believeable awards on india apart from national award

  • Salman and aamir have no match classic acting by aaamir khan in pk and full on attitude of devil salman khan at its best

  • if u r unsatisfied with the nominations and blv sahid should hv been nominated also in popular category and arjun/sid also deserved nomination then plz press on d like button

    otherwise dislike my comment

    but plz vote

  • Charlie’s role was fantastic…SRK played it well… SRK deserves to be on the top…. PK does not deserve it…
    List should be like this…

    1 – Hny..
    2 – Holiday
    3 – Bang Bang
    4 – Kick
    5 – PK

  • Akshay Kumar Performance In Holiday Always Better Than Hrithik’s Performance in Bang Bang & Salman performance in Kick

  • indicine has just played to the galleries with this nominations.even a hardcore akki fan knows that their fab star didn’t deserve a nomination.

    sahid should hv been nominated in popular category just like he was nominated in unconventional category and sid for villain/arjun for 2 states deserved to replace them in these nominations.

    extremely disappointed with indicine.
    waiting for filmfare and iifa as they r nvr unfair

  • Haha. .indicine included top 5 superstars. Anyway, i feel Akki should be at 3rd, Salman at 4th and SRK at 5th . HNY never allowed SRK to show his talent.

    Amir is a clear winner among these 5.

    Bang Bang suffered due to its poor script and weak direction! Kat also couldn’t perform well. The only 3 reasons to watch BB were 1.Hrithik , 2. Superb Action, 3. Brilliant cinematography

    Salman was good as devil and average as Devilal.

    Akki shined in Holiday even though movie was flawed.

    @indicine: you forgot Ajay Devgn! He was better than SRK and Salman!
    My ranking among 6 superstars.
    1. Amir- PK
    2. Hrithik- Bang Bang
    3. Ajay- SR/Akki- Holiday
    4. Salman- kick
    5. SRK- HNY

  • Indicine,I can’t imagine Salman or SRK above Akshay for their kick/hny performances..really unfair it is!!
    Just bcoz this list might be criticised by srk,sallu fans..u did’nt placed akki above them.
    Salman’s jai ho performance was better than his kick’s,Nawaz completely overshadowed him..and srk had to do a little in hny,Abhiskek’s role was a standout one,neither srk had good dialogues..srk’s role in ce was sufficient but i can’t agree with his HNY’s performance.
    Akki completely stood out in holiday..

  • no Sidharth Malhotra in the honorary mentions ? I guess Ritesh & Ab.Jr had supporting roles in their respective movies, so what are they doing there ?

  • I watched BB again and to be honest found it boring in most of the parts due to weak direction,i regret giving it 4 stars as i did earlier..i liked it on first occasion but could’nt bear it 2nd deserves 2.75 acc. to me.
    Only HR was the saving grace in the film,so yes he deserved the no. 2 spot!!!

  • i have voted for aamir and would like to add on that salman also lived the character of devi and devil throughout.
    akki was good in holiday however srk and hrithik were not convincing in respective roles

  • Holiday trended so well and got a good WOM was due to Akki’s performance..villain was a real softy one,sona added only interruptions..

  • Aamir in PK most definitely. Aamir Khan, followed by Shahid Kapoor were the best actors of 2014. Its as clear as crystal.

  • Completely agree with @nipun..this list won’t be a success if they place SRK/sallu at the bottom,won’t get much views..that might be the reason behind it,i guess.

  • The ranking is perfect but I would keep Akshay above of SRK, all actors in HNY over-acted and SRK is no exception.
    Hrithik deserves no. 2 spot for sure as whatever Bang Bang collected was due to his performance, his dance. I doubt whether any other actor could have taken this dumb and poorly scripted film to even break-even point. I hope he comes up with something extra-ordinary in Mohenjo-Daro and is on no. 1 in this list in 2016.

  • i agree dat srk didnt showed much acting talent in hny bt he showed much in d intense part. all eyes r on fan n raees….
    sallu really didnt deserve to b in any of d best actor category forget winning awards bt he wz gud in jai ho.
    i hv nt watch pk yet so cant say abt aamir…
    akki’s performance wz since special 26 n i hope dat he will tuk himself to an another level in baby.

  • @babaji are you drunk to say hrithik deserved to be second. please stop this your man love for hrithik it not gonna work because everybody knows you and nipuna are totally biased towards hrithik

  • I am shocked and frankly disgusted at this list…Where is Ajay Devgn?! Did you see his performance in Singham Returns? I mean, he was the one who carried Singham Returns on his shoulders and his performance was one the best cop in a very long time.

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