Best 100 crore film in Bollywood

With ABCD 2 all set to become the 37th film to join the ‘100 crore club’, the list which critics say is dominated by bad films, has quite a few deserving films too.

‘Masala’ films like Ghajini, Dabangg, Chennai Express, Rowdy Rathore, Housefull 2, Singham, Agneepath, Kick still garner outstanding TRP’s on television. We also have Rajkumar Hirani classics like 3 Idiots and PK starring Aamir Khan in the lead.

In this poll, we give you a chance to pick the TOP 5 best films in the 100 crore club. Go ahead, take your pick!

The results of the poll will be announced on Thursday.

Best 100 crore Bollywood film? PICK UPTO 5 FILMS

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  • @ace khan,civilian awards?????even saif Ali khan got it 1st when salman khanand many bigger more contributed star to bollwyood still couldn’t achieve that award.even legendary kamal hasan got padma bhushan even though he has did many more CLASSIC performance than your amir still got padma bhushan after your perfaketionist,how Indian civilian and Awards are cheap and can be bought in any price.amir got 1st because he bought 1st.otherwise how can he deserve before KING KHAN who gave far more CLASSIC then your perfaketionist’s unrealistic movies,ROFL.

    That’s not the final,I don’t like overrated unrealistic movies of your perfaketionist.just like rdb,in which terrorists are comparing with FREEDOM FIGHTERS,in 3i student becomes topper overnight with out studying a bit by attending senior’s classes rather than own,in rash how ghosts/supernatural powers came to help your perfaketionist,in pk how alien came to earth(and a beautiful illogical sequences existed movie,if you ask me to reveal that only then I’ll reveal) and how he manipulated all the things and proves A RELEGION qoeng in front of the world,then controversy happened and how the film becomes of them are CLASSIC,and OSCARS never gibe awards to these type of unrealistic movies.but I found jjws,dch,Lagaan,Tzp are only as genuine movies.that’s the difference.

    Even DTPH,K2H2 like films are FAR MORE REALISTIC than amir khan’s those above written craps,ROFL.

    And the movies you’re waited for among which brothers,dangal will not be classic ,it’ll be overrated like perfaketionist’s movies.the movies I’m genuinely waiting for are FAN,RAEES,ADITYA’NEXT CLASSIC,Mahenjodaro,Shandar,Udta Punjab and many such genuine films.unlike you waited for masala biopics,ROFL.don’t behave as you never watched those masala movies of salman/any other star,so as WE’RE waited for DILWALE .but see the difference between my awaited CLASSICS and yours,even you guys didn’t appreciated SHAHID’HAIDER performance which 1000 times better than your overrated pk’s performance.all that you need raju hirani,next illogical /any muruggados/shankar’s next,any other masala biopic these are your watching film’s standard.even some amir fans are saying openly they are waiting for bb,prdp then why don’t PEOPLES will prefer DILWSLE over those craps after salamn/amir’s movie’s logic always boi CED over my heads and don’t why how you guys managed to watch those illogical craps.

    Yes DIL SE was far better than zakhm perdormancewise,but as you don’t like KING KHAN you need to say zakhm was better.and WE knew national award’s cheap thought even SWADES also a crap for them,so don’t need to say’s proved OUR CLASS is far higher than your mindless illogical/unrealistic craps,so better you try your logic somewhere else where your perfakerionist’s unrealistic awards seems real and they can award your perfaketioniat whose achievement as an actor is nothing,ROFL.

  • @ace khan,what a silly’re thinking so smart of yourselves and also believing what were you telling that will be believed by US,but you know what you yourself don’t know what you had written.I think your mind is not working?????

    1st tell me which film of national awards ever chosen forcivilian awards rather than film awards?????you’re trying every path but unfortunately those path were blocked,ROFL.poor perfaketionist’s fan is crying unnecessarily.

    What 3 links you’re talking about?????your star only invited Obama while OUR KING’S dialogue said by Obama to impress Indians.not only that even ONE PRESIDENT also came to HNY SET to meet KING KHAN and 4 presidents/pm invited HIM.even James Cameron too know India means KING KHAN.that’s enough to show WHO IS KING KHAN.

    you know what whenever poles are conducting here,the lowest vote always gets amir followed by salman while KING KHAN always at the top.but this time as 3i is a popular film so all fans except SRKIANS voted for amir,for which reason you can see 3i at spot-2.if it was any other film other than famous like 3i/pk it would have been got last spot.and you also have doubt why salman fans didn’t voted for dabang.because whatever fans came here most(90%) of them voted for dabang and rest 10 for amir’s films,that’s the exact population of salman fans here.and what votes 3i/pk got around 2% of it’s votes contributes from amir fans and rest all majority about 80% from neutral udience.still fall short in front of us,because that’s your aukat.whoever voted for RA ONE/HNY the are DIEHARD SRKIANS and don’t want their star’s even worst film remain at bottom then other star’s best.that’s THE OF SRKIANS.give thanks to GOD,that KING KHAN never came with your aju papa/dhoom rand,otherwise air/salman would have retired nowwhy dabang can’t get vote is otdue to salman an’s sensibility because there are not sufficient fans of salman who can vote for his films.his poll is about all fans vs ALONE SRKIANS,an the result is SRKIANS ARE THE WNNER.if you can give right reasons then post your comment,don’t ois shits like ‘shut up’ lash blah like genuine not a blind hater of your ass khan,.you should have understand KING KHAN IS THE ULTIMATE RULER OF HIS GENERATION.

  • @sss keep posting the same. Aamir has millions of fans across the globe. His might is bigger than even tom cruise. So kindly shut up. Srk is nothing in from of aamir’s stardom and popularity. Dangal will shatter each and every record in India and overseas.

  • King aamir’s PK and 3 idiots are bestest movies. This stupid poll by blind haters cant change the reality. Everyone loved 3 idioys and pkk way more than any other star’s movie. The BO success proved that. Dhoom 3 is also much better than crap don 2 only because of aamir.

  • dangal pandey 90cr,2rs acting and 11 hit of chotu khan with out raju papa/brand dhoom can’t survive in the usual will chase DON2’S DOMESTIC,KANK’S OVERSEAS COLLECTIONS as usual.with out raju papa/dhoom brand 11 hit actor can’t be compared with even KING KHAN’S FEET,forget about HIS FAN FOLLOWING and POPULARITY.

  • @The Phenom — keep asking the same question, he doesn’t have any answer as he lied (Kuch toh decade disaster Chotu ideal se toh seekhege hi) these chotutards proved it by their own comments..

    @SSS — Salute to your comments.. Keep doing this awesome work, these people looks like a kids infront of your comments.. i just open the link now, didn’t know these chotu actor’s fans are keep doing comments, & didn’t know i will find such amazing comments (yes talking about your comments), you’re 100% rights, have used logic unlike these Chotutards/Bhojpuritards.. Quite sure they agree with you too but will not accept which doesn’t matter but they know the reality which matters.. btw some one’s ass will burn once again after mine this comment but that doesn’t matter, they’re born for this… as well as CE top the list their asses will burn again and again as i said before they’re born for this,, SRK 5 movies in top 7, Chotu just 2 movies, while our Bhojpuri Bhaijaan has not a single movie… most of these fanbases voted against a SRK’s movie still lost the game and poll, it shows and proves once again that SRKians >> Chotu/Motu/Akku/Kallutards same like SRK >> Chotu/Motu/Akku/Kallu..


  • @Aman is better than aamir’s movies? only in your dreams you jerk. aamir is much bigger star than your tiny haklu. aamir’s dhoom 3 is far better than tingu haklu srk’s all movies in his career.

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