Beauty spotted!

Vivek Oberoi, having seen a press reporter around, makes a quick departure from a producers private party so that he is not spotted with Miss Sri Lanka, Jacqueline Fernandes.

Vivek Oberoi seems to have a penchant for beauty pageant winners. After his relationships with model Gurpreet Gill and Aishwarya Rai, he was recently spotted playing a gracious host to Miss Sri Lanka, Jacqueline Fernandes (Jackie), who is currently in India. Vivek and Jackie were spotted together on three different occasions on Saturday. The two attended a food guide launch at a hotel after which they went to a popular nightclub to hang around before attending a private party at a producer’s house.

However, Vivek is obviously not looking at being spotted with Jackie by the press yet. So, the moment Vivek saw a reporter at the party, simply turned around and ran to his car and disappeared from the scene. Onlookers swear that it was the fastest escape that Vivek could have ever made! All he managed to mutter to Jackie before running away was, “There are reporters here!”

Although Jackie, who is considerably new in India, was trying to figure out the reason behind Vivek’s quick retreat, she was far more comfortable about her friendship with him.

Jackie says, “Vivek and I were at the same function earlier in the day. We sat next to each other and that’s where we had a great conversation. We also went to a nightclub with friends after the event. It was sweet of Vivek to accompany me to this private party at a producer’s place that I was supposed to attend.”

So why did he leave so quickly? “Maybe he had some other party to attend,” she says with a smile. When questioned about her friendship with Vivek, she merely giggles and says, “I’m sure he’s a sweet guy. Let’s see, we’ll just go with the flow.”

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