Bangistan Movie Review

Karan Anshuman has been a reputable film critic for a few years now, someone who is known for his immense knowledge of movies. So when he decides to write a script and direct it, expectations are raised. And when the movie is a satire based on religion and is produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani, expectations rise even further. Popular film critics like Khalid Mohamed have failed to make it big as directors. Does Karan succeed? Is Bangistan worth a watch? Let’s find out.

Story: Bangistan is set in an Island nation located in the Indian ocean. Here, the Northern part is dominated by Muslims and the Southern part by Hindus. There is polarization in the people because of religion even though the religious leaders of both religions are on friendly terms with each other. The extremists want to malign the other religion and hence recruit two people from their own religions Hafiz Bin Ali and Praveen Chaturvedi (Ritiesh and Pulkit) to pose as members of the opposite religion and to carry out a terrorist attack at a world religious conference in Krakow, Poland. In Krakow, both Praveen and Hafiz become roommates and various incidents occur which lead us to the dramatic climax.

Screenplay and Direction: The biggest problem with Bangistan is the idea of the film, which promises a lot but the resulting piece of cinema is utterly disappointing. It is a funny film which hardly has any laugh-out-loud moments and even the satire seems dumbed down for the normal audience. Karan could have done so much with Bangistan but the film eventually becomes mangled in its own aspirations of being both funny and dramatic. The preachy climax doesn’t help either. Bangistan starts off well but loses its pace very quickly and it has hardly any role for women which reeks of regression. Jacqueline’s character seems like a glamorous afterthought.

Bangistan Review

Bangistan Review

The best thing about Bangistan is its cinematography which is breathtaking. Polish cinematographer Szymon Lenkowski has shot the film with utmost care and symmetry almost bringing an auteur like care to his frames. Many of the frames reminds you of Wes Anderson’s movies. The costume design and set design is also very detailed (we wish the director had paid the same care to the story!). The editing is also very good since the length is kept to a meagre 2 hours. The music is nothing to write home about, with the background score being appropriate for the scenes.

Acting: Ritiesh Deshmukh puts in an honest performance even if the role doesn’t have too many dimensions to it. He is earnest and tries his best. Pulkit Samrat also gives it his best but unfortunately his competence is remarkably low. He just can’t act effortlessly. Chandan Roy Sanyal is however, very good and he should have probably been given Samrat’s role. Jacqueline doesn’t have a lot to do but she does her best to look good and entice the two male leads. Kumud Mishra is one dimensional but his performance is funny.

Conclusion: Bangistan is a missed opportunity. They could have gone into any direction with the premise but they chose the worst possible direction by making it preachy instead of funny. And the comedy in Bangistan is either too high brow or dumbed down. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. It is plagued by bad acting (Pulkit Samrat) and a slow screenplay. The camera work is extraordinary and the sets are detailed, which also happens to be the best thing about the film. In short, not worth a trip to the theatre.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆




  • So this film shows its easy for critics to critique or criticise other films but they cant make a good film themselves.

  • The trailer was itself disappointing!!

    Big lesson for critics like Nipun to not try their hands at filmmaking. ;)

  • so critics only good in criticizing but bad in film making. reviewing a movie sitting on chair is easy but making a movie is tough.

  • Film making us not an easy job.Critics only knows how to criticize a movie
    It will be fun to see Rajeev Masand direct a movie

  • When i saw the trailer of Bangistaan i knew that the movie will be a Flop . I am surprised how come Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar agreed to produce the movie . To make matters worse the movie has been banned in Pakistan and UAE . I think they should have made a movie on terrorism or comedy but you can’t show Comedy in a terrorist background that’s what i feel . Anyways i have not seen Bangistaan . Now i am waiting for Brothers .

  • Hmm…1.5 Star!!
    Expected a lot from this movie…Also want to watch ritesh after ek villian…But it gonna failed badly…
    I like drishyam a lot…The last scene was the best scene i have ever seen…Great acting by Ajay and Tabu…And mark my word,It will more on its 2nd week…Such a thrilling movie

  • After Ek villian evry 1 expecting some dhamaka frm RD !
    But thats vry sad that he chooses a wrng film !
    Hope bangistan doesnt hurt him because he is vry gud actor !
    Best of luck RD ! Waiting for some faadu performances frm u in d near future !

  • Again 1.5 rating. I have checked 6/7 reviews, all have given 1.5 rating to Flopistaan…
    Truly deserving 1.5 star film

  • These critics are idiots who trashed films like A2 & HAK but has no sense about movies . Both were awesome movies.

  • Smart critics don’t get into filmmaking.. because no one in the industry will support them when their film release.. Khalid Mohammad directed one decent film Fiza.. after that directed a pathetic film called Silsilay..

    Not even one trailer or song promo of Bangistan was good.. so when the trailer itself is so bad.. how can you expect the film to be good??

  • This what excel entertainment product lol..
    I have doubt about next movies of excel..
    well look at Eros international
    they always picks content types movies
    Eros international 2015 movies
    badlapur – 35 cr – hit
    nh10 – 30 cr – hit
    twmr – 150 cr – atbb
    bb – 325 cr – atbb
    This is what Eros products…
    some yet to release
    welcome back – sure shot hit
    hero – hit
    And again huge release in December
    BAJIRAO MASTANI – sure shot hit
    Eros always made content driven movies

  • Fukrey also got similar reviews but became a sleeper hit due to its fresh comedy and stark dialogues.
    This would hopefully be along the same lines.

  • I dnt believe indicine reviews
    u gavd bb önly 3.5 stars a movie which deservd 4+
    i likd bangistn promos its funny luks like a gud satire wil watch it(laptop)

  • Excel Entertainment making horrible decisions in choosing films,then release dates etc etc.

    They already delivered a flop DDD & Bangistan due to wrong release date.

    They made same mistake with Talaash by so many times change in date & then released in dull period.

    Now they know that BB heating screens on 17th July & Drishyam on 31 & Brothers on 15th August still they choosed 31st then postponed to 7th.

    In all that process film becamed sandwitch.

    I think Ritesh Sidhwani & Farahan Akhtar are taking decisions with heart instead of brain.!

    Read article of Ritesh today on Sultan-Raees clash.
    He said he dont want clash.
    Now i think he is started taking some good decisions.

    Yes when you have yrf infront of you its hard to compete & Ritesh knows it very well that Raees will find hard to get good screens when Sultan is releasing other end.

    Now Ritesh’s last remained hope(he said indirectly) that Sultan will not complete get within time.

    But as wd know yrf,the progress which Ali Abbas Zafar tweets & Salman will work only on Sultan from November clears that Sultan will get completed within time & hit screens on Eid2016.

    So i think Ritesh should start thinking about new release date for Raees as soon as to avoid such kind of gamble which they made with Bangistan.

  • After ek villain , many idiots must have been thinking that ritesh iz a star ..first of ek villains credit should be given to the director , fresh songs and sid – shrdha fresh fair BT ritesh took all the credit..he was no where in the trailer so how can u give him the credit ? 50 cr weekend because of above factors not ritesh. Yes he acted well BT he iz only a side hero or he can only work in multistarrers ..! Overrated actor .
    Now he was the main lead in bangistan and poorest opening …DT says it all ..!

    He iz nothing in stardom , he can only work in multistarrers ..!
    Only acted well in EV , grand masti and KSKHM ..!

  • @R Ranveer- Critics did not trash A2, HAK was trashed because of poor script.
    @Shaggy- Badlapur 51cr not 35

  • Comedy is dying. …..only anees basmi is left to save it and rajkumar santoshi. …
    Other good comedy directors have disappeared or are trying serious films like the director of
    Hera pheri
    Bhagam bhaag
    Bhool bhoolaya

  • lol. Fiza was a good film by khalid . it also won Karishma a filmfare award for her amazing performance. Hrithik was also admired for his acting . Fukrey was also a decent film.

  • Fiza was all about Lolo but it was let down by the constant shivering of her useless imbecile brother in the movie. Otherwise a good movie.

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