Bang Bang Update: Shimla recreated in Film City Mumbai

Siddharth AnandSiddharth Anand, who has previously directed films like Bachna Ae Haseeno, Salaam Namaste and Anjaana Anjaani, has recreated Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, in Film City to film a song and action sequence for ‘Bang Bang’.

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif along with the rest of the cast and crew of ‘Bang Bang’, shot for 20 days at Film City.

“The shooting of ‘Bang Bang’ is in top gear. We just wrapped a schedule in Mumbai where we shot a song and a few action sequences.”

“Now the entire team is fully prepared to travel to Abu Dhabi for the intense action-packed schedule” Anand said.

A source from the film’s unit has revealed that the song shot in Film City was titled ‘Khus Phus’, choreographed by Bosco and filmed on Hrithik Roshan.

Bang Bang is scheduled to release in theatres on October 2nd 2014 along with two other big releases Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Haider’ and Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom biopic.



  • mary kom and Haider will not release on 2nd october if Bang Bang makes it by then….thats for sure!!!

    Bang bang can be amongst the top 3 grossers of the year even though the khans are coming on festive seasons…..dont forget that 2nd october is a big release weekend this year as 3rd october is dusherra followed by bakra eid… is the biggest weekend of the year……

    Plus bang bang is a hardcore mass masala film…..and hritik would be red hot as he would be in the same dhoom 2 avtar….plus makers of bang bang ie fox star has already announced that bang bang will be as big as it gets in terms of production quality……..

    hritik may beat one or maybe even 2 khans this year!!!

  • All the best team Bang Bang and lets hope ‘nipin senior’ does not get a ticket for a first day show as hes pure bad luck n a total jinx…!

    Bang Bang to earn 200cr plus if nipin doesnt watch it.

    Bang Bang to earn under 150cr if nipin watches it n leaves behind his crappy reviews putting off the masses.

  • @lisa Hrithik is nothing infornt of khans, you can’t imagine the craze for HNY, PK and Kick. Even Singham 2 and Bombay velvet are more awaited films compared to Bang Bang acc to Ormax media.

  • Shahid and pc, sudhar jao .do u again want zanjeer and mausam? ?
    Hrithik is back in his action avatar. Gonna be huge for sure. Never under estimate the power of hrithik roshan,the most complete actor of bollywood.

  • Khans’ fan, stay away. Holiday and bang bang gonna rock on BO. Kick gonna be kicked..happy new year gonna be crappy new will be huge for raju,not for amir.

  • @romance crappy old year:
    hey blind and dishonest chamcha, don’t u see the name of star. It’s hrithik roshan. .the most complete actor of bollywood.
    And hrithik is nothing in front of khans? ? Was it not the same star who topped in 2000,2003 and 2006?
    Never under estimate the power of GREEK GOD! while your overrated and media hyped khans are taking the help of open weeks and festive release. Everyone knows about jail ho and talaash. Your overrated srk took diwali and christmas for crap raone and don2. Still didn’t creat any magic. But our greek god took diwali and gave all time highest grosser.

  • Hrithik Roshan beats Salman Khan to become the sexiest Dhoom villain!
    Looks like the Bang Bang actor has taken over the sexy tag from the Dabangg star
    Hrithik Roshan beats Salman Khan to be labelled the sexiest Dhoom villain by BollywoodLife readers. When news of Sallu being roped in to play a baddie inDhoom 4started making headlines, we couldn’t help but ask out Bollywood followers who made the sexiest villain – Salman, Aamir Khan, Hrithik or then John Abraham. We thought that all these dishy dudes had a way with bikes and babes. And with theKickactor becoming the latest entrant into theDhoomfranchise we wondered if he would beat good friend Aamir and other two hunks John and Hrithik in the sexy quotient. But looks like BollywoodLifersdo not agree.
    Our poll results revealed that Hrithik still tops the sexy Dhoom villain list, despite Mr Perfectionist attempts to take over HR as the clown thief in third part failed. And looks like Sallu too will have to fight real hard to beat B-town Greek God as the bestDhoombaddie.
    About 55 percent voters (1776) felt that Hrithik rules this list, Salman followed second with 34 percent votes (1087). John Abraham who shot to success with Dhoom stood third with 6 percent votes (192) and Aamirseemed to have failed in his double role as he stood last with a mere 5 percent votes (172). Looks like neither Aamir nor the sexy Katrina Kaif could beat Hrithik and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s sizzling act inDhoom 2.
    BollywoodLifers, do you agree with our poll results. Will Salman Khanhave a tough time breaking Hrithik‘s record as the sexiestDhoomvillain?

  • @nipun yes bournvita god gave highest all time grosser which lasted for 1 month also talaash and jai ho was better than mosquito flying sounding movie

  • @Navin nipun will watch 1st day 1st show of Bang Bang at any cost.He will be the 1st person worldwide to book ticket online and he will also book extra seat to keep bournvita bottle

  • @nipin senior- Yeah kudos to Rohit for earning the highest grosser of all time tag this past Diwali- just a shame the record didnt last as long as Srks record of 3 months….! :-(

    Ace Khan beat both records hands down but I know you will foolishly say it was Dhoom brand that broke records so to you I say I hope you congratulate Marvel bcoz it was Marvels reject characters deemed too small for X-men franchise that were copied n pasted into the Rohit 3 movie by Master Plagiarism Pirate Rakesh Senior…! Give credit where its due n I personally thank Marvel for rejecting the Frogman as he was a ray of sunshine in an otherwise lethargic movie…! ;-)

  • @sachin11: jai ho is better than guzaarish? ? LMAO ROFL LOL. . .you bhojpuri can never correct and improve yourself. Calling jai ho is better dan guzaarish is like calling himmatwala is better than titanic. Btw,what can we expect from these bhojpurifans? They are brainless as usual. Atleast, i drink bournvita.but what about bhojpurifans who drink alcohol and hit people in drunk state.
    @vaibhav:if a stupid site under report k3’s collection,then it’s not the fault of roshans. GROW up!if roshan can manipulate,so can those sites who lower its collection.but we all know how these insecure khan and khanfans spread huge negativity against k3.

  • Hmmm.. Seems the hype foh bang bang is huge.. It shd do atleast 150 crores..also its production value is looking great.All the best hrithik.. Shahid shd postpone his haider coz I like both.. Who cares abt mary kom

  • @nipun wake up from dream, its my challenge bomby velvet will be bigger grosser than bang bang, hritic is nothing infront of ranbir forget khans

  • No ways Bang bang will feature in the TOP 3 grossers of the year! it will do maximum 200 crores if it’s a solo release, cause of such a Huge opening weekend! I’m eagerly waiting for the movie cause I loved Knight & Day! There will be a fight for the 4th spot between Akki (Holiday) & HR (Bang Bang) ! 5th belongs to Ajay Devgn (Singham 2) & 6th belongs to RK junior (Bombay Velvet). INDICINE WHY AREN’T YOU POSTING MY COMMENT?

  • @romance disaster:u also predicted 85 crores for k3. But it did 244 crorer. .your comment are senseless.

  • @nipin senior You fool Guzaarish…. Jeez did you even watch it or were you the one n only solitary ‘fly’ that went to see that pile of rubbish…? Get a life loser- Jai Ho was better than that piece of crap n so was Himmatwala, Boss, K786 and my all time favourite movie- Ratoon Point One…,! What did Guzaarish have in it except for flys that made it great…? Noone saw it- infact more ppl went to see a stupid ‘LUNCHBOX’ than that crap- also more insane ppl like you loved NASHA, Lootera, Jackpot than that crap. It was crap- so crap that it makes MNIK a classic or Paa a masterpiece. Even brainless Ready was better than Guzaarish- why you ask- well it was entertaining- more entertaining than watching Hritic shiver when a fly entered his massive nostril….! CRAP

  • @sachin11


    That extra seat will be for the new Queen Lootera Nipun- Mrs Sakhi Rawant and their recently born offspring- “nipun junior”…!

  • I am shocked by navin’s IQ level. First he called ready better than znmd. Now saying ready is better than guzarish ! ! Height of stupidity! Grow up bhojpuris!

  • @Navin, i can’t believe that you are married with children. you are the one behaving like a ceralic eating baby. god help immature people like you, do you behave the same childish way infront of your family lol
    you are insulting guzaarish, then that means you are a blind salman and also aamir fan. if aamir had done guzaarish, you would have piled heaps of praises on it.

    and if you talking about acting, please tell about the acting skills of your bhaijaan !!! yes he is a mass star and one of the most popular stars but what about his acting skills ?? only because you are his fan, you will defend his acting skills, plus isn’t salman copy pasting south films since 2009 to surivive at the box office. don’t behave like immature people. don’t be blind khan fans, you are criticising nipun but what are you doing ?? supporting films like dabangg 2 because it has your fav star, whats the difference between you and blind fans then ? this is why khans are overrated.

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