Bang Bang release date reconfirmed, Phantom in November

Fox Star Studios has sent out a press release reconfirming the release date of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif’s Bang Bang as October 2nd 2014.

Although the film was initially announced for release in May 2014, the head injury that Hrithik Roshan sustained while shooting for the film, meant that the entire schedule was delayed by a few months.

Earlier this year, Bang Bang was announced for theatrical release during the Gandhi Jayanti weekend. However, there was tremendous uncertainty over its release as two films ‘Phantom’ and ‘Mary Kom biopic’ were also officially announced to arrive on the same day.

There were also reports that Bang Bang may not release on October 2nd, as the shooting is only about 70% complete and the post-production work would also consume a lot of time.

But now that the release date has been reconfirmed by Fox, there are reports coming in that the makers of Kabir Khan’s Phantom will now release their film in the last week of November.

  • Bang Bang – October 2
  • Mary Kom – October 2
  • Phantom – November 28

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif - Bang BangHrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif – Bang Bang



  • This is good,Phantom producers were aware of star power of Hrithik Roshan…so they have just saved their film from getting FLOP.

    Bang Bang will open huge,while Mary Kom will be all about good WOM.

  • BangBang will be around 120-160 depending on if it clashes with haider or not if it clash with haider Banabang will come down to 80-130 range and will depend on haider’s WOM.
    PK will defintely benefit by releasing on 19Dec but will finally loose steam once Bombay Velvet arrives. I expect 175-200 Cr for PK. 100-150 Cr for Bombay velvet and aorund 40-100 Cr for Welcome back. Actually Welcome backs performance depends on PKs WOM.
    Top grosser of the year undoubtely will be HNY but to cross 250Cr HNY needs atleast 2 open weeks that means no Action jackson Clash after onbe week. HNY Prediction is 250Cr + if two open weeks 200-250Cr if Action Jackson relases 30Oct. Kick will fall in the range of 150-190Cr which is the range for Sallu Bhai if WOM is good.

  • Now it is revenge time for HR…
    Go HR show all the khans what you are capable of,
    Your Krrish 3 was defamed by one Khan and Guzaarish by the other!!!

  • Mary Kom will be kicked out.

    Don’t Underestimate HRITHIK ROSHAN’s Star Power. Father Of Khans. And Given That He’s on Full Action Avatar, Be Scared Rivals be very Scared. 2nd Oct we are bringing d STORM !

  • i had told you before that phantom will postpone. nobody wants to clash with BANG BANG !!! Hrithik , Greek God Roshan is BACK in commercial avatar. Nothing can STOP BANG BANG, no pathetic hater, no big star’s dirty politics by doing negativity about it. nothing can stop it.

    BANG BANG will BANG all records. Haters apna boriya bistar baandh lo.

  • Bang Bang will be a huge Blockbuster, i can bet on that. It is a very very strong contender for biggest grosser this year.

  • Yaahooooo:D i knew dat phantom will be postponed n it finally happened. .now my predictation is 200 will be huge
    1.hro-kat ,arguable the hottest pair is back
    2.hro back in commercial entertainment like dhoom
    3.vishal shekhar music
    4.hro-kat dance numbers
    5.there wud be unseen amazing stunts .
    6.dussarah and gandhi jayanti

  • FOX is a world leader in marketing of movies. no film can dare to compete with them and when the film if as BIG as BANG BANG starring Hrithik , its just the biggest bonaza !!!

  • Mary com will also get postponed soon.. This is Hrithik Roshan movie, everyone knws de star power of him. Bang Bang will take record breaking opening surely. A sure shot Blockbuster nd 200 cr grosser..

    1st day collection of bang bang will be above 40 crs..

    Hrithik Roshan will reign de box office supremacy again dis october..

    indicine team, post a bang bang prediction soon..

  • bang bang releasing on oct 2 same date beshram i expect similar result i liked knight and day but hritik and kat wil make it dumb and dumber!!!

  • haters can bark as much they want. BANG BANG is a sure shot blockbuster, 250-300 cr MUST !!!
    love you my Hrithik <3 mind blowing action,awesome dance,chartbuster music,soothing romance make Bang Bang a lethal weapon

  • BO Prediction: bang 200-230 crores
    2.singham 2 180-190 crores
    3.happy new year 180 crores 170 crores
    5.kick 120-130 crores

  • bang bang will not be huge as hrithik has no starpower.his biggest hits was only with his dad except dhoom2 but if there was any khan or even akshay Kumar it had earn more.

  • Bang Bang Will BE blockbuster with out doubt. Evry hrithiks commercial film broke records this wont be any different.N mary kom also will change the date as SLB knows tht if BangBang will come out on 2nd oct then no one will go n watch the other film…! Hrithik Roshan BangBang will cross 200 cr mark without doubt.

  • bangbang is not only clashing with MaryCom but also with Vishal Bhardwaj’s ambitios Haider. Hoping the best for all.

  • Haider is also release on 2 oct and it is confirmed by utv . Sorry for Bang Bang it will also clash with Mary Kom

  • Hrithik Roshan @ iHrithik 1d
    Enjoyed 12 hrs of dance all night 4 #bangbang, 1 of d best songs of my life.Thnk u vishal shekhar,Bosco Ceaser n Sid fr pushing myextreme!
    (HR via twitter)

  • everyone knows mary kom is more keenly awaited n its gonna be an oscar winning movie n priyanka gonna rock n sweep all awards n probably the national n oscar award also while hope bang bang postpones its date as the post production will take more time for bang bang

  • Mary kom gonna rock n sizzle at the boxoffice just wait n watch n priyanka is superb in the film with just some glimpses out we r sure its a big blockbuster while bang bang is a remake of hollywood film knight n day

  • @triumphadetona or whateva:
    all action movies are nt craps and all biopics are nt classics. .however,i think mary kom will be a gud movie. .bt why to compare it wid bang bang? ? Both are of different genres. You cann’t compare Jodha akbar with krrish. .btw,bang bang will be a quality action films.

  • @nipun Bang Bang should be shifted instead pf Mary Kom, not other way. Are you in your senses? Mary Kom mught turn out to be a masterpiece like Lootera! You want a Looterean masterpiece to bow down before a mindless action film Bang Bang?
    Dont act double faced.

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