Bang Bang Monday (Day 5) Collections: Crosses 100 crore in 5 days

Bang Bang continued its good run on its 5th day at the box office. The film has crossed the 100 cr mark in 5 days, which is the joint 5th fastest to the milestone after Dhoom 3 (3 days), Chennai Express (3 days plus paid previews),Krrish 3 (4 days), Kick (5 days) and Singham Returns (5 days).

Singham Returns and Bang Bang are the fastest for films released outside the three main festive weekends (Eid, Diwali, Christmas).

Monday was a holiday in some parts of the country for Bakrid, so it remains to be seen what sort of business the film can generate on Tuesday – the most crucial day since its release. If Bang Bang manages to hold somewhere nearthe 9-10 crore mark, the film will easily cross the 150 cr mark in its second weekend.

Bang Bang Box Office Collections

  • Thursday (Day 1) 27.54 cr
  • Friday (Day 2) 24.08 cr
  • Saturday (Day 3) 20.1 cr
  • Sunday (Day 4) 22.41 cr
  • Monday (Day 5) – 15.36 cr
  • 5-day Total collections 109.49 cr


  • I told you guys bang bang will gradually do well in coming days. Hrithik power will bring the audience in coming days…it is doing quite well at the box office so far and it will continue to do so..

  • Hrithik Roshans Star power…Avg movie ko hit kara diya…With clash from highly rated Haider….So HR hasn’t lost his hold on box office…

  • its pretty avearge in holiday it should have 20cr so its clear movie will now average or below as today movie is crass as per morning shows.

  • Bang Bang should cross 150 cr with mixed to negative word of mouth…which will be good achievement…BB will recover its cost from world-wide collections…

  • Satisfactory collection in despite of huge negativity surrounding ds film nd limited screen space nd also competition with haider…i hope it would get atleast hit status…it deserves that.

  • Indicine in its prediction article predicted 150 cr in wrost case senario here with mixed response 150 cr seems very distant
    Under performance all the way

  • 17 days left like if you know what I am saying
    Dislike if you cant wait already booked tickets
    Iss Diwali todenge records INDIAWAALE

  • Babaji the leading distributer of India : bang bang released on just 3300 screen

    Fox star studios: bang bang released in 4300 screens in india

    Obviously Fox star are lying coz babaji is world’s greatest person and everyone cares for what he thinks… Babaji plz don’t die when HNY releases

  • Hrithik ur hard work and dedication paid off….You outshined Katrina In Beauty department…U carried whole movie on ur shoulder…Waiting for Mohenjo-Daro…Hope it will have great story…

  • HR haters don’t spread negativity….BB is all ready in safe zone…Try to appreciate others hardwork …If u didn’t liked movie then its ok….but why to spread heatred towards movie..

  • Bang bang was such a boring movie that it took some patience to sit through the whole length of the movie. Not even one person that i know has liked the movie. It’s even worse than besharam, whatever money it has taken is because of festive weekend and holidays with lack of other options. People should have really watched haider instead of this boring masala movie.

  • Bang Bang got almost holiday on each & every day in first 5 days which is huge advantage with a little disadvantage of Clash but still its ok as it got 3500+ screens.

    Chennai Express got 3 holidays in first 3 days + paid previews.

    Singham Returns got 3 holidays in its first 5 days.

    Dhoom3 got only 1 holiday in first 3 days so its impressive as it hit 100crs in just 3 days.
    It had advantage of Dhoom brand.

    Kick got just 1 holiday & that too in Pre-Ramdan period.
    Hence it is the second most impressive performance after Dhoom3.
    And it proved by Kick by its superb trend after Ramdan over.
    Because it taken 5 days to match with 3 days of CE but after that it crossed first week of CE by huge margin of 10crs & that to without paid previews.

  • v good collection so far.hope it earns in double digit today also.coming to my honest opinion about the film I liked bb far more than ce,yjhd ,k3,kick holiday and on par with d3.I don’t knw y critics and some netigens hv been so harsh with the film.but despite such negativity and competition from haider bb has earned well till now.all the best bb team.hope it bcms a blockbuster

  • So krrish 3 collected 245 cr n bang2 150 cr… Hritik lost his audience worth 100 cr!! Myanmar n babaji killing each other out of frustration

  • if bang bang was release in eid period & solo release…then it will definetely do 200cr. but it won’t

  • The film has collected 108.85 cr nett all India in five days which is a good result despite competition but film is not trending well which means tomorrow is super crucial as minimum two figure day is required. Film has to cross 135 cr nett week minimum otherwise all holiday benefit will be lost and it will struggle to cross 190-200 cr nett mark.

  • smwhere disappointed, but nt bad numbers, despite clash its huge acheivement, v cnt 4get jthj nd sos clash, both affects vry badly that too in Diwali festival, and bang bang crossed them both in 5days, due to pre diwali season now movie lose its pick on box office, still if movie got 1 big holiday in wkday then Kick after that K3 numbers in danger

  • @sagar: hey, you are the same loser who had requested all indicine users to watch dhoom 3 as much as they can before jai ho release. You are the same loser who was going gaga over kick as if it was a masterpiece. Now you are barking about bang bang? ! Your hrithikhaters are so dumb? ?

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