Bang Bang HIT or Flop: Box Office Prediction

The last quarter of the year, usually reserved for the biggest superstars in the industry to unleash their star power at the box office, is finally here. And what better way to begin the month of October than with a film that features two of the top actors in the industry, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif.

Hrithik scored a hat-trick last year when Krrish 3 went on to be his 3rd back-to-back hit after Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Agneepath. Katrina hasn’t had a failure in years, but her contemporary Deepika Padukone has edged past her to take the ‘queen of the box office’ crown.

The promotional campaign for Bang Bang has been a little confusing, what with the theatrical trailer of the film releasing just a week before the film’s release. But almost everything else that the makers have released so far has worked big time. The response to the teaser was earth-shattering, music has clicked big time with Meherbaan topping charts and the title track has received a incredible response too.

Hrithik Roshan New Still from Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan in Bang Bang

So the only hurdle between Bang Bang and opening day box office records is Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider which also releases in theatres to take advantage of the extended 5-day weekend.

Predicting something as unpredictable as the box office is difficult, but the big question that everyone seems to be asking is.. how much can Bang Bang collect on Thursday which also happens to be a national holiday for Gandhi Jayanti? Singham Returns released on 3650 screens and collected Rs 32.09 crore (holiday for Independence Day). Dhoom 3 is the record holder currently as it collected Rs 36.22 on Friday, a working day in India! So just how much can Bang Bang collect with Haider releasing on the same day?

We believe, the trade that is expecting around 30 crore could be in for a surprise tomorrow. The buzz for Bang Bang is crazy high and the film could collect somewhere between 32-35 crore tomorrow, even with Haider releasing on the same day. If Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son Of Sardaar could collect nearly 36 crore on a single day two years ago, the combined business of Haider and Bang Bang could cross 40 crore for the first time ever.

A couple of factors that could affect business tomorrow is the Champions League T20 semifinal (Kolkata Knight Riders, Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings are all playing), the Durga Puja festivities that affects business in a few states and the uncertainty over the release in Tamilnadu as the bail plea of ex-CM Jayalalitha has been pushed to October 6th.


Release: Bang Bang will release on 3600 screens (approx) in Hindi and around 800 screens overseas. The film will also get a wide release in Tamil and Telugu – Fox Star is yet to send us the screen count.

IF VERY GOOD (positive word-of-mouth)

  • Day 1 (Thursday) – 34 cr
  • Day 2 (Friday) - 30 cr
  • Day 3 (Saturday) - 31 cr
  • Day 4 (Sunday) – 32 cr
  • 4-day Weekend - 127 cr
  • Day 5 (Monday) – 21 cr
  • First Week - 175 cr
  • Final - 240 cr+ (Blockbuster / All Time Blockbuster)

IF AVERAGE (mixed response)

  • Day 1 (Thursday) - 33 cr
  • Day 2 (Friday) - 28 cr
  • Day 3 (Saturday) - 29 cr
  • Day 4 (Sunday) – 30 cr
  • 4-day Weekend - 120 cr
  • Day 5 (Monday) – 17 cr
  • First Week - 162 cr
  • Final - 200 cr+ (Super Hit)

IF BAD (worst case scenario)

  • Day 1 (Thursday) - 32 cr
  • Day 2 (Friday) - 25 cr
  • Day 3 (Saturday) - 23 cr
  • Day 4 (Sunday) – 23 cr
  • 4-day Weekend - 103 cr
  • Day 5 (Monday) – 13 cr
  • First Week - 130 cr
  • Final - 150 cr (Semi Hit)

We think Bang Bang will do reasonably well even in the worst case scenario due to the extended 5-day weekend – the most holiday-filled 5 days in a long long time. Gandhi Jayanti, Maha Navami and Bakri-Id are holidays in most parts of the country. Bang Bang also has 3 open weeks to collect as much as it can before the release of Happy New Year, although a week or so before Diwali is usually a dull period for business.

Exciting times ahead for those who love following day wise figures and comparisons. We have lots of new articles planned for the coming weekend and also the daily contests that gives you a chance to win free tickets. Keep visiting Indicine and don’t forget to vote below!

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  • It will be huge FLOP. Audience is no longer fools to see a hollywood remake (Knight and Day itself was a flop). They will all see only class and deep intellectual film Haider. If audience wants to see time-pass entertainer they will always see Salman films. All other actors are doomed if they do any film other than high quality classy intellectual films.

  • So, the ‘minimum’ opening day collection would be 32 cr at worst case scenario according to IndicineTeam. Will help me to predict the closest figure to win that contest.

    I’m also expecting 33-35 cr with 3,600 screens.

  • khans fans are getting butthurt and predicting 150 180 190 cr LOL all of them will be trolled big time tomorrow!!!

    @safraz qureshi, @akshay singhal, keep your shitty predictions with you!!!
    @anand the original, what about bhaitards ??? please keep your stupid views with you! BANG BANG will set a standard of action films and HRITHIK is the epitome of style!!!!

  • Haider has received huge critical acclaim, it even got 5 stars from some. I will watch Haider first then Bang Bang.

  • @indicine, BangBang buzz is far higher than K3 and bigger than any other film this year!!! in best case scenario it will do 280-300 cr

  • Romance take for bang bang:
    1st day 19 to 24cr
    if positive wom(imposible)
    weekned(4days) 75 to 90cr
    lifetime 140 to 170cr
    if average wom(max chance)
    weekned(4days) 50 to 65cr
    lifetime 95 to 120cr
    if negetive wom(as nite n day remake)
    weekned 40 to 55cr
    lifetime 60 to 85cr.

  • @Praveen @Salman hav u seen the film??? Its completely different frm KND…First see the film thn kutte ki tarah bhokna…Abe suor salman tu kya hr ko tere Fake abbs wala salman samjha…Salman do nothing without copypaste films…tj wo sab dekh yaha mat bhok…sabhi log dekhene #BangBang tu mat dekh tu raste pe ja or kutto k sath bhok…

  • Sid’s lifetime predictions.. Bang Bang lifetime can go even more than that provided it has trends like D3.. Haider 100-110crs..when a crap SOS can cross 100crs..then the Kaminey team with positive acclaim should cross it without any difficulties..and FYI Kaminey made 65-70crs in 2009!!!

  • So the most awaited film of 2014 so far releasing tomorrow.I read somewhere that bang-2 releases on 4000+ screens so I think it will come close to beat d3 opening day but as I think it will definitely collect 32-34 cr for sure.Let’s see how the movie fair as its hard to predict lifetime collection of bang-2 due to clash with Haider still 200 cr on. cards with good wom case may be it surprise all with huge lifetime too.
    Best of luck bang-2

  • @sid bro kaminey collected close to 40 cr in 2009 and I think haider will settle between 60-80 cr region due to its genre and clash. Interesting thing Taran given 2/5 to haider and will give 4 or 4.5/5 to bang bang as he given k3,CE,d3 and kick.What a taste man.Why to behave as movie critic its better to give reviews as trade view.keep it simple Mr.Adarsh

  • I still bet that bang bang will collect 36-37crs tomorrow with all languages combine.. Content is also promising.. May be only in Hindi it can’t break opening n weekend record… But 270+ credit final collection is definate…

    14 hours to go…

  • @sumeet

    Why aim so low kid- bang bang is hollywoodisque film n in that case it should do business worthy of its status right- inception…? Too low… Ok lets go for Avatars record n aim for 3 billion US$ worldwide coz afterall Hritiks last hollywoodisque film Kites set the world boxoffice cash registers on fire right…?

  • my prediction for critics ratings: taran adarsh-4.5 stars, komal-4 stars, indicine-4 stars, toi-4 stars, shubhra gupta-2.5 stars, rajeev masand-3 stars, dna-3.5 stars..

  • M quite sure it ll rock..
    Haider is jus one tym mehman fr a week .. bangbang will prevail till HNY releases! ;)

  • Taran adarsh isn’t reviewing any movie from a more than a month due to health issue. 2/5 for haider was given by bollywood hungama team where taran’s name wasn’t mentioned. They have given 3.5/5 for bang bang.

  • Both Haider and Bang Bang are good movies…but loss of Haider is huge…had it released singly it would have collected 40-50 crs more than what it could have done now with bang bang as competition…

    Haider can be watched in TV when it releases but dont want to miss Bang Bang with high actions scenes…

  • Hrithick sab u the action hero in Indian cinema n r u the best ,
    May lord jesus bless u works Bai
    All the best for u further things ;)

  • Hrithick sir , u the action hero in Indian cinema n u r the best ,
    May lord jesus bless u works sir
    All the best for u further things ;)

    Bang Bang
    First scren
    First show
    Enjoyed a lot
    ( Indain Tom Curse Hrithick )

  • After so much hype & manipulating review by some tv channel and five day holiday bang bang nt able to cross the fst week collection of kick that was Rs183cr.were bang bang fst week with five holidays just collected Rs126cr.hiritek no match for salman khan.bang bang is worst movie of 2014.

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