Bang Bang has a great team of writers

Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming film ‘Bang Bang’ has a great team of writers, who have worked hard to ‘Indianise’ the script of Hollywood film ‘Knight and Day’.

“Sujoy Ghosh and Suresh Nair – the team that co-wrote the screenplay of ‘Kahaani’ (the award-winning 2012 film) have written the screenplay of ‘Bang Bang’, and Abbas Tyrewala (director of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na) has written the dialogues” says a source close to the film.

Bang Bang, also starring Katrina Kaif, releases in theatres on October 2nd.

Hrithik Roshan on the sets of Bang Bang Hrithik Roshan on the sets of Bang Bang



  • Bang bang will be a complete film….
    It has top lead actors HR and Kat
    Music by Vishal Shekhar

    Bang bang will be a blockbuster!!!!

  • if release with clash then 100 crore is not possible because hrithik has no stardom.his one of the most awaited movie done business of only 172 crores.

  • That’s a brilliant update Bang Bang is just getting bigger day by day . Bang Bang cast and crew – Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Javed Jaafery, Danny Denzongpa, Bipasha Basu, Pavan Malhotra (Farhan Akhtar’S coach in BMB) . Crew – Screenplay – Sujoy Ghosh and Suresh Nair . – Dialogues – Abbas tyrewala . Music – Vishal and Shekhar . Choreography – Bosco and Caesar . This is a huge and brilliant team and still if people are saying Bang Bang will be crap God bless them . This 2nd OCT we will Bang Bang .

  • The Greek god will roar on 2nd october and nothing can stop the storm. R.i.p. All records.

  • This Incredible Alliance of Talented People For Giving Us Ultimate Entertainment Will Succeed In Every Way ! Watch For 2nd Oct.

    When HRITHIK ROSHAN is There to Entertain You,Why Wait For Diwali or Christmas.This Time Dusshera Will b Huge.

    Pay No Heed To Haters & Keep Breaking Records.

    BANG BANG all the way !

  • If they were good writers they should have named it Bong Bong. It will do less than 100 crore as it lacks Dhoom brand and especially papa :p
    @babaji ka thullu should change his name to papaji ka chamcha, well fitting your fav actor.

  • Indeed, Sujoy Ghosh, Suresh Nair and Abbas Tyrewala, is a great team of writers. Bang Bang will be huge.

  • I am dying to watch bang bang.
    Upcoming movie of hrithik after bang bang are
    1.shuddhi(i have still a little hope)
    2.mahenjodaro(almost confirmed)
    3.rakesh roshan’s romance-action thriller(confirmed)
    4.immortals of meluha(confirmed)

  • To be honest, I never liked Hrithik. But Bang Bang is a film I’m looking forward to. Hrithik suits the role perfectly. 100% Blockbuster!

  • @lauki ki sabzi, don’t show your stupidity here. tell your srk to stop making bakwaas films like happy new year and tell him to stop taking help from rajnikaanth,honey singh,farah khan,YRF,dharma and star cameos all the time.

    @vicky, why do you behave like an idiot ?? jealousy much ? your salman couldn’t earn more than 120 cr with 4000 screens and solo republic day release.

    these haters wait for films like kick and happy new year which are just baseless masala films or another south remake but they hate on films which can raise our standard by all means. even though BANG BANG is a remake, they are completely redesigning the script, they are copy pasting like khans. we should always go for new and different things.

    How can someone hate a mutlitalented superstar like hrithik ?? only because of jealousy and threat to their fav stars.

  • BANG BANG has the best cast and crew, completely perfect for the film. it will be the biggest action-romance-thrilling world class entertainer of bollywood. haters like louki,sticky,romance disaster, dynamix etc can keep on their stupid jealousy hate.

  • BANG BANG will earn 250-300 cr !!! It will be biggest of this year, i bet you. Mary Kom and Haider will change their release dates after trailer comes out. Love you my jaan Hrithik………… rule

  • Stardom is meant only for all the 3 Khans.Rest of all are like passing clouds,whose films rarely do wonders at the box office with all the efforts from the entire team.

  • Finger Crossed and All the very best….!!!
    First Kick then Bang Bang then on Diwali HNY and on Christmas PK. . . . . . . A good quality movies are coming this year..

  • Top grossers if clashed:
    1 Haider
    2 Mary Kom/Bong Bong
    3 Bong Bong/Mary Kom
    If Mary Kom is as good as BMB then Bong Bong is over.

  • @lauki
    You care about your name,coz Thor always want to smash you.
    And care for your KING’s upcoming Yeh hai bakrapur…
    I hope YHB does well and breaks D3’s record.

  • Today i am feeling proud of hrithikians.look at morons like @loki,@vicky and @greek god. We are far better 3rd class fans of shera’s bf and kjo’s bf. Haklafans are known as universal blind haters of all actors while lallufans are known as bhojpuris.PROUD TO BE A HRITHIKIAN!
    @vicky is a guy wid less knowledge and @loki is a moron.
    @sakhi: today u showed ur clash finally. Whether it may be stardom or talent,hro is always underrated. Media hyped khans r only known by their names.
    Ra1 festival release:125 crores(in all version)
    don2:105 crores
    but hro’s k3 diwali release:244 crores.

    Jai ho republic release wid 4000 screens: 112 crores
    agneepath wid 2700 screens:122 crores.

    Now moronic khans’ slaves, can u rectify any mistake in my comment? ? It’s strange dat ppl r waiting for 3rd class kick n hny and bashing bang bang.

  • bang bang is not releasing on October 2. that’s why haider and mary kom these two movies announced their dates on oct 2.
    bang bang is release some where around November or next year January.

  • Pahali bar 300 crore ..
    he Is coming To brek all records
    Hrithik is MegaSTAR
    AND WHO saying Hrithik is small star… Apani ma se jake pucho hizado ….

  • @nipin senior
    Thanx for your wonderful idiotic thoughts,KING is KING,and will always remain KING.
    Fav. Actor:Hrithik
    Fav. Actress:Aish
    Fav. Film:Loo-tera
    Fav. Director:Vikramaditya motwane
    Fav. Song:Sawaar loon
    Fav. Composer:amit trivedi
    Fav. Word:Moron
    Fav. Hobbies:Eating brains of everyone on indicine.

  • Gd Point Raised By @Nipun ! We Hrithikians r nt like these khan chamchas bashing other stars, because we know we’re the best & Our Star Is Most Talented, Hardworking Actor !

    Hrithik Roshan – A Class Apart !

    Hrithik Roshan – In A Different League !

    Hrithik Roshan – A Legacy To Be Followed Centuries n Centuries !

    Bang Bang on 2nd Oct !

  • @SAKHI, you showed your cheapness finally. khans are overrated piece or junk, thats it. they make stupid films and you watch them like their pet dogs only because you are their fans. chennai express was worst film of 2013, still you fools would praise it even more than bhaag milkha bhaag.

    LOL these idiotic khans fans call Hrithik a small star, that star gave the established khans sleepless nights and a huge run for the money just with his debut film.

    Hrithik has always given blockbusters from time to time. His films are always on top grossers list, he had topped in 2000,2003,2006. Hrithik has numerous awards to his recognition even international award. Hrithik became the youngest actor to feature in madame tussauds museum, while it took khans about 15-18 years to come there, Hrithik did it just in a decade. Hrithik was,is and will always be a huge superstar. as per talent is concerned, He deserves to be on top.

    @indicine team, you let these khans fans post trash comments about hrithik and others but you don’t let others post comments criticising khans, how fair is that right ??

  • inspite of all this positive things bang bang will struggle to cross 100 crores. but if again hr manipulates bang bang collection then it might cross 100 crores depending upon level of manipulation.

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