After filing divorce, Hrithik-Sussanne celebrate birthday together

Soon after filing for divorce, Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan celebrated their son Hridhaan’s birthday in Lonavala. The entire family along with Zayed Khan, Farah Ali Khan were present

“May 1 was his younger son Hridhaan’s birthday and the entire house was buzzing with activity. The day kicked off with Hridhaan being greeted with big boards that announced his birthday.”

“Hrithik then took his kids to watch ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’; Sussanne too was present at this screening. After the film, Hrithik took the entire family to an adventure park in Lonavala where he had organised a small party.”

Hrithik, Sussanne Roshan Celebrate son’s birthday together

Hrithik, Sussanne Roshan Celebrate son’s birthday together

Hrithik Roshan with his son

Hrithik Roshan with his son



  • Where’s Suzanne? Can’t see her in the picture.

    I don’t know why, but without a proper reason I feel it’s Suzanne 2ho is the main cause for this divorce. Feel really sorry for Hrithik.

  • Hrithik went to watch Spiderman so that he can copy various scenes and characters of this film for Krrish 4.
    SRK’s redchillies did a fantastic job in VFX department,i feel K3 and Raone’s VFX was better than most of the hollywood films like The amazing spiderman,avengers,iron man 3 etc,but still Takloo uncle messed up the plot.

  • Kids are very cute. .they will take care of their kids and respect each other. So no need to worry. .they should move ahead now. They are mature to take decisions. Wishing dem all the best.

  • Hope Hrithik cuts the cake without shivering otherwise the good cake will be spoilt. Last time he used calculator while shivering and caused an epic error of 50-60 crores.

  • That’s sound is great souzane is stayiny in the first pictures hrithik is one of my favourite and best i’m waitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Bang Bang i hope that it will be like krrish koi milgaya zindgi na milegi na dobara in terme of awards but in terme of blockbuster and super hit that suuuuuuuuuuuure :)

  • @Papaji ka shivering calculator They cant unite because your lully is coming in between. Lol. Its good they separated. Now Hrithik fans will learn a lesson.
    Krrish 3- 180 crore lifetime

  • Wishing Hrithik luck….;.I believe that he is a great Dad and equally great son and Husband…..Dun knw wer Suzanne lost it…..Dey wer among the best bollywood couples

  • @dynamic
    “Ra.One and Krrish 3 vfx were better than those of The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man 3 etc.”
    I think you need spectacles with proper number as your blurry vision will make you find even Shaktimaan’s vfx to be better than the above films. LOL

  • of course I also think might in krrish4,hr will come in spider man avatar,because there is no option is there near rakesh,hope whatever may the reason but they still reunite again at least for their kids.

    @rowdy,you 60cr club fan’s actor will never understand your position until and unless we will blow again 2 films holiday and gobar just like ouatimd.

  • Both want to have their own life, but just to show the media / world they both come together on such occasions.

    Good acting by both. Award toh bantha hain boss.

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