Bajrangi Bhaijaan Review

3 years after ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, Salman Khan and Kabir Khan reunite for the biggest release of the year so far ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. The film promises to be an emotional drama that promotes friendship between two religions and neighboring countries.

Story: ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is a story about a young Pakistani girl (Harshitha Malhotra) who comes to India with her mother for treatment. While her mother is asleep, the girl slips out of the train and misses it as it crosses the Pakistani border. She then boards another train and bumps into Bajrang Bali ka Bhakt a.k.a Pavan Kumar Chaturvedi a.k.a Salman Khan. The rest of the film is about Bajrangi and the young girl Munni’s journey back to Pakistan and the hurdles they face.

Review: ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ has a fantastic first half and slightly over-the-top second. Kabir Khan has taken plenty of cinematic liberties and the story gets highly unrealistic at times. The ease with which Salman crosses the border and the scenes that follow are hard-to-digest. Also, every character in the film is a hero, who eventually has a change of heart and helps Bajrangi and Munni.

However, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ has several applaud-worthy scenes:

  • The scene in the first half when a grown up Salman Khan lookalike is shown. It’s hilarious.
  • The scene just before the interval when Bajrangi saves Munni. It takes the film to an altogether different level.
  • A lot of people might remember the ‘Karachi Se Log’ funny video featuring reporter Chand Nawab. Nawazúddin’s character in the film is named after the journalist and he does the exact same scene in the film. Watch the video below, if you haven’t already. You’ll enjoy the actual scene in the film a lot more!
  • The scene in the second half when Nawaz makes Salman his begum.
  • The climax may not work for a lot of people, especially the multiplex audience. Way too over the top, but we liked it for its message.

One other department where ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ doesn’t quite live up to expectations is the music. None of the songs are pleasing to the ear, except ‘Zindagi’ in the second half. The cinematography is top notch, Kashmir has been beautifully captured.

Acting: The star of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is Harshitha Malhotra, who looks adorable in every scene and doesn’t get a single expression wrong. Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays a news reporter, a funny character inspired from a Youtube video that went viral on the internet. He is terrific. Kareena has limited screen-time. She has two songs and a couple of scenes in the first half.

And finally. The superstar himself. Salman Khan underplays his role and shares excellent chemistry with both Harshitha and Nawazuddin. ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ isn’t a typical Salman Khan film, but the makers have included a couple of fan-pleasing scenes – one shirtless scene and a couple of action scenes.

Overall, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is a good commercial entertainer that should work with the youth, family audiences, the masses and the classes. It has a bit of everything – comedy, romance, action, friendship, love and religious harmony.

At the box office, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is set for a strong start. The film should collect Rs 100 crore in its first weekend itself and then build from there depending on the response it gets.

Rating: ★★★½☆



  • So its getting a pretty good reviews. Can’t say I’m surprised.
    Its obvious that its better than ETT.
    Btw iam going to see it tonight And Eid Mubarak to everyone

  • Reviews are extrmly positive for BB.Now it will check salman khan stardum if it not Cross D3 Or anywhere close to PK then it will prove that srk is bigger than Salman..First time salman movie Got possitive Response both from audience and critics so now he should break D3 And PK…Otherwise less than 250cr not enough for argubly biggest star of India with Holiday realise with Positive WOM…I still fill SRK is biggest superstar of India

  • ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ has created with very honestly & beautifully by MR. Kabir Khan..
    SALMAN KHAN(sallu bhai) is one of the most Heartful (who’s person touch with our mind) actor in this Country..
    We do really “Salute” him..

  • Dont know why Salman fans are getting angry at Indicine. 3.5 rating is quite a high rating keeping in view Salmans acting skills and his choice of movies.

  • @ indicine- you give high rating for a third class movie hny thats why everybody reviewing your review.

  • Lol..Lallu fans are not satisfied with even 3.5 stars,ab karein bhi kya..zindagi mein pehli baar itne ache reviews dekhe hain na bechaaron got overexcited!!

    Btw,my show is going to start at 3:40PM,so wait for my review later on!

  • @ thullu- you are complained previously to indicine about review of baby. kick got 4 star remembrr it.

  • @indicine,BTW my 3:13 pm comment is an important comment that I want to show here everyone with out using ssive word,still why you didn’t published it?????so kindly please published my 3:13 pm comment and show it to all,thanks.

  • WOW!
    First time in my life have I seen a Salman Khan film in theatre. And I am happy I chose this film and not the earlier films.

    This will be the first Salman movie that’ll deserve all the money it earns!!
    The only thing I did not like in the movie was the Chicken Song, else it is a perfect movie for all!

    Do yourselves a favor, go watch it this movie!
    It will fill your heart with joy and laughter!

    My final rating:
    Don’t miss it!
    250 crore + guaranteed!

  • Just came out of d theater ……..wahhhhoooooo……its all abt SALMAN KHAN & the little cute girl…..without a single diloug she stole my heart….hats off to kabir picking such a talent….its a story which bound u to love all d charecters …..salman has done bang On….needless to say nawaz is fanstatic again….most impotant thing is chemistry bet salman ..nawaz ..& tha sweet cute girl….its a must watch movie for every one to spread love…..kareena was good in her part…..Kabir khan bang On Man…Salute U for ur direction …..4/5….B-L-O-C-K-B-L-U-S-T-E-R…Well done indicine although 3.5 is not a bad rating at all but ur words showing it altogether different…

  • @ Javed: we know that you are a son of satan,so simple that tum apne father ko hate kese karoge..haahhahaha

  • @Indicine

    this comment is not for any fan or fan club this is just for you…you may delete my comment at the time of moderation but just read these 2-3 lines.

    May be you are the first one who discovered low points from film.

    You are talking about realism who given 4 stars to HNY & come on its not a comparison.The crap HNY not stand anywhere infront of BB.
    I dont care how many stars you given to that film.
    But your review of BB is really dispointing…its not from a team on whom viewers trust.Its like from a particular fan base.

    The points on which you are bashing film are really childish & it shows how desperately you want to bash BB.

    & anyway you are the first & maybe the only who bashed second half…the second half is way way better as compare to first.

  • I liked the film..even I’ll go with 3.5..
    It was great to see salman Khan in this kind of a movie..

  • @indicine…
    well guys i know its not a vry easy job to review films …bt still u shud admit dat u r biased yaar…
    bt i know u dont take criticism aportingly…either u wont b rplying to my comment or u myt give a very very rude rply!!!
    Anothr indicine user compared the review of bb & hny…bt u just didnt rply it directly & said not to compare…bt indicine evn u compare epic films lyk 3 idiots,pk,ett,dabang,singham,rowdy rathore,twmr with films lyk hny,ce,ra-1,etc

  • bajrangi bhaijaan worst film ever… total boretertainment… complete waste of time and money….. can’t understand why sallu bhai always sign same genre films back to back… it spoiled and ruined his stardom… d superstar is whom whotried all different genres and deliver hits in all genres…. …… watch bahubali instead of this utter crap….spend your hard earned money in bahubali…. best ever film made in the history of Indian cinema.. I watchedit 3 times & still u want to watch more times…. complete utilisation of your hard earned 400 rupees…. we should or every Indian should be prowd of bahubali.. its dfilm of Hollywood level…. climax and action scenes are really never seen before… what a film.. its a film of d decade…. …. now its your choice which film you prefer for your hard earned money…same action shitt masala item song cheap dialogue film or a world classtop level film bahubali which is a real prowd of India……. d choice is yours……..

  • Not really liked ur review , u should have written clearly, got totally confused with ur review ,it seems u have cleverly pointed out the mistake and other way praised a little bit also ,its very harshed review ,in this way u cannot find a single movie anywhere in the world especially in bollywood which can be all together perfect in all way ,finding mistake is very easy u can easily point out mistake in everyfilm #biased
    but i dont care about ur review if u would hv given 2 star then also i hv gone to watch .haha

  • Indicine rated HNY 4 stars and PK & BB 3.5.
    This proves how much biased this website is.
    I know this won’t be posted but at least they’ll read it while moderating!

    I am just amazed, why don’t you people running Indicine come out and tell everyone who each admin’s favourite star is.
    From what we can see, you are SRK fans who just a slight reason to pull down Aamir and Salman and glorify SRK.
    GROW UP or shut this website down and become a part of SRKUNIVERSE.

  • Getting extraordinary can stop this storm…sures shot blockbuster… Luv u salman bhai..

  • Hahahaha indicine 3.5* ratings doesn’t mean it’s badly rated but when u give 4* stars to an utter crap, irritatingly torturous headache, painfully cringy siit & embarrassingly nonsense movie like HNY & just 3.5* to universally loved great movies like PK & BB then that makes us laugh on ur srk pathi bhakti & question ur movie reviewing skills & playing to the gallery but having said that I will still say ur site reviews movies much better than few others but sometimes u give us such odd HNY shocks , anyway reviews are mostly personal opinions based on an individual’s rationale, intelligence, understanding , perception , likes & dislikes & many other factors and can be highly subjective & biased so u may give a 5* rating to RA.1 & 0* rating to 3 idiots bcos of various obvious & unobvious reasons but that will never take away the fact that 3 idiots is a cult classic while RA.1 is a shameless embarrassing crap.

    OK guys get over the indicine’s rating , may be the reviewer liked or enjoyed the crappy shiiity Hny more than BB and hence gave those ratings but indicine themselves have admitted that its a definite must watch movie & the review didn’t have any major -ve thing , so a very good review overall but could have been much better but anyway all the movie lovers out there keep all reviews aside & go watch and enjoy what is being called as one of the best salman movies to come out of Bollywood after a long time , I am late this time as I can only watch it on Sunday but I can’t wait till Sunday , BB is rocking everywhere!

  • 3 cheers to indicine for the most honest review. Crappy new year gets 4 stars and Bajarangi gets 3.5

  • syed,thanks.but u forget wanted(09),london dreams(09),jai ho,ek tha tiger.yes d2 has nothing.but dabang1 with chulbul pandey is a landmark robinhood film to those who study cinema.check wiki.bodyguard is mainly for girls.kick’s 2nd half is paisa vasool.i can also say hny,ce,ra one,dilwale,jthj(memory loss).i liked don2 in 2011-2015.gud luck for fan.also looking forward to raees.

  • ali u havenot watched is not same genre.what should i reply to ur calling it worst?bahubali is greatest by technique.ok.but story te bajrangi is written by rajamouli’s baap.the baap has written extraordinary in boli tumake?

  • PK and BB have same rating? Seriously?! One is the best film of 2010s and another is the worst of 2015 so far!

  • Last night a reporter asked salman—-why like every salman movies,bb couldn’t booked in advance well and still so many tickets are available?????after that salman becomes foolish and answered in a foolish way by avoiding TRUTH —- why still didn’t have purchase my movie’s ticket,if you would have purchase then you would not have asked this.after that my friends and me couldn’t control our laugh and floored down by laughing at his dumbest answer of all time.and many peoples said this plagiarised movie gadar is the worst movie of salman films till date, bhojpuri bhaijaan’s opening will be lesser than kick it seems.

    Ha ha ha ha ha at last salamn fans are trying to show the little munni’s acting which completely overshadowed bhau’s non acting in the film,ROFL.this is just an out of expectation just a kid overshadowed India’s biggest non actor salman khan,ROFL.

    @lejhandu khan,oh that means 3 star is what good reviews for you?????oh I forgot if bhojpuri salman’s movie means that’s a classic movie according to bhojpuritards,ROFL.

    Statutory warning:all neutral audience may get brain stroke after watching this bhojpuri craps.don’t ruined this EID,stay in home happily..

  • The Second Half COuld have Been More Crispier.It looked a little Dragged but its A Noble Film,Thanks To Kabir Khan for Convincing Salman Khan to Do this Kind of Film.I am Still Apprehensive about This DOing more Than 220+ Will be Happy To Proved Wrong.

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