Bajrangi Bhaijaan grosses Rs 600 crore worldwide

Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan has become only the second film in the history of Indian Cinema to gross more than Rs 600 crore worldwide.

The Kabir Khan directed film is also the 3rd film to cross the 175 crore mark overseas. It has outgrossed Salman’s previous highest overseas grosser (Kick) by more than 100 crore.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan will complete its glorious run with lifetime business of around 320 – 325 crore in India, as the film is still going strong in Week 5.

DayBajrangi BhaijaanGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 127.25-
Day 236.60 (Eid)+ 35%
Day 338.75 (Sunday)+ 6%
Day 427.05- 30%
Day 521.40- 21%
Day 618.05- 16%
Day 715.55- 14%
First Week184.65 crores
Day 812.80- 18%
Day 919.25+ 50%
Day 1024.05+ 25%
Day 119.30- 61%
Day 129.10- 2%
Day 137.10- 22%
Day 146.03- 15%
Second Week87.63 crores
Day 154.11- 32%
Day 166.80+ 65%
Day 179.07+ 33%
Day 182.75- 70%
Day 192.63- 4%
Day 202.45- 7%
Day 212.25- 8%
Third Week30.06 crores
Day 221.45- 36%
Day 232.73+ 88%
Day 243.51+ 29%
Day 251.15- 70%
Day 261.02- 11%
Day 270.96- 6%
Day 280.91- 5%
Fourth Week11.73 crores
Day 290.65- 28%
Day 300.86+ 32%
Day 311.12+ 30%
Day 320.38- 66%
Day 330.36- 5%
Day 340.33- 8%
Day 350.32- 3%
Fifth Week4.02 crores
India Net Collections320.48 crore
India Gross Collections424.8 crore
Overseas Collections194.3 crores
Worldwide Gross619.1 crore

Verdict – All Time Blockbuster (Both in India and overseas)



  • @The Beast 10:09 am, ha ha ha. Cant stop laughing at your joke. Only in your dreams. Aamir is true megastar. Despite positive WOM Salman failed to break PK’s record. Aamir is aamir. No one can match Aamir in stardom. Salman is 2nd after aamir. But aamir’s superstardom is unmatchable. Dont forget Salman also needed +be WOM to cross 300 crores. Weather it is 100 Cr, 200 Cr, 300 Cr, aamir is always the first to cross this figures. So Aamir is biggest. And Salman is 2nd biggest after aamir.

  • @Dangal-baap of all movies next

    No problem for me whose number 1 & 2 between Salman & Aamir.

    But this time you are wrong.
    BB already crossed footfalls of PK & 3Idiots.
    The only new year holidays & free run which made difference between collections.

    @devil & shiv

    we bhai fans not forget anything.

    You guys said same after Bodyguard that Ra.1 & then Don2 are coming then after ETT you said JTHJ is coming & then after Kick you said HNY is coming…& rest you knows what happened on their Coming…

    So its noting new for us as the story is repeated many times in last 5years & we also ready to hear the list of excuses & after 18Dec2015 coming…

    But you guys just have to note that its just BB….PRDP to abhi baki hai…

  • @Dangal-baap of all movies next year
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan On Verge Of Crossing PK Footfalls
    Wednesday 12 August 2015 12.30 IST
    Box OfficeBajrangi Bhaijaan is on verge of crossing the footfalls of PK. This would make it the most watched film this decade and the second most watched film this century.The footfalls are not that important to the industry but in terms of appreciattion and star power these are important.

    Here both PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan had raised ticket rates but PK managed to hold them higher for longer due to the Xmas and New Year period.

    In the first week, if we look at the five major chains then PK had 4.50 crore nett more business but its footfalls were 50,000 less than Bajrangi Bhaijaan as ticket rates for PK were held higher for longer. This is just the main chains and if we take other multiplexes, Bajrangi Bhaijaan should have done at least 6.50-7 crore nett more in week one if ticket rates were not bought down on Tuesday. It would have made no difference to the business as the film was accepted and people would have paid.

    The three week footfalls of Bajrangi Bhaijaan stand at a little less than 3.37 crore and PK finished at 3.50 crore. If we assume that Bajrangi Bhaijaan will have the same ATP (Average Ticket Price) in week four as in week three then it will be at 3.50 crore footfalls after four weeks. The ATP may come out a little higher as multiplexes are contributing more now but it will only be a matter time as it will surely cross in week five because its not as if Brothers is going to stop its run totally. The fact that Bajrangi Bhaijaan has done better in the interiors has also added to its footfalls.

    This will also mean that Bajrangi Bhaijaan will have a higher adjusted nett gross in time as the yearly ticket rates emerge unless of course if the ATP comes down for 2016 or 2017 which would be very unlikely. There will be a 25 crore nett gap between PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan but it is down to three reasons.

    1. Multiplex ticket prices especially week one
    2. Baahubali down South hit it for 10-12 crore nett
    3. Major competition in form of Drishyam came in week three.

  • @Dangal-baap of all movies next year
    Box Office Report : Bangistan – Ultra Disaster, Drishyam – Decent, Bajrangi Bhaijaan – ATBB
    1 day ago by Joginder Tuteja
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan continued to collect and was buoyed further by a fantastic fourth weekend. The weekdays collections on a day-by-day were in the 1 crore range as well, as was expected from it, as a result of which the current numbers stand at 314 crore. The film will end its run around the 320 crore mark. It could have comfortably crossed the PK mark (338 crore) if not for Bahubali and Drishyam. Superb, and All Time Blockbuster.

    Joginder Tuteja tweets @tutejajoginder

  • @Dangal-baap of all movies next year
    Bahubali from south 12 cr.
    Bahubali from hindi version 25 cr.
    Drishyam from third week 15 cr.
    One more holiday 5 cr.
    Total difference 57 cr.

    Now it will finish around 318-320 cr.
    Without all those things India Nett= 318+57=375 cr. India Gross= 505 cr.
    Overseas=200 cr.

    Worldwide Gross=705 cr. (In firs phase realese)

  • @Dangal-baap of all movies next year
    are you in dream world dude,wake up bro
    salman doesn’t have 3 or 4 weeks of free run like u’r star has
    bb facing tough competition from south blockbuster baahubali from dag1
    salman doesn’t have advantage of chrismas n new year eve like u’r star has bb got only one national holiday
    stardom ki baat to tum log karo bhi maat because salman is biggest phenomenon in bollywood
    agar aamir khan ye sab conditions mai movie release karta na to 200cr bhi nahi hota tha
    if bb got 3 weeks free run then now bb is no.1 film
    without mr.hirani aamir khan is nothing bcoz 2 most successful films of aamirs career is bcoz of mr.hirani
    n don’t think that dangal should break records bcoz it’s a biopic its not fresh script peoples know about fogat family
    we luv n appriciate aamir’s work don’t say this things agar hum apne aukat pe aagaye to tum yahape nahi dikhoge
    salman is always no.1 in stardom n popularity…. aamir ne khud accept kiya hai go check on dus ka dum show
    n this november prdp is going to release which has plenty of holidays…till enjoy

  • @Rohit, 7:24 a.m. , u r right bro , well said.

    Honestly before the release of BB , I never expected it to cross D3’s domestic collection but was somewhat confident of it doing around 250 crores ; now it will do around 320 crores!

    Before its release I never expected it to do 100+ crores overseas let alone it even beating 3 idiots, it did wonders at the overseas BO, overtaking item queen’s every movie, 3 idiots & has even come stealthily close enough to D3’s overseas collections, 176+ crores overseas & still counting, total would be substantially more after its 2nd phase release.

    Salman needs just average content & good release date to give BBs. (ex. body guard, dabaang 2, ETT)

    Aamir needs very good/ excellent content & a good holiday release to give BBs. (Dhoom 3 didn’t have any great content but it was a sequel of the biggest franchise movie released during Xmas holiday period otherwise Ghajini, 3 idiots & pk had all great content & all of them released during xmas )

    while our item queen srk needs very good/ excellent content + big director + big banner + multi starcast or popular actress+ lot of holidays in a very good holiday period + luck to give BBs like CE.

    And about akki …..hahahaha , he has only 2 BBs to his name in his 24 year career, ‘welcome’ a multistarrer comedy BB & RR a blockbuster south remake! ATBB ko tho bhool hi jao :D

    “When salman the superstar meets the ‘content’ then an ATBB like BB happens”


  • Brilliant. That’s what happens when you do a good movie, with all the elements of success. The 3 Khans + Hrithik Roshan are capable of this and more.

  • @rohit,but History also had shown you an exception too.before CE too you said the same thing,then what happened?????then cried until dhoom3 came.and CE too broke 3i faced 4 films but everything gone wrong in the case of weakest scripts like Ra One,HNY.

    and WE never ever like to give excuse.because in 2012,JTHJ couldn’t get the chance even to beat ett,if IT would have got solo relas being A ROMANCE movie too it would have thrash ett.same in this year WE’RE facing a clash,that’s what make you lucky enough ,if anywhere DILWALE came closer to CE then no one can stop IT to cross pk in India.every time WE don’t even get chance,so we need not to give excuse because whenever WE didn’t got chance,indirectly IT pointed out US THE REAL WINNER.Once and always THERE’S THE KING—-KING SRK.

  • Soooo nice inshallah bajrangi bhaijaan beats the worldwide records of PK
    Its great movie peoples loves the film
    Heart touching movie ever for pakistan and india for all over the world

  • strange but pk despite having less of people likes had done 340 life time business and bb despite more of likes left behind pk business ,,, can’t believe it corruption in bollywood collection monopoly also :/

  • @the beast are you drunk? What the hell D you mean if aamir would have released his film on eid then it would have failed to cross 200 crores? Please more jokes please. Aamir is far ahead of anyone in stardom. He is founder of every single club. If he would have done BB then despite eid it would have crossed 350 crores. And what do you mean aamir is nothing without Raju hirani? Ghajini and dhoom 3 were also ATHGs. So please take care of your self first. In stardom Aamir is best and the. Comes Salman. I dont want to argue with you anymore but you have t accept the truth. And yeah Christmas, brand all are excuses to degrade Aamir. But the truth is Aamir has given 4 ATHGs in last 7 years. And Salman has not. And Salman also released dabangg 2 on Christmas. Still it could not be ATHG. Now don’t make new excuse that it received poor reviews. Dabangg 2 also was successful brand and had no competition and 3 open weeks. And dhoom 3 also had poor WOM. That proves who is more in stardom.

  • @sss
    1 exception after too many excuses.
    Its like Jason Gillispie once scored 200.

    And dont say that you didnt expected from JTHJ.

    May be Salman fans said Srk-Yash Chopra after Veer-Zara with Kat & Anushka with Rehman+Gulzar so 250crs India & 500crs WW..!

    And you are saying you not gives excuse..!
    In same comment itself you are giving excuse that JTHJ did well due to romantic genre.

    For your kind of information a Deepika starer romantic film named YJHD did 180crs despite releasing on non-holiday just few months after JTHJ.

    Again you are saying CE faced 4 films.

    Which 4 films..?
    What is the lifetime of all these films..?
    Is anyone of them crossed 50crs at BO…?

    CE enjoyed 8 days free run at BO with 3holidays(Eid+Sunday+Independence Day),also they kept previews on thursday which was like almost half release.

    Then OATIMD came which got screens on 16th August after all holidays over.
    Then it turned into disaster.

    Satyagrah which is big flop at BO & released 2 weeks after CE.

    I dont know which are the other 2 films you are talking.?
    May be you name some B grade films.

    For you kind this is the competition then tell me what is following…

    1.Baahubali released 1 week before BB & created history all over.
    I think if i am not wrong then you the person who said that,”People from India already spend their all money for watching Baahubali & now they dont have money for BB”

    2.Baahubali affected 70% business of BB from south.

    3.Baahubali’s hindi version itself collected 115crs till now & declared ATBB.

    4.Drishyam released 2 weeks after BB & got thumbs up from critics & audience.
    And lifetime & feedback of Drishyam is huge in comparison with flop & rejected film Satyagrah.

    BB got just 1holiday in comparison with CE which got 3 holidays before OATIMD & 2 after it.

    But no Salman fan given excuse & why should they when film did 320crs in India & 600crs WW.

    But srk fans always cry on genre,director,release date & clash.

    And if BM clashes with Dilwale then its your problem & not fault of Salman,Aamir or their fans…

    So stay here after 18th Dec 2015 to read & write excuses.
    Blaming from BM to Rohit Shetty & script.

    But i said lot of times BM is not big opponent & nothing in comparison with Baahubali.
    But you Srk fans will not understand it & also not accept the truth that Srk is far behind Aamir & Salman now.

  • @The Beast and don’t be hypocrite enough to ignore Kabir khan, harshali malhotra for the success of BB. Dont forget the real star of BB is the script and kabir khan is talented director. So credit also goes to him first and harshali as well. For aamir movies you give credit to directors but for Salman movies no credit to directors? Shame on you. Accept the truth. Aamir has 4 ATHGs. Salman has none after HAHK. And don’t predict about Dangal. It’s too early. Let it release next year and then talk. And you started to bark about aamir that’s why I replied. Dont try to make fan wars between aamir and Salman.

  • my dear frnd #@DangL-baap of all movoes next year

    1st of all learn how to write #movies

    u’r talking about #100 200 300cr clubs,
    4 u’r kind info salman has 8 conescutive 100cr+ grosser which is an unbreakable record
    while aamir has only 4(almost half of salman)
    founder of 100cr has less no. of films in 100cr club even ajay has more no. of 100cr+ grossers than aamir_lol thats a joke

    100 200 300cr mai pehle entry marne se ye kaha prove hota hai ki aamir has more stardom than salman

    aamir made 100 200 300cr club with movies like ghajini,3 idiots,pk all are content-driven films

    movie blockbuster hone k liye u need a good script,big budget,good direction,which is shown in any aamir film now

    but salman made an average script to blockbuster or all time blockbuster_he doesn’t need big heroine,big promotion,big budget,big director/producer which aamir can’t do_thats stardom

    now u’r saying #dhoom3 is not content rich but still blockbuster_let me tell u something its a yrf franchize movie_a sequel

    u’r repeated the word stardom like #popat who repeated words which he learn…stardom ka example du kya:-
    #talaash(30 nov 2012)non holiday_positive review_rani n kareena_93cr
    #jai ho(24 jan 2014)non holiday_remake_mixed review_controversy_new comer daisy shah_116cr

    u’r talking about blockbusters n all time blockbusters:-
    if aamir has 4 atbbs in last 7yrs
    then salman has 7 bbs(including 2 atbbs)in last 5yrs n overall career ki baat karunga to tum rone lagoge

    agar tum bolo ki aamir is better in acting than salman then i’m happily accepted it but when it terms to stardom/popularity it’s one n only salman

    #lagta hai ratko jyada hogai tereko..brain out of control hogaya hai..kuch hi bakk rahe ho

  • #@ brat
    kuch bhi mat bolo pehle jake check karo kisi site pe
    salman’s #mpk is the highest grosser film for 5 yrs + #hahk is the highest grosser film for 7yrs total 12 yrs…unbreakable

    n don’t forget aamir take 14 yrs to break record of #hahk

    n also check from 1989-2015 highest grossing films…tabh pata chalega

  • @rohit,I think you’re too much desperate to write a conclusion so fast that your stars is much ahead of KING KHAN ,for now no doubt they’re ahead but comparing all decade still they are behind KING KHAN which now I don’t want to discuss.still you’ve written many mistakes which I am correcting below.

    1st of all KING KHAN is SRT if we see HIS entire carer comparing with your decade struggler stars.but making 200cr is a big deal than HNY wouldn’t have entered 200cr(producer figure) even if having a dead script .and you shouldn’t have forgot even if Rohit sharma will make double century twice and Lara did 400cr ,still they have to remain behind SRT who hasn’t made such records.

    About JTHJ ,I don’t want to say anything because that film would be the 1st film to earn 200cr beating 3i if wouldn’t face conspiracy made by salman khan to convince ajay to release sos against WE faced clash due to your star and he too appeared in sos to degrade JTHJ in a planned way,so for JTHJ,it’s not WE it’s you who’re giving more excuses,lol.

    About YJHD with super music with bumper promotions with DHARMA was bound to did well but my point of fact is that JTHJ would have did at least 200cr if would not face clash which is more than YJHD,so no need comparison,lol.

    And one more thing tell.salman khan to do a film like JTHJ with out bit action,you’ll see it will chase Bombay velvet at BOX OFFICE,lol.

    And the major mistake you did in CE topic,you said those films didn’t earned 50cr by facing CE?????

    then have a look

    Madras cafe—-35cr
    Such desi romance—-26cr

    Then add all these film’s collection and tell me how much CE lost due to facing these movies that non of your single salman films faced ever from wanted to bb,lol.

    Same about JTHJ,remove sos’s 100cr collection then you could have u derstood how much JTHJ lost.

    And dude even @indicine too cleared baahubali never created any trouble for bb in whole India except only morons like you have a thought like that.and baahubali collected maximum amount before release of bb and it only able to earn that much due to DHARMA otherwise it too would have never face any Hindi bb too didn’t fave any manjor wrath of any Hindi movies at Hindi movie circuits,that’s cleared.and it’s salman fan’s lamest excuse of all time,ROFL.also @indicime cleared the fact loss in south too minor considering salman’s minor popularity in south,lol.

    And drishyam released after 3 week ,why you’re even desperate to add that small film into list,lol?????

    Bb never faced big Hindi movies like CE faced.

    And have look at screen count too,lol.

    Bb’s screen count was 4100 during it’s release and it increased day by day after baahubali slowly removed from each theatre and finally bb only remained big Hindi movie at theatre during holiday.which can’t be comparable with CE’S extra only one holiday benefit (INDEPENDENCE DAY) got.

    While clearly mark what how CE suffered

    CE released with 3500+ screen during it’s release.

    I’m it’s next week it lost 1200 screen due to ouatimd.after the next week it again lost 1000 screen due to Madras cafe and finally during satyagraha it lost again 500 never any salman film faced this problem.if CE wouldn’t have faced any film like all salman’s release it would have did around 300cr and could have surpass d3 at least.

    And also don’t forget CE is the only out-of-out masala movie of KING KHAN in recent years (not even HNY) which broke record that non a of a salman film able to did till now,lol.

    So just think what’ll happen if KING KHAN would have did one after another CE in every EID, it’s you’re giving so much excuses,lol.

    Can you kindly explain the reason why kick only stopped at 211/(233cr) CE even having even being a remake+talent actress+excellent music while bb exceeded 300cr which even salman fans also hasn’t dreamed of,lol if only salman is responsible instead of Kabir’s powerful script+intense of Harshali+Nawaz,lol?????

    And why you’re thinking even amir can be ahead of any big stars who worked with raju hirani and brand dhoom.even you too knew very well how amir came to this extent still behaving like an ignorant.

    While look at those directors like disaster director anubhav Sonja tmk fame Farah khan due to whom from the trailer release itself huge negativity surrounded those films and made underperformed.

    And think even getting so much benefits you”re crying like we didn’t get this that’s why couldn’t able to break this,that blah blah.then how can peoples can put salman/amir ahead of KING KHAN.

    yeah I agreed technically salman/amir is ahead due to their choices and benefit they got but logically only considerimg stardom they are far behind of KING KHAN who don’t even make hit films like jai ho(holiday release),talash(non holiday),lol.

    So wait until 18TH DECEMBER,you’ll get again your answer what’ll happen to a movie if that will release against A KING KHAN’S MOVIE.

    But We can’t guarantee success of bm.because no one can stop a good film to become success but it can’t defeat DILWALE for sure.

    And don’t think salman never faces such class.because salman’s GTGH once faced ranbir’s APKGK,as a result GTGH starred by salman,priyanka and BIGB still it becomes disaster and can’t face a ranbir’s film?????,lol.

    Could you show a single such KING KHAN film which got failure against a young actor’s movie?????.then were was salman/amir fans were there who can’t save those movies of salman?????, I will like to see which excuse you’ll give for those salman/amir can never be ahead of KING KHAN and can’t took risk of working with disaster directors at this stage,lol.that’s what called that??????

    But you fools never can accept this but don’t worry KING KHAN will soon prove HIMSELF ,WHY HE IS CALLED THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD by RULING OVER CLASS+MASS.

  • @DangL-baap of all movoes next year
    Just wait for Dangal’s release and let it cross D3 first and then think about 300 cr. Forget about BB, PK and just dream about 400 cr. club which will not come true.
    Amir is second biggest star after salman but is way behind in stardom. He gives tough competetion to salman in box office because of his choice of films and trust that audience has on him.
    Now don’t say trust is also stardom. People respect Amir and Srk but they love SALMAN.
    When Amir will do an average movie it will not cross 225 cr but Salman’s crap film will do that easily.
    When Amir will do films like Bodyguard, Ready and Dabang 2 and will make it Blockbuster I will accept he is bigger than Salman.
    Talk about Ghajini but not about D3, it is the biggest franchise in bollywood and never compare it with dabang.
    If Salman was in D3 it would have first film to collect 40 cr. in single day ,115 cr. in weekend, 200 cr. in week and 325 cr. lifetime.

  • @Salmanfan you better wait for PRDP release. It will come nowhere close to dhoom 3. Dhoom 3’s opening was record shattering only due to brand aamir khan. That’s it. Aamir is biggest. And Salman is 2nd biggest. And what the hell do you mean aamir if far behind in stardom. Get a life you kid. Aamir is way ahead of not only Salman but whole Bollywood in stardom. Salman is nowhere close to aamir in stardom. If Salman was in dhokm 3 then it wouldn’t have opened more than 30 crores forget 36 crores which was only due to aamir. You are too jealous of aamir becaus ein stardom is way ahead of Salman.but calm down reality will not change. Aamir is always bigger than any bollywood actor. I can bet you Dangal will easily shatter all records of pk.

  • @beast and @Salman fan brand,grab his all are excuses. Excuses wont change the reality. Dhokm 3’s credit goes to only and only aamir. amir is much bigger brand than dhoom. So shut your mouth both of you. I think you both were drunk. Aamir has been consistently giving hits since more than half a decade. While Salman has given many flops and disasters in last decade. So consistency should also be judged. Consistency wise Salman is nowhere close yo Aamir. Aamir is not classless actor to do sadakchaap crap movies like ready and bodyguard so keep your mouth shut. He is class actor+megastar. Salman has long way to go to match aamir khan in every department. Wait for dangal and it will shatter each and every record that you can only dream for a Salman movie. Salman is 2nd beat after aamir but nowhere close to aamir. Also let Salman come anywhere close to aamir in overseas. In overseas too aamir is miles ahead of Salman. So keep your nonsense to your self. You both are illiterates.

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