Bajrangi Bhaijaan grosses Rs 600 crore worldwide

Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan has become only the second film in the history of Indian Cinema to gross more than Rs 600 crore worldwide.

The Kabir Khan directed film is also the 3rd film to cross the 175 crore mark overseas. It has outgrossed Salman’s previous highest overseas grosser (Kick) by more than 100 crore.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan will complete its glorious run with lifetime business of around 320 – 325 crore in India, as the film is still going strong in Week 5.

DayBajrangi BhaijaanGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 127.25-
Day 236.60 (Eid)+ 35%
Day 338.75 (Sunday)+ 6%
Day 427.05- 30%
Day 521.40- 21%
Day 618.05- 16%
Day 715.55- 14%
First Week184.65 crores
Day 812.80- 18%
Day 919.25+ 50%
Day 1024.05+ 25%
Day 119.30- 61%
Day 129.10- 2%
Day 137.10- 22%
Day 146.03- 15%
Second Week87.63 crores
Day 154.11- 32%
Day 166.80+ 65%
Day 179.07+ 33%
Day 182.75- 70%
Day 192.63- 4%
Day 202.45- 7%
Day 212.25- 8%
Third Week30.06 crores
Day 221.45- 36%
Day 232.73+ 88%
Day 243.51+ 29%
Day 251.15- 70%
Day 261.02- 11%
Day 270.96- 6%
Day 280.91- 5%
Fourth Week11.73 crores
Day 290.65- 28%
Day 300.86+ 32%
Day 311.12+ 30%
Day 320.38- 66%
Day 330.36- 5%
Day 340.33- 8%
Day 350.32- 3%
Fifth Week4.02 crores
India Net Collections320.48 crore
India Gross Collections424.8 crore
Overseas Collections194.3 crores
Worldwide Gross619.1 crore

Verdict – All Time Blockbuster (Both in India and overseas)



  • 600 CR this is a huge achievement . Before the release of BB i never thought BB could do 300 CR and i never thought in my wildest dreams that it will cross 100 CR Overseas . 175 CR these are mindboggling collections from overseas circuit . It is the 2nd Highest Grossing Indian Movie Worldwide . Brilliant performances by Salman, Harshaali and Nawaz . Congrats to all Salman Fans . I wish Salman does more movies like Dabangg and BB in future . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • After watchng BB so many users here predictd 300crs but u 285crs
    again a dissappointd
    raise ur standards
    i am know that ur nt that happy with pk and bb supersuccess bcoz it was nt starring ur favrte actors

  • 600 cr mark wow…..
    Salman rocks man…..
    Don’t surprise prdp will be bigger hit than bajrangi bhaijaan
    Prdp will super pass lifetime of bb easily
    Prdp – domestic – 350 cr…
    Overseas – 180 cr
    Lifetime – 650 cr….
    Back to back all time blockbuster for sallu confirmed…

  • Without the China etc release of PK, its earnings world wide was 724 less 150 approx. = 574. BB worldwide now stands at 600.8 and still collecting, when its released in China etc it will more than meet its goals. However, its not the collections but the fact that the movie was loved by all who has seen it and the message it sends to the world that one of the most things that we crave for is love, peace and harmony, no other actor could have carried this off, and as for rumor that it was offered to someone else is bare joke.

  • Salman+content
    everybody shocked

    salman plz reject gud scripts so that others get that.. they need gud scripts for

  • @inicine Plz stop article on BB u should know @sss @javed @imdhakkan@aman still read every article of @indicine u r embracing them with every article…Plz kindly give dem some time to recover from ICU bcoz PRDP coming on Nov so atleast give them 2 month to recover before going ICU again….hahahahahahahahaha…hater happy independence day…


    BB- 175.5 Cr
    D3- 170 Cr
    PK- 160 Cr

    Mere baare mein itna mat sochna. Dil mein aata hoon samajh mein nahi


  • For Salman Khans die hard fans- please dont get carried away n start bad mouthing PK. Lets just calm down n remain civil please.

    Remember that just bcoz 3 idiots crossed 200cr in 2009 not every single big star big budget film was subsequently gonna earn the sane in the following 4 yrs. likewise just bcoz PK has earned 100cr plus in China does not mean every aubsequent release in China by Bollywood will earn the same. Aamir has established himself as the King in overseas through 3 huge grossers over 5 yrs. Plz for now chill n just enjoy what we have got for now. Bigger things will come with PRDP this Diwali.

  • Awesome collection, but more importantly it’s a beautiful film after a decade. Thanks to Salman, Kabir and the team of BB

  • @indicine plz tell me is there any chance that bajrangi bhaijaan can releases in chaina ???? If it is going to release then when??? Please reply me.

  • if prdp wl not get strong wom dn gross around 240-270!!..n if will get wom like hahk n hssh n vivah …the film WL gross around 400-430

  • The movie did so well not due to salman only yet he performed very well as well as harshali n nawaz but the real hero is the script n director Kabir khan.

  • King’s last movie hny’s (multistarer) lifetime domestic collections- 176cr.

    Bhai’s BB’s 4weeks overseas collections- 176cr….Too much fun.

  • Bhai & Aamir movies are collecting over 600cr easily but our global queen needs lots of manipulation to surpass even 200cr mark….LOL.

  • Wow!! This is just unbelievable! 600 Cores WW and still collecting!
    With only one holiday, that too on Saturday
    Competition from another ATBB, Bahubali
    Just two weeks free run!
    But still, teesra khan is crawling around 400 crores WW!
    Aise Bhaiyya Salman Bajrangi!

    @Saksham, I estimated 250 crores from BB even being Salman fan. It has shocked me. So, one can imagine of the situation of the haters.
    And your comments are always pleasures to read though I don’t agree to u all the time. Keep it up, dude!

    @Rajeev (hari om) Bhatia, just ROFL! Ha ha ha ha

  • Back in the 60’s during the hippie movement there was a song entitled where have all the flowers gone. Today I am asking where has all the hypocrites, haters gone. Lost in fields of shock that has stunned them into oblivion because they never expected BB to become and atbb. They need to learn something never spit in the air it will come back and hit you in the face

  • I had expected BB to cross dhoom 3 and settle at around 290 crores.The result is totally unexpected and overwhelming.
    I was much more excited for prdp rather than BB.
    Lets see how prdp fares. A double century would be more than enough.

  • I am big fan of Kabir Khan since i watched Kabul Express.

    When i first heard about ETT i got excited but initial release date of 1st June 2012.
    I said my friends first time Salman is working with yrf & that too with talented directed like Kabir so if this film get Eid release then it will smash 3Idiots record.

    After that film shifted to Eid slot & almost broked 3Idiots but missed by tiny margine.

    But i said after that also that its not even 60% from both Kabir & Salman.
    And i will wait for they team up again.

    And they teamed up once again with masters script.

    Many experts predicted 250crs max before release.

    But i said this is the movie which may broke PK record.But i said before also only problem about film is that its release date.Its not as good as PK.
    But still film did huge business with only 1holiday.& thanks to Baahubali which made it more tough.

    As i said many times that Eid is not good business period like Diwali or Xmas.because it provides you just 1 holiday.

    If you see all Eid release dates then there is just 1holiday & for BB it came on Saturday so almost no use.

    Only Eid2013 period was great release with-
    1.Eid on Friday.
    2.Independence day on second Friday.
    3.Raksha Bandhan on 2nd Monday.

    It provided 3Holidays & most important 2 weekend Holidays with Fri-Sat-Sun & then Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon.

    Same kind of release date was Gandhi Jayanti 2014 which had 5 back to back holidays.

    Despite 2013 all remaining Eid dates are not that much good…ETT faced almost 8days in pre-Eid period after 15August release.
    Kick face 5 days in pre-Eid.
    BB released on last day Friday of Ramdan which like Laxmi Puja Day & Eid on Saturday which also just like half holiday.

    So my point is Eid release is not that much good period like Diwali or Xmas.

    Diwali is the best period followed by Xmas.

    In Diwali period there are vacations for school & colleges in north India for atleast for a week.
    Atleast 2 National Holidays & if came on week days then it makes 3 with Sunday.
    Again Guru Nanak Jayanti falls in a week after Diwali week.

    Too many holidays.

    But problem remained is no single good movie released on that period in last few years.

    Ra.1,JTHJ & HNY all films did good in 1st weekend & then crashed.

    Only good movie released was Krrish3 which did good business.But its controversial collections dragged it in vain.
    But still it was 180crs+ which is highest for any Diwali release.

    So i said lot of times back also PRDP will show the real strength of Diwali period to whole bollywood.
    Just wait & watch.

  • Bhai fans r trolling Srk…….2 minutes silence for them….Excuse me…..Remember The date 18-DECEMBER-2015… ahm..ahm…. Now burn ur asses…..

  • Sallu fans wait n watch yep salman did 300 gud bt dont forget srk too hav releas tiz year n if solo gonna do 300 if clash 230_60 bt overseas around 30 million sure

  • 1st of all #happy independence day 2 all my frndzz

    salman u made me cry in movie and now u made me happy with giving that huge collection….600cr+ is really a big achievement

    if #bb got 3 or 4 weeks free run like #pk then without china release it made 800cr ww

    thats the superstardom
    thats the diff. between #salman n #aamir

    aamir need 2years time,strong script,good direction,big production house,big budget n perfect acting

    but i’m also have respect for aamir in my heart…Luv his acting in #pk

    but i personally love #bb more than #pk

    agar salman aise hi content rich films future me karta rahe to #srk ko to retire hona padega

    n lastly

    #congratulation k. v. vijayendra prasad,kabir khan,nawaz,salman,harshaali,kareena,pritam

    4 this brilliant #sucess




  • 2013 D3 crossed CE in 10 days 2014

    PK crossed HNY in 7 days

    we might see in future Aamir’s movies cross SRK’s movies in weekend itself

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