Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Fan, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo: Which film will be highest grosser?

Question: According to you which movie will be the highest grosser of 2015 –  Fan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Prem Ratan Dhan Payo?

Answer: It would be impossible to pick one film at the moment, without watching the trailer. But based on what we know about each of the three films and their respective release periods, here’s our pick for the highest grosser of 2015.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a commercial film with the best possible release period in the industry. In the last three years, the collections of Eid releases are; Ek Tha Tiger (199 cr), Chennai Express (227 cr) and Kick (233 cr). Average for the last three years is Rs 220 crore per film, which is the highest even when compared to Christmas or Diwali weekends.

Our second pick would be Fan, simply because it has the potential to be a great film. Also, it has 2 holidays in its first weekend, which will boost the business on Friday night too. The 3-day business could cross 100 crore if the word-of-mouth is good and the film holds universal appeal. Single-screen business is also important if records are to be broken, you can’t make a film like Don 2 or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and except a record grosser.

As for Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, it could go either way. Family audience will come out to watch the film in big numbers, but the youth might want to give this a skip. Too early to predict though. If the trailer has enough appeal towards the youth and the film is received well, who knows.. it could even be the biggest grosser of 2015!

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  • Time & again .. it has been proved that ‘Content’ is the biggest Trump Card for the success of any movie, & Fan definitely should be the Best movie content wise, Bajrangi Bhaijaan would be a big grosser too, but Prem Ratan Dhan Payo will bomb big time, whenever Salman comes out of his comfort zone (action/masala) he falls flat on his face.

  • @indicine – Please tell us how don2 is any different than dhoom 3 as both are of same genre heist thrillers. Also please dont say don 2 was a sensible movie. If shahrukh cant make everyone believe that he can kick 20 people’s ass.

  • I agree with @ Indicine that Bajrangi Bhaijaan has the best chance to become the highest grosser of 2015 . Fan is looking good but it is releasing on a non holiday . PRDP has an interesting situation because those kind of films did huge business in 90’s but the big question is whether such a movie can break Box Office records now it is difficult to predict . I am happy that Salman is doing something different other than his kind of cinema . According to me Tamasha and Bajirao Mastani are also the darkhorses of 2015 . Because after 2007 i remember this is the first time a non superstar movie is releasing on Christmas . But for breaking records a clash has to be averted . A year without Hrithik, Aamir and Ajay will be tough but All The Best to Akki, Salman, SRK, Ranbir, Ranveer, Varun, Sushant, John, Saif, Sid, Arjun, Shahid and Emraan for a successful 2015 .

  • @ indicine, your biased approach is evident, if fan that is supposed to be an offbeat film has potential to do 100 crores weekend business then why not baby, which is also an offbeat film and also being directed by neeraj pandey

  • Lets hope fr d bst ……….
    btw 2015 s not looking so interesting
    my predictions for these 3 films —-
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan
    Day 1 – 35-37 crs
    Day 2 – 32-33 crs
    Day 3 – 40 crs
    Weekend – 110 crs
    Day 4 – 16 crs
    Day 5 – 12 crs
    Day 6 – 12 crs
    Day 7 – 9-10 crs
    First week -160 crs
    2nd week – 45-50 crs
    Final collections – 240-245 crs ( Domestic ) & 72-75 crs ( Overseas )
    Day 1 – 25 crs
    Day 2 – 32-35 crs ( indipendence day holiday )
    Day 3 – 35 crs
    Weekend – 95 crs
    Day 4 – 16-17 crs
    Day 5 – 14 crs
    Day 6 – 12-13 crs
    Day 7 – 11 crs
    First Week – 150 crs
    2nd week – 55-60 crs
    Final collections -230 crs ( domestic ) & 150-155 cr ( Overseas )
    Dnt kno y bt PRDP s nt looking interesting ……….

  • PRDP will be highest grosser of 2015 becoz Family audience want to see epic family drama.
    B-Bhaijaan outside chance to highest grosser becoz SALMAN + EID + KABIR.
    May be surprised hit Fun.

  • BajrangeeBhaijaan doubt 300cr
    definitely 300cr
    because 9th day holiday
    under two week
    note-please check 2015 calendar

  • tmrw ddlj will b re released in a theatre of wb for celebrating 1000 weeks of the classic atbb.the theatres name is navina(not inspired from navin uncle’s name) and it is the only place where it is being released.even though I hvnt liked ddlj but it will b fun to watch it in a packed theatre

  • Though it’s too early to predict the top grosser of 2015 as first look/poster/trailer, nothing is out yet. But if you tell me to have a blind guess then I’ll go with Bajrangi Bhaijaan closely followed by Fan and PRDP.
    The reason is:
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan : Again it will be an out to out masala movies from Salman that too releasing on Eid. Salman – Masala genre – Eid is a deadly combo which always creates a new history with its release. So as of now my bet is on BB.
    Fan: This will be critically acclaimed and will be one of the best performances of SRK without any doubt. But the biggest problem is, whether it will get the acceptance of masses, same as CDI (CDI Was highly accepted by masses).
    Because SRK’s last critically acclaimed movie MNIK didn’t get that acceptance in masses thus ended up with Hit status though it deserved a super hit/blockbuster status.
    PRDP : Salman is coming with a totally different Avatar in PRDP so question still remains the same that whether audiences will give that much love to PRDP as what they gave to Salman’s previous masala movies. So PRDP is third in my list.

  • I think PRDP has the best chance..

    Bajrangi bhaijaan might repel the multiplex audience..also Akki’s Brothers is releasing 2 weeks after it..wjich will snatch most screens.

    Fan just has a single holiday..15th Aug,also Ranbir’s Jagga Jaasoos is releasing 28th Aug.

    PRDP has the best chance to will be a grand film.
    If people can watch a clean family film like Chennai Express,then they can watch PRDP also considering it is a well made film..

  • I think raees will be the highest grosser of 2015 if it release as it looks promissing with content as well as appeal

  • i think prdp will be highest grosser movie because it,s have a karishma of prem,direction of suraj ji good family drama and diwali release will boost it,s bo. collection

  • Everybody knows EID is most profitable holiday period.Sallu’s 4bb is only due to EID which doesn’t deserve even hit status.whatever is salman now is due to eid only.however KING KHAN is ALLTIME BEST HERO of Bollywood.IF FAN has very good story,then it has every chance to become the highest grosser.I think KING KHAN is going to write HISTORY this time,however I only want to become a best story based movie even more than DON2/JTHJ rather than it’s collection.

    I astonished how dumb single screen audience of India can dislike DON2!!!!!in case of znmd,it’s OK as it is too boring though it’s worthless as well storyless classic.

  • BABY movie;
    I think BABY movie get solo release. BABY movie 100% chance to cross 100cr, 75% chance to cross 125cr, 50% chance to cross 150cr.
    Gabbar movie;
    If gabbar solo release sure cross 140cr. If clash with Kabir’s movie then it’s 100cr collect.
    Brothers movie;
    August month not lucky for Akki but Brother movie release 31st July 2015 so definitely cross 150cr.
    SIB movie;
    Can’t say anything becoz it release 2nd October. It will be AVERAGE film.
    Salman movie;
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan sure ATBB, no doubt for BB.
    PRDP = ATBB..

  • Thanks indicine for pocking up salman’s movie ..but one thing is not true according to me doesnt matter which ever period salman’s movie get released it would be higest grosser ..wether it is eid,diwali, cristmas or normal working days ..

  • Why today indicine so late to publish any comments? Any problem your system? Today very hard to load your site i’m use my mobile phone only. Very hard to load indicine site. Why?

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