Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2nd Weekend Box Office Collections

Bajrangi Bhaijaan has shown excellent escalation in business on Sunday, with the average growth from Saturday to Sunday at around 10-20% mark. The film is looking at Sunday collections in the range of 23-24 crore, as per early estimates, which is the highest collections of all time on 2nd Sunday.

The growth on Saturday was record-breaking at 55% and occupancy for most parts of the day on Sunday was higher than Saturday. Parts of Gujarat and Maharastra were affected by heavy rain on Sunday.

The first 10 days collections of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ will be around the Rs 240-241 crore mark. The film is now, officially, the highest grossing Salman Khan film ahead of ‘KICK’ and has also become the highest Eid grosser.

‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ will beat the record of ‘Krrish 3’ on Monday and could go on to beat ‘Dhoom 3’ by the end of its second week. It’ll be interesting to see how the film holds up during the weekdays, because multiplex tickets will be selling at lower prices and the film has maintained high occupancy levels throughout its 10-day run.

‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ has also performed very well in the overseas markets. When the collections from North America come in, the film is likely to cross the 100 crore mark overseas. It’ll be the first Salman Khan film to do 100 crore business from the overseas markets alone.

The global gross box office collections of the film has now crossed the 400 crore mark, again a first for Salman Khan. Chennai Express in 2013 collected Rs 425 crore worldwide and that is likely to have been surpassed when the final 2nd weekend collections from the overseas markets come in.

‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is certain to gross in excess of Rs 500 crore and has an outside chance of grossing more than 600 crore worldwide, if the film sustains after the release of ‘Drishyam’

Do note, that all figures are early estimates only. There could be a 5% difference when the actual figures are released.

DayBajrangi BhaijaanGrowth / Drop Percentage
Worldwide Gross619.1 crore
Day 127.25-
Day 236.60 (Eid)+ 35%
Day 338.75 (Sunday)+ 6%
Day 427.05- 30%
Day 521.40- 21%
Day 618.05- 16%
Day 715.55- 14%
First Week184.65 crores
Day 812.80- 18%
Day 919.25+ 50%
Day 1024.05+ 25%
Day 119.30- 61%
Day 129.10- 2%
Day 137.10- 22%
Day 146.03- 15%
Second Week87.63 crores
Day 154.11- 32%
Day 166.80+ 65%
Day 179.07+ 33%
Day 182.75- 70%
Day 192.63- 4%
Day 202.45- 7%
Day 212.25- 8%
Third Week30.06 crores
Day 221.45- 36%
Day 232.73+ 88%
Day 243.51+ 29%
Day 251.15- 70%
Day 261.02- 11%
Day 270.96- 6%
Day 280.91- 5%
Fourth Week11.73 crores
Day 290.65- 28%
Day 300.86+ 32%
Day 311.12+ 30%
Day 320.38- 66%
Day 330.36- 5%
Day 340.33- 8%
Day 350.32- 3%
Fifth Week4.02 crores
India Net Collections320.48 crore
India Gross Collections424.8 crore
Overseas Collections194.3 crores


  • bb crossing krrish 3’s producer figure hindi version too with 240 plus.
    friends any of you noticed in krrish3-
    Rohit– mahabharat mein bhi amaanav the, suparnkha to roop tak badal leti thi.
    lol, surpankha was sister of raavan who is rival of raam. this was incident of ramayan but rohit said mahabharat? no doubt they can manipulate everything. now rakesh roshan’s computer/ laptop also gonna famous because may be from internet he gain such fake information.

  • The older the wine the sweeter it’s taste. Indeed Salman acting career over the years has proven that proverb!!! Amazing Salman you rock!!!!!!

    $$$BHAJRANGI BHAIJAAN also nicknamed EK THA TIGER has already derailed CHENNAI EXPRESS and CRAPPY NEW YEAR from its box office tracks, already on the verge of saying JAI (shri) HO👏 to DHOOM3 while @ the same time the DABBANG 1 and DABBANG 2 MEGASTAR is also getting READY to ultimately KICK argueably the most WANTED hindi cinema collection record of PK all by himself alone without the help of any manipulator,high ticket hike ,escorts nor BODYGUARD!!$$$

  • :-D Drunk SRK fans have no problem about BB’s collections.They are busy with their homework……how to bash other actors:-P
    Keep dreaming srgay kids

  • Shocking revelation on star prices n earnings

    In Bollywood today most of the big stars of recent do not actually charge their producers as high as what we learnt from paparazzis of Bollywood. Yes it’s been revealed that many of these superstars due to friendship emotional attachment and professional ethics like Aamir.

    1. SRK with Yash raaj Johar and now Shetty emotional attachment hardly charge them high.

    2. It’s said Aamir waits for the profit and gets his share once the movie is hit. Not necessarily hirani.

    3. Salman right from the days of sawant then arbaaz and now kabir hardly charges them.

    4. Ajay due to his childhood buddy rohit and professional belief of movie hit then pay me this with prakash raj too.

    5. Hritik It’s said sits on dining table with his Dad and refuses to talk about money in spite rakesh telling him to feel free like any other professional actor,don’t know of other producers though most of his blockbuster are from papas movie.

    According to komal nahta 2 years back on hindustani Times stated Akshay does not deserve the price he charges. Had he been receiving 1/3 of what he demands his movies would have been competiting with the other actors at box office. Komal nahta excerpts ” the actor of multi casts houseful1 and 2 has not been seeing complete full house in his solo movies for a long period of time. His current price tag is wrong, demanding high pay commits to the producer you are giving a bumper opening which hasn’t worked for akshay. While all the 3 khans have proven that every crores they get is worthy ajay and hritik too also move into that direction but occasional movies like guzaarish tezz himmatwalla kites pulls them backward again.”
    Highlights on komal nahta excerpts are like this

    1. Salman Shah rukh Aamir worth every crores they earn cos of their bumper openings and appreciation from audiences.

    2. Hritik and Ajay non consistency brings draw backs but they have the star power to attract crowds esp strictly on word of mouth

    3. Akshay cares about nobody. He just demands high money irrespective of the outcome
    forgetting that for audience the presence of any superstar in a film is like a promise of quality cinema or at least value for their movies. It is due to this faith which the audience have in a star that the latter commands the price. Only actors should be considered worthy of every penny if their movies ensures bumper opening.

    So it’s up to you the audience to decide,you want your star to collect high staggering earnings without letting their fans down or you want your actor to collect moderate but keep on ensuring bumper openings and entering the billion rupees club? I already know my answer and you guys????

  • Jaise ms.dhoni sare maidan pe apne six se tahalka machata h vaise hi aap(bajrangi bhaijaan) ne pure bollywod me talhak macha diya h…movie bahut achi hai. Bhaijaan ke har film me kuch naya hota h…

  • As much as I want BB to crush PK’s record, because it truly deserves it? However, I don’t see that happening because Drishyam will come off as a speed breaker. unfortunately, Salman will be remembered as the actor who gave many blockbusters but couldn’t beat Aamir Khan. Ek tha tiger came close but fell short by just 2 crore…. Aamir is the record setter here as he is only competing with himself and I guess with upcoming movies like Dangal and Robot 2 ….Aamir will be the founder of 375 crore club and 400 crore club….. at present, the competition is there between SRK and Salman as Aamir is safe in terms of ”lifetime collection”

  • Ofcouse PRDP will be begger then BB. Becouse salman khan play duble rol in the filim n sooraj sir directed.

  • Rather than comparing.with other films, I am more keen to observe of Bajrangi Bhaijaan can reach 100 cr in Week 2.

  • @Aps: I think your comment’s first line is for ur king because his movies’s lefetime collection are approx 20cr more than trade coll. whether it is CE/ HNY/JTHJ.

  • No challenge to Salman Khan today. He is the Real King Of Indian box office and now also worldwide box office, great.

  • Those who think that SRK is struggling to cross 250 crore hahahah u idiots do not remember Aamir’s 4 years 3 Idiots record was broken by SRK and Insha Allah in future many records will be break by SRK’s movies.

    Eagerly waiting for FAN and DIL WAALE. I wished that FAN got EID 2016 release and RAEES will take April’s release date bcoz truly i am not feeling gud about raees.

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