Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2nd Weekend Box Office Collections

Bajrangi Bhaijaan has shown excellent escalation in business on Sunday, with the average growth from Saturday to Sunday at around 10-20% mark. The film is looking at Sunday collections in the range of 23-24 crore, as per early estimates, which is the highest collections of all time on 2nd Sunday.

The growth on Saturday was record-breaking at 55% and occupancy for most parts of the day on Sunday was higher than Saturday. Parts of Gujarat and Maharastra were affected by heavy rain on Sunday.

The first 10 days collections of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ will be around the Rs 240-241 crore mark. The film is now, officially, the highest grossing Salman Khan film ahead of ‘KICK’ and has also become the highest Eid grosser.

‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ will beat the record of ‘Krrish 3’ on Monday and could go on to beat ‘Dhoom 3’ by the end of its second week. It’ll be interesting to see how the film holds up during the weekdays, because multiplex tickets will be selling at lower prices and the film has maintained high occupancy levels throughout its 10-day run.

‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ has also performed very well in the overseas markets. When the collections from North America come in, the film is likely to cross the 100 crore mark overseas. It’ll be the first Salman Khan film to do 100 crore business from the overseas markets alone.

The global gross box office collections of the film has now crossed the 400 crore mark, again a first for Salman Khan. Chennai Express in 2013 collected Rs 425 crore worldwide and that is likely to have been surpassed when the final 2nd weekend collections from the overseas markets come in.

‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is certain to gross in excess of Rs 500 crore and has an outside chance of grossing more than 600 crore worldwide, if the film sustains after the release of ‘Drishyam’

Do note, that all figures are early estimates only. There could be a 5% difference when the actual figures are released.

DayBajrangi BhaijaanGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 127.25-
Day 236.60 (Eid)+ 35%
Day 338.75 (Sunday)+ 6%
Day 427.05- 30%
Day 521.40- 21%
Day 618.05- 16%
Day 715.55- 14%
First Week184.65 crores
Day 812.80- 18%
Day 919.25+ 50%
Day 1024.05+ 25%
Day 119.30- 61%
Day 129.10- 2%
Day 137.10- 22%
Day 146.03- 15%
Second Week87.63 crores
Day 154.11- 32%
Day 166.80+ 65%
Day 179.07+ 33%
Day 182.75- 70%
Day 192.63- 4%
Day 202.45- 7%
Day 212.25- 8%
Third Week30.06 crores
Day 221.45- 36%
Day 232.73+ 88%
Day 243.51+ 29%
Day 251.15- 70%
Day 261.02- 11%
Day 270.96- 6%
Day 280.91- 5%
Fourth Week11.73 crores
Day 290.65- 28%
Day 300.86+ 32%
Day 311.12+ 30%
Day 320.38- 66%
Day 330.36- 5%
Day 340.33- 8%
Day 350.32- 3%
Fifth Week4.02 crores
India Net Collections320.48 crore
India Gross Collections424.8 crore
Overseas Collections194.3 crores
Worldwide Gross619.1 crore


  • great coll for a great film.its one of best movie in last 20 years along with lagaan and bmb.

    btw plz remove krish 3 from the list as everybody knows its fake inflated coll and had not really done 200cr.

  • Will cross dhoom 3 in second week and become the 2nd movie to cross 300cr in it’s 3rd weekend .

  • BB’s 2nd weekend collections are way more than so called king movies 1st weekend collections (non holiday)… Too much fun.

  • wow
    indeed. its marvelous
    i never had expected bb’s success will be something this sort of.
    now i think it will collect 330 crs.
    pk still looks a long way out.. but anything can happen

  • Fake box office figures hahaha….. i dont wat part of india audiance were crying.. i did not find single scene emotional… movie was joke… pakistan border allows indian to go through really…. haha joker…

  • salman will get his 9th highest grosser of year in india while biggest star of all time has only 5 to his credit. lol.

  • My prediction for BB’s 2nd week….
    Weekend- 58cr.
    Monday- 13cr.
    Tuesday- 11cr
    Wednesday- 10cr
    Thursday- 9cr.

    Total- 101cr.

  • I know this movie will gross huge at the box office,wish Bajrangi Bhaijaan could get the #1 spot and dethrone PK.

  • Top 5 highest grossers of the year will be….
    1. BB
    2. PRDP
    3. Brothers
    4. TWMR
    5. BM/ dilwale.

  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan deserves All the Success, applauds & appreciation. The moment I came out of theatre I realized three things;

    One of the Best movies to come out in last 20 years

    It is by far the Best Performance of Salman Khan

    This Movie will breach 300 Cr.

    Kabir Khan & Salman Khan combination os as deadly as Hirani & Aamir’s.

    Last film of Salman, ETT missed by few crores to be the biggest grosser but 3I’s deserved to remain at helm & in this case Bajrangi Bhaijaan rightly deserves to topple PK as it is a much better film than PK as well as it has better WOM than PK.

  • BB’s 2nd week collections will be way more than most of the akki movies lifetime collections….LOL.

  • @FS yes agree its much better than was good only bcz of aamir’s great acting but bb as a whole movie is exceptional.acting,story,songs,location,direction all top notch.

  • BB is able to beat pk or not only time will decide. But one thing is sure BB’s footfalls will be way more than pk & and any movie released after Gadar.

  • also bb is way more emotional film than pk .but pk has huge humour while bb rides on real emotions.

  • now the question is will bb beats pk ? for me i think bb will collect around 320cr and pk will remain highest grosser what u guys think

  • Crappy express records crushed jus in 8 days.. wow !! @real tiger bro is that the same movie ( crappy express) which i heard all tym h grosser ..?? Bhai k eid par raaj karney chala tha bechara 1 mahina tik nahi paya ..?? All tym highest grosser shud be like mnpk , hahk , 3 idiot n pk which were so distinctive in bo collection and the margin was set for at 4 years to 7 years which is only possible wid legend salman khan and legend amir khan ..yeh kalka chokra tv serial ka actor jus cant compete wid these 2 legends ….if we talk mnpk and hahk back then wid only limited print the margin set by these film was way more higher than other contemporaries movie ..srk stupid fans were celebrating crappy express collection as if it was massive in reality it was inflated and jus 5 cr ahead of 3 idiot that also after 4 years of 3 idiot wuth double scrrent coynt and hiked tickets ..but if we se collection of mnpk , hahk , 3idiot and pk producer n bi collection are same …srk fan dont despair espically @ sss this is fact ..u cant hide neither u can modify the fact ..but still like to say sryy if this fact hurt u guys …pls go n wash ur face n feel fresh ..n enjoy al time favorite MARIGOLD ..and we will enjoy BARANGIBHAIJAAM ..humble request to indicine pls post my comment pls

  • Come in BB. Break all records. PK is only now 100 crores away to be target for highest grosser of all time. I prey that it becomes the first 350 Cr club entrant in India. Come on Salman you can do it.

  • Come on BB. Break all records. PK is only 100 crores far from now as the target to be highest grosser of all time. I wish and prey BB becomes first 350 Cr movie in India. Come on Salman you can do it. After all its the combo of star power+content.

  • best actor from big 6:2015-salman bb tie with akki baby, 2014-aamir pk tie with akki holiday, 2013-akki special26, 2012-aamir talash tie with hrithik agnepath, 2011-srk don2, 2010-srk tie with ajay ouatm, 2009-aamir 3idiots tie with salman wanted/london dreams,2008-aamir ghajini, 2007-srk cdi, 2006-aamir rang de basanti tie with hrithik, 2005-ajay,2004-srk, 2003-hrithik tie with salman tere naam,2002-srk 2001-aamir lagaan.In last 15 years,great srk(5) is toppled by aamir(6).we salman fans are happy with consecutive blockbusters & few(3) remarkable performances.we want salman to entertain with his style, not to cry in every film.

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