Bajirao Mastani First Look Poster

The spectacular first look poster of Bajirao Mastani has been released. The poster has Bajirao riding a horse.

Ranveer Singh, who plays the protagonist in the film, tweeted the poster saying “A STORM IS COMING ……….”

The poster also highlights the release date of the film – 18.12.2015.

Bajirao Mastani is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s dream film, a movie that he first envisioned as a Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai starrer.

The film also stars Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. Check out the poster and tell us what you think.

The trailer of Bajirao Mastani will be out tomorrow.

Bajirao Mastani Poster

Bajirao Mastani Poster



  • sab hi theek hai.byas ek galti kar di Dilwale se clash karwa ke.
    Rest In Peace Bajirao Mastaani
    Hope SLB will remember this for life.
    he forgot sawarriyan
    but he will never forget bajirao Mastani

  • the morden day masterpiece which bollywood wants to deliver big time. Ranveer & SLB will deliver such product.

  • Its risky choice for slb and eros to release a movie with srk dilwale bcoz its budget too high than dilwale

  • trailers attached with bajrangi
    1 bajirao mastani
    2 hero
    3 welcome back
    4 manjhi the mountain man

  • This film could have been huge if it starred a big supetstar. Now with a clash it will struggle to be a hit.

  • Honestly Indians always never lacks when it comes to talent. Whoever did this artistic poster can match any Hollywood counterpart of his/her or even better!!
    Good SLB postponed it if not his hard work might have gone for nothing against a star studded potential blockbuster movie it was scheduled to release with. Atleast if d movie content is good it will do very well without any excuse of clash.
    Between, my only problem with Ranveer is his Un timingly over confidence comments always!! Look at d poster it has nothing to do with storm rather may be he wldv used comments like “a true epic love story is on its way” or somethin more down to earth comment. I wish d whole team d very best n waiting for d trailer!!

  • my bo expectations from upcoming biggies
    brothers -180cr
    katti batti-75cr
    bajirao mastaani-155cr

  • Crap poster ….!!!!
    all time disaster……..!!!!
    biggest flop of 2015 bajirao mastani !
    Lifetime : 26 crore like bombey velvet !

  • Ranveer cant even beat varun at BO ! And taking on srk is like a bunny challenging a wild tiger ! Lol !

  • I think SLB forget OSO and Sawriya Clash…He forget Srk is still king of Bollywood..Last srk,s Both movie got highest Weekend of all Time….It is Totally Sucide for SLB realising against SRK forget the fact it is masala movie or Rohit shetty Director Or Varun Dhavan co starer..No one Even Salman Or Amir Can Deny Fact The Srk is Buggest Superstar than him just see last srk starer movie CE,HNY Or Even JTHJ Or Raone all movie Got Best Opening that year….as a Srk fan If even with clash less than 250 cr Flop For Dilwale and More than 300cr is ATBB for Dilwale…and I m Sure PK record is in Danger…And Even it is best ans to srk hater (illitrate people ) who said Ce and HNY hit bcause Deepika….RS= SLB i think all will Agreed..If Dilwale Did less than 250cr even with clash then I will leave this site Forever….and i m saying that as A die hard SRK fan…..

  • gud that a superstar movie will face clash again… bang bang suffered because of haider… these 3 khans get a solo release mostly.. now we’ll see the real stardom of srk..
    and yes his next 3 movues will decide whether he is top or not.. 2 movies will face clash and fan is a non holiday release.. so a rea challenge for srk stardom

  • Bm Clash With ‘Dilwale’ That’s Mean : Varun vs Ranveer !!

    Hamara Varun Kafi Hai Ese Movie Ke Liye ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ Ka To Naam He Kafi hai :))

    If You Clash A Movie Against ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ Movie I Wana Say you ‘God Bless You’ !!

  • Well well well This is called a poster.
    The helmet is so fabulously designed,the horse looks exactly same like khabon ke parindey song horse. My rating 4.5/5

    On the other hand I am pretty sure Dilwale poster will be just okayish at the best. My rating a generous 2/5

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