Bahubali 2 Monday Advance Booking Report

The advance that Bahubali 2 got in its opening weekend was surprising, but not shocking because the film was carrying unprecedented craze. But the advance booking for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday across the country is unbelievable.

In fact, at most major cities, almost all shows will be running to 90-100% occupancy for most part of the day.

Trade estimates put the collections for tickets sold in advance for Monday at 13-15 crore, i.e until earlier this morning before the spot booking counters opened. This would even possibly challenge the record of films that have got the best advance booking ever – and is easily the best advance that any film has got this year, way ahead of the first and second day (holiday) of Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees (barring Raees, no other Hindi film has even got a decent advance this year).

Yet another 30 crore plus day for the Hindi version is on the cards on Day 4. Today (Monday) is also a partial holiday for Labour Day, which will give a further boost to business.

Bahubali 2 will become the first ever film to cross the 150 crore mark in 4 days i.e collections from the Hindi version only. The Sunday collections have crossed the 45 crore mark for the first time ever and could even go as high as 47-48 crore when the final collections come in.

All-India (all versions) net collections has already crossed the 300 crore mark over the weekend and it should beat the lifetime business of Dangal by the end of its 4th day. It’ll be the first film to collect over 400 crore, 500 crore and possibly even 600/700 crore (net) mark in India.



  • @South Warrior – Calm down South Warrior…It is good people don’t have mentality as yours. Indians across states have watched Baahubali and enjoyed it. Not only in India but even in overseas it broke records. It is good people don’t have such anger in their heart. Common people don’t think that way – they want to watch a good movie and want entertainment. Why are you creating barriers – South and North when the director of the movie himself wants it to be Pan India. In fact we should think global, does Hollywood think they are English Warriors when some movies cross billion dollars (6500 crore INR). Let us not have this mindset as the next attempt for us should be to make a French, German, Spanish, English speaking population to watch our movies. SS Rajamouli and the team did something which was unthinkable just 3 years back and they truly created a Pan India film. Now it is our time to go global and win audiences across countries and languages.

    Having said that, i agree Bollywood so far has not taken any risk and created something that is half as good as Baahubali. Masala movies so far have helped them earn good money in North India and Hindi speaking belt but they never attemped Pan India movies and hence to expect them to create something which the world will enjoy is sort of difficult. They want to make easy money – having said that I hope the Mahabharata movie gets made at the budget of 1000 crores. I really think that can be the first global movie ! The only thing I hope is Bollywood should learn from their counterparts ! I always felt Hollywood has stars but it is not a star driven industry. Even the biggest stars need to give audition and it is the movie that is above everything else. Salman can give 300 crores but not 1000 crores because he has many fans but to really create a 1000 crore product you need neutral audience to come in. Most Bollywood stars fail to reach outside their fan base and their movies earn as per the size of their fans.

  • #baahubali2 3 days world wide collections

    INDIA NETT – 300 crore
    INDIA GROSS – 385 crore
    OVERSEAS ($) – $18,500,000
    OVERSEAS (INR) – 121 crore

    WORLDWIDE TOTAL – 506 crore

  • No holiday, no edx, Ipl matches going on , no big star ..still wt happened look history is going to create with baahubali 2 ……I hope this movie will end lallus mental power ..lallu will definitely be going into mental setback after seeing it’s gigantic collections…lallu tubelight is already fused…see lallu this is the power of a great movie.not like urs craps which u keep on people and forces illiterate people to see them ..lallu loves only money .lallu don’t even give a damn to its hard core fan base tat is diminishing day by day……lallu kahin ka..

  • After 1st day figures, I thought that Bahubali 2 will cross 1000cr nett in India but south box office is different than ours. This film highest day was first day there while it record all time highest single day collection beating Dangal on Sunday. 125cr weekend is insane and on course to cross 200cr in six days. Dangal lifetime is in danger now, let’s see It will break 374cr Hindi record or not, All India 387cr will be history either today or tomorrow. Huge success but it also shows that big collection are not too far away. I hope one of the Bollywood movie to cross 500cr in 2-3 years. While in gross Dangal already collected 500cr+ in India alone so net is not far away.

    Second thing Bahubali 2 can’t be compared with any movies as there buzz parameter are too different.

    But must say Down south people are too crazy for movies or I should say that North has disconnected audience with cinema. Imagine 8cr populated nizam circuit collected 100cr+ in weekend while our Bollywood stars failed to collect 100cr+ in non-holiday weekend with close to 80-90cr population.

  • Indian cinema shows that Indian are not only for masala movie. We can achieve what Hollywood achieve in in the 1/3 of budget. Bahubali 2 what ever it has collected just because of First part. The suspense they create at the end. That suspense took the nation to next level and it shows that level on Bahubali 2.
    We should give credit to first part as well. There was bajrangi bhaijan which effect the 30% business of Bahubali 1 and same Bahubali 1 also effect BB collection for 30%. But we should give created to first movie.
    After watching the Bahubali 2. the Question why kattapa kill bahubali look small in front of story. Rajmoli done great work on story. This record is going to break but don’t know when

  • #Baahubali2 has crossed all Bollywood biggies life time except for PK ($10.56M) and Dangal ($12.36M) in just 2 days in America.

  • Bhaijaan fans are giving lectures and sermons to bhaiyya.buisnessman haters how to use decent language on this site….these are the same people who are known worldwide for using maximum abusive language on all other fans of other stars….hypocrisy…..we know lallu fans how much u love bollywood …is south India not a part of india..??…morons …

  • And main thing this is called actual 2nd part
    Not like our Bollywood they just give the name housefull 2 golmal 2 sigham 2 don 2
    Only Koyi mil gaya has the part continue hope they will continue in krish 3 also

  • – Baahubali2 movie collects 500 crores gross in 3 days.

    – I think baahubali2 movie will collect another 500 crores gross in next 7 days. So, baahubali 2 movie will collect 1000 crores gross in 10 days.

  • Broken our Dadajis Raeesa Bhabhis crappy collections within a wknd…!

    Big LOL on Pluto Boys so called stardom…!

  • Hum Aapke Hai Koun is gone. Someday even Sholay’s footfalls will be surpassed of 25cr.

    HAHK footfalls: 7.3cr Not too long before we were discussing here that 4cr footfalls mark will never be crossed, now even 7cr looks possible. The highest grosser of the year footfalls has increased quite nicely. Previously not too long ago before Bajrangi Bhaijaan release, I used to think how the hell did those movies sold this huge amount of tickets and now in less than 2yrs I am experiencing Baahubali 2 which is about sell more tickets than those films. Scenarios change very fast. Truly Amazing

    2011: Bodyguard (2.3cr footfalls)
    2012: Ek Tha Tiger (2.5cr)
    2013: Dhoom 3 (2.9cr)
    2014: PK (3.5cr)
    2015: Bajrangi Bhaijaan (3.55cr)
    2016: Dangal (3.7cr)
    2017: Tubelight (4cr, expected)

  • Big up to Dharma for promoting B1 n B2 all over the hindi territories…!

    South filmi lovers tend to overlook Dharmas contribution to Bahubalis success…!

  • Just imagine if Dangal got the kind of support from a south distributor/ promoter that Dharma gave Bahubali… that kind of inspirational story would have connected with families down south for sure…!

  • @indicine baahubali 1 means Baahubali movie already collected 400 crores net in india in 2015 in all versions ( please check )

  • @abhishek 12:24pm

    Forget about giving him 1500cr instead ask your Galaxy Phankha Salesman to invest that amount on one of his movie n maybe just maybe some of his billions of minions worldwide may come out to theatres to watch his maha crap overacting…! Galaxy Star should be breaking Avatars record with his crapfest as he has 3.2 billion fans…!

  • Some morons are still chanting about challenging hollywood…


    Grow up… living in UK for 2 decades and having family in USA I can safely say that ‘hollywood’ audiences will never accept Indian cinema like the way we have accepted hollywood movies. Its a fact so this nonsense that SSR provided with a 2000cr budget can rival a hollywood movie is insane talk… yes B2 is a good film but its nowhere near a Gladiator which was made some 18 yrs ago.

    Get a reality check those who are dreaming of challenging AVATAR or Jurassic World etc etc

  • @South Warrior : For all your anti Bollywood ranting, the fact remains that BAAHUBALI is director Rajamouli’s vision & execution above all and has nothing to do with casting. The reason why Baahubali has recorded these kind of collections is because the non south Indian masses and classes both have given unprecedented appreciation to the dubbed Hindi version of the film, something which masses in south India would never do to a Hindi film, however well made it might be. U say Bollywood would need a south Indian cast to break Baahubali’s record? What Bollywood needs is a visionary director like Rajamouli to create a pan India film like Baahubali and that would easily decimate Baahubali 2’s records with a Bollywood cast alone. Baahubali’s box office storm nationwide has nothing to do with the casting. Its got everything to do with director Rajamouli’s vision, content and execution. The is not about Bollywood vs rest of Indian cinema. Fact remains that Baahubali and Enthiran are the only 2 south Indian products to have broken into Indian cinema’s top 10 worldwide. One banking on superstar Rajnikanth (an industry in itself) ad the other banking on a legendary film maker’s vision. Shankar casting Akshay in 2.0 and Rajamouli giving distribution rights to Karan Johar for Baahubali clearly proves that its south Indian cinema looking at Bollywood for nation wide recognition, especially among the North, East, West and central Indian masses and not the vice versa.

  • Don’t know which language is called as REGIONAL now Telugu or Hindi!! ..

    One Telugu movie is collected 1500+Cr WW gross and second highest is 770Cr .. lol

  • @South Warrior
    Just a suggestion bro..
    Baahubali is getting love of people from North, South, east and west..
    You don’t need to bash Bollywood to appreciate Baahubali2..

  • @indicine… Please update BB2’s collections in tabular form for all versions and total from day1 till now…

  • So Karan Johar is hitting gold this 2017. With BKD, his newborn twins and now Bahubaali 2 grossing this much. 2017 is trully smiling down on him.

  • @Anuj then why the hell did SRK bring Rajinikanth in or made a song on him in Chennai Express… why the hell did Aamir beg Rajini to dub for Dangal? Whether Bollywood or Tollywood, everyone wants Pan Indian acceptance.

  • It’s Screen count Hindi version is 4500 which is almost house full everywhere and ticket price is 400 but the collection is 40-45 CR but in other versions combined screen count is just 2000 and ticket price is 100-200 so how can it collect 80 CR in just 2000 screens

  • @BeingPremFan 12:20pm

    What HAHK released only in Hindi, then what was Aambaalayam (Tamil dubbed version of HAHK) and Premalayam (Telugu dubbed version of HAHK). And what, HAHK had normal ticket price. The ticket prices fro HAHK went way higher than normal after the makers demanded new materials in theaters to upgrade them which resulted in the expenditure in lakhs! To keep it simple a theater’s normal price of Rs. 10 went up to Rs.35 that too in small towns. And it is beacuse of HAHK that today we have to face expensive film tickets. If HAHK was not there then today’s ticket prices would have been much lower. There was no way that HAHK would have done 70cr without high ticket prices. Even Mohra would have done 20cr+ (almost double of what it did) with high ticket prices like HAHK. Indian Cinema does not need a film like HAHK which does huge business but ruins other films. Had this not been case, films would have got little more footfalls in period between 2002-2006.

    P.S.: HAHK was even dubbed in English as Yours Forever

  • You have written that “It’ll be the first film to collect over 400 crore, 500 crore and possibly even 600/700 crore (net) mark in India”.
    Then what was the total collection of Baahubali- The beginning.

  • @asas: Srk requested Rajnikanth the megastar for a cameo in Ra.1 becoz Ra.1 was dubbed in tamil and srk wanted pan India coverage for his film, including the south. And that was only a 2 minute cameo unlike Akshay’s full fleged antagonist role in 2.0 which would definitely set the ball rolling for Endiran 2’s box office prospects among the bollywood audiences. Endiran 1 was rejected by audiences outside south India as the Hindi version did just 21 cr nett and even in south India E1 did well only becoz of the Rajni factor. The movie was a substandard and absurd westernized sci fi film and 2.0 would go the same way.

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