‘Baby’ Shoot in Abu Dhabi

Gulshan Kumar presents, a T-Series Film, a Crouching Tiger and Friday Filmworks Production, Produced by Bhushan Kumar Krishan Kumar, a Neeraj Pandey Film, BABY starring Akshay Kumar and Tapsee Pannu in the lead roles.



  • I been there well not there location wise but Abu Dhabi n its scorching hot- akkis super fit so sure hes done a great job pulling off some amazing stunts…. 60 cr hit guaranteed… More is possible for sure.

  • Baby is looking like a cracker of a movie . After seeing the trailer i am damn sure Baby will start 2015 with a bang . The cast is solid, the director is top class, the locations are brilliant, the movie is original, The movie is patriotic and above all the movie is releasing before 26th January so that makes impact superb . As a matter of fact Baby is the 2nd Bollywood movie after Bang Bang to be shot in Abu Dhabi . The locations of Baby are Istanbul, Kathmandu, Abu Dhabi, Delhi and Noida . Yeh bhi toh dekhna banta hai boss . Akki i hope Baby emerges as the highest grosser of January and also of Akki’s career beating Rowdy Rathore . One epic dialogue from the trailer – Mil jaate hai hame kucch officers thoda paagal thode adiyal jinke dimaag main sirf desh aur deshbhakti ghoomti hai . Yeh desh ke liye marna nahi chahte balki jeena chahte hain taaki apni aakhri saans tak desh ke liye lad sake .

  • baby looks like a very interesting movie.but I the buzz around d film is poor.wont get opening more than 7cr

  • I don’t know why the promos are not coming on TV as yet!!!
    Its trailer was out on 3rd dec..much before the launch of alone,khamoshiyan,roy trailers but the latter films are all over tv.
    Wonder why akki films are backed by such poor marketing..they know that there are’nt any songs to catch audience attention,still lacklustre approach..
    I won’t be surprised if it gets less than 10crs opening!

  • it’s looking a very promising film. i personally loved special 26, and akki did very well in his role.
    and i must say that he is looking very good in baby too!

  • Navin uncle is an undercover agent for RAW..he acts childlike here but actually he is on a secret mission..there is much more to navin uncle’s life than baby nipun,paglapur,jaaduland.

  • I don’t care about where the film shoot as A Wednesday which was Neeraj pandey best film roaming just in Mumbai,but I must admit that baby has a rocking trailer and expectations are high,we wish movie should be a better film than SPL 26 which climax was poor.
    I remember while watching SPL 26 first time before climax that film was near perfect and excellent film but climax made of a very good film at the end.I wish better outcome from baby.All the best.

  • Baby will be excellent film.akshay kumar is the true superstar of bollywood. Singh is bling is releasing on 2 october and will break records. Ranbir should run with his jagga away, his baap is coming.

  • @sky:: I thought the special26 climax was superb..the added twist brought huge cheer ,claps n whistles by the audience when manoj bajpayee gets crooked..i loved that twist.
    But i have heard people saying they did’nt liked it..

  • @babaji you are right as some of my friend like the twist but the way they projected Manoj character before the clinax as a intelligent CBI man but at the end his character was shown as a big looser,that kill the plot either they should take any character artist for that role or could make the climax better, but no doubt special 26 was a gem movie but fall short than a Wednesday.

  • @thullu the climax does work as a shock value but after some moment u realize that it has actually let d film down.if s26 hd a better climax it would hv surely done superhit business

  • @babaji ka thullu

    Special26 is one of those Johnny Gaddaar kind of movies. Either you like it or you dont. Many masala fans expect masala even from “suspense thriller” genre. & this is unfair.

    Special26 need to be appreciated for its uniqueness. The style of direction. The 1987 year which it was set. & the cheeky screenplay which was dialogues driven.

    To me its Akshay’s top 3 film easily if not even Top 2 along with KHAKEE. I have it on blu-ray and I often watch it in High Definition to get the full enjoyment.

  • Baby looks promising as hell. . .
    jan is about to start with bang. . thougj tevar seens to lack some elements still will eventually become a plus fare due to genre. .
    but baby seems to be going on right path. .
    hope it turns out another gem by neeraj
    all the best to whole team

  • @thullu I also think akshay films are being let down by poor promotions. The only movies of akki recent movies that have being promoted well was rowdy rathore and houseful 2 and the results were there for all to see.If Holiday have had a good promotion it will have collected more than the Singam returns life time, because the film had suberb trending but slow start let it down.

  • Baby movie trailer & stills r fab. But this film looks big citites multiplex wali film. No songs means lack of Single screens audience for this movie. Dnt think it hs chance to beat Agneepath lifetime records. INDICINE: pls an article on Hrithik’s advt shoot in dubai with hwood director Rob cohen. MountainDew ad.

  • akshay kumar is so hardworking. Most hardworking of all actors. gets up at 4 am everyday for exercise, no alcohol, no smoking, no parties

  • Another 60 cr club on cards. Our 60 cr club king rarely disappoints us by crossing 100 crs. But 60 cr club has become permanent residence for our Khiladi.

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