Baby Second Weekend Box Office Collections

Akshay Kumar’s Baby has shown good growth in business in its second weekend at the box office. The film, which has now collected Rs 76 crore in 10 days, will finish as Akshay’s 4th highest grosser of all time after ‘Rowdy Rathore’, ‘Housefull 2’ and ‘Holiday: A Solider Is Never Off Duty’.

Looking at the trends in the morning and noon on Monday, Baby is likely to collect around 1.5 crore today and complete its second week with total collections of 82 crore.

Baby First Week Collections

  • Friday – 9.3 cr
  • Saturday – 11.17 cr
  • Sunday – 15.6 cr
  • Monday – 14.9 cr
  • Tuesday – 5.1 cr
  • Wednesday -4.25 cr
  • Thursday -3.5 crore
  • First WeekCollections -63.82 cr

Baby Second Weekend Collections

  • 2nd Friday -2.85 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 3.99 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 5.81 cr
  • Total in 10days -76.47 cr

Verdict – Average



  • Akki is gr8 actor it just that he has to lower his fee probably up to 5 crore per film in order to make his film less costlier so that he will start giving more hits

  • @ahsan I hate garbages like Joker, Tees Maar Khan and craps like Boss, K786. You love these films and pathetic 60 cr actor. Now who has better taste in movies?

  • Baby collections are disappointing but movie doesn’t.That’s matter the most.
    @ark first of all who are you to say pk doesnt deserves the success which it got,if Aamir-Raju cashed only basis of 3i than I think Salman-Sooraj ji Hash should also grossed Hank collection back then, srk-aadi Mohabbatein should had surpaased ddlj figure.Both these movies released with 5 year gap sufficient enough to watch by majority cinegoers in the duration.
    Similarly Aamir-Raju also come back after 5 years and they are not god who can make 3i again,neither Aadi chopra can make ddlj,Sooraj ji a Hahk so why Aamir-Raju should burden for next 3i, Amitabh-Ramesh ji after sholay had given flop Shaan.While Aamir-Raju able to uplift that burden that made pk grossed 340 cr in India,in overseas it grossed more than 25 million $.Don’t try to act intellectual here,you are no one to judge what majority like,pk may be not next 3i but still one if the better films and I bet anyday better than your fav actors last 5 years films.
    Its need lot of hard work to make a movie like 3i,pk while other masala movies like CE,d3,kick,bang 2,holiday etc doesn’t need much to do hard before start of shooting.

  • Baby deserve at least Hit status. Akshay completely justified the role. But critics were little generous to give 4 n above rating. Movie could have been little better. Last 40-50 minutes are thrilling n outstanding !!!!!!! I guess poor promotions n recent Akki movies impacted Baby !!!!!!!!!!

  • i wish someone can find and broke fingers of that person behind floppy who write useless about akki in the comments :D

  • @floppy bro! Great movie is not about 60 cr or 300 cr. we saw many crape movies did business above 200 cr . But fact will remains fact. I hope you got my point. Baby is a class movie it dosen’t matter 60 cr or 300cr

  • If bcoz of akshay kumar der r losses den y producers r giving him so many films 3/4 films every year n dat too costly in dat case y suniel shetty n govinda etc not getting expensive n big films dis proves his movies r commission earners they earn n churn out money. … Akshay kumar d best n respect for doing a movie like baby…

  • the reason for its failure have been cited by me in earlier posts ..its only indicine and some foolish people here who are chugging along to make this film a hit.. which it can never be because it is inherentely lousy and unbelievable for us indians to go that far!!

    even yahoonews has put a stop at 50 crores but these people are falsifying info and claiming 70-80 ..all false ..who will watch the film now when it has been declared a flop???

  • Vishal Anand of Fun Cinemas : The pick
    of the week was Akshay Kumar ‘s
    Baby , which is still going strong due
    to its positive word-of-mouth publicity

  • indicine always does that. no surprises.
    if it was any khan movie…this update..this vs this…second weekend this…fake collections.
    i’m fed up of your biased reviews!!

  • @sky I am not being intellectual. …iam die hard srk fan I watch his movie first day first show.but still I knw hny is crap it didn’t deserve 200 cr. In same way for pk it was just another good movie riding on the wave of controversy n goodwill of 3i …infact 8 of my 10 friends didn’t like pk.they just went due to hype.
    and about mohabbatein it was second highest grosser of 2000 n one of biggest opener of that time
    n shaan was also one of hoghest grosser of 80. N biggest opener of that time….so goodwill always impact on next film
    but there are other factors too.
    ex if hny had been any decent content then it had been easily crossed 250cr

  • 65 cr budget with low promotion then 25-30 cr recover from non theatrical rights so when it touch 70 so baby team did success party so many other sites say 85-90 for hit status @@dips@@

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